Essential Make-Up Items To Pack For Any Vacation/Trip

Essential Make-Up Items To Pack For Any Vacation/Trip

If the vacation is on your mind and you’re a make-up lover, then this article is made especially for you. To look good on a vacation or any kind of trip is an essential part that comes with extreme complications and challenges. While being on a trip we always get the desire to look beautiful and click mesmerizing pictures, but that doesn't mean wearing heavy make-up as one could also look elegant as well as pretty with light make-up. Traveling and backpacking go hand-in-hand, as the simplest rule while planning a trip is to keep the travel bag light. People who love to carry around make-up but don’t know how to narrow down make-up products while preparing the travel bag usually face the difficult situation of deciding what to include and what to exclude in the meantime. Thus, to help you get a better understanding of essential make-up items that are termed as necessary parts while traveling, we brought for you a brief explanation about each essential make-up item below.

  1. Sunscreen: The most important item that must be included with your travel bag is sunscreen for efficiently protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. No matter which place you choose to travel or what the weather is you will always be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun so never forget to pack your sunscreen with the other essential make-up items. Moreover, try to choose a sunscreen with a high-quality SPF spectrum to make the sunscreen last longer than usual. In addition, appropriately follow up the application and reapplication of the sunscreen as per instructed on its packaging for better results.
  2. Base: Trip and heavy make-up look never go well-versed, thus keep your make-up look simple and sweet with a light coverage base while going on any kind of trip. The base should be included within your trip make-up kit as it is easy to wear and keeps your skin texture light. Base work best to keep the skin complexion radiant as well as lively along with a healthy glow. A light coverage base works as a magical make-up item as it makes your face look flawless and glowing during your vacation.
  3. Tinted BB Cream or Moisturizer: Most people feel free while not wearing any kind of make-up while being on a vacation to enjoy the utmost of their leisure time. But if you like to keep a little glow of make-up then we suggest you leave your heavy foundation within your closet and pick a tinted BB (Blemish or beauty balm) cream or CC (color correcting) cream as it enables you to carry the essence of light make-up without standing too much. These tinted creams also work as a moisturizer that will elegantly even out your skin tone without leaving a cake or greasy texture. These creams are well-known for their super lightweight coverage and easy-to-blend features, as you only need to apply a thin layer of it and it can easily be applied with your hands without the use of a blender or brushes.
  4. Lip Balm: Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and require proper care and pampering from us and so, never forget to take your lip balm along with you while you are on a vacation. No matter whether you are going to a dry place or a wet place for your vacation, lip balm should always be within your make-up kit as it enables you to keep your lips moisturized as well as protected from harmful sun rays. If you have sensitive skin, we highly recommend you to use a lip balm that has SPF properties within it and you can also pick up a tinted lip balm that would give a slight color to your lips without the need to wear any lipstick.
  5. Eyeliner & Mascara: A make-up look is never complete until and unless it includes eyeliner and mascara as they are the game-changing part of make-up that gives an alluring and magical texture to one's eyes. Both eyeliner and mascara play the role of giving an instant pop-up to your eyes, thus these two are essential items within your make-up kit. Moreover, we recommend you to use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara while being on a trip as it would boost the look of your eyes without the worry of being smudged. Waterproof and gel eyeliner are easy to use, enable you to create beautiful winged eyes, and also last longer than usual eyeliners. Try to use water-proof mascara while you are on a trip as it would make your eyes look incredibly beautiful, fresh, and lively. 
  6. Nude Lipstick: Lipstick gives a glossy and bold standout to your overall make-up look and while going on a trip, lipstick is an essential make-up item as they make your look stand out within the crowd. We suggest you choose a nude lipstick while you are doubtful about what shade goes well-versed with your different outfits on the trip as they get you a corporate look. Nude lipsticks are a perfect choice as it gives your lip a slight tint of color with a beautiful essence and they also easily go well-acquainted with other shades.
  7. Make-Up Wipe: Last but not the least, the make-up wipe is the most important item within your make-up kit as it enables you to remove your make-up easily while you are traveling. The one thing that you need to keep in mind never makes the mistake of leaving your make-up overnight as it could damage your skin. Always carry a pack of make-up wipes within your travel bag as it is a convenient and effective way to clean your face and make your face feel fresh.



Packing up all the beauty and skincare products within a small bag while traveling is never possible, thus it is very important to understand which make-up items are essentials and need the utmost priority within your travel bag. Traveling always makes us excited more than ever which further leads us to forget to include many important make-up items within our bag. Though, you don't need to worry as the above tips would give you a guide about the essential make-up items that you need to carry while planning a trip. We hope this article seems helpful to you while packing your bag and for more helpful tips and tricks keep yourself in tune with us.

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