Five Beauty Secrets from Professional Makeup Artists

Five Beauty Secrets from Professional Makeup Artists

When it comes to beauty and beauty secrets, we always turn our trust towards our favorite celebrities, but the real work of art is always in the hand of their professional makeup artist who brings the beauty, boldness, and dazzling lookout. It's best to follow the ideas, tips, and tricks of the professional makeup artist to get a picture-perfect look as they have a better understanding of each of the products and are well trained by working on the human canvases on a daily basis. We usually find that the process of applying makeup looks quite easy in the tutorial videos but when we try to follow the same steps and do our makeup individually, we don't get the same result. The reason behind the failure is not one's competence but a lack of understanding of the overall beauty techniques and secrets that are followed by professional makeup artists. Thus, to help you get a beautiful and flawless look for all kinds of occasions we bring you five (5) beauty secrets used by professional makeup artists.

  1. Go Radiant with Glitters: Glitter eyes are the latest makeup trend for festive as well as party occasions, but we usually avoid glitter eye shadows because of their tricky textures and fall-out problem which could spoil the overall look. So, to help you get an easy way with the glitter eye shadows, the well-known celebrity professional makeup artist Marianna Mukuchyan brings you a simple beauty secret. Marianna generally recommends applying an eye-shadow base before starting to apply the eye-shadow as it helps to set the glitter with a better form and this trick also helps to avoid the fall-out issue of the glitter on the cheeks. Moreover, she also advises using some skin-friendly taps to remove the glitter flecks that fly on the cheeks as it would save your time and effort.
  2. Keep Your Skin Well-Moisturized: A well-moisturized skin is the beauty secret followed by Daniel Bauer- the celeb's favorite makeup artist and the man who has a better understanding of various skin types from his experience working on them. Daniel recommends keeping the skin hydrated at all-time to help the makeup set better without a cakey texture. To help the celebrity's makeup set better and sit in place for a longer duration while attending ceremonies or interviews, Daniel follows the simple trick of reversing the use of setting spray while doing the makeup. Daniel prefers to use the setting spray at the beginning of the makeup process even before applying the base as it helps the foundation and another layer of the makeup cosmetics to settle on the skin without a flattery texture and this trick also ensures that the makeup sustains for longer hours. This beauty secret is especially meant for people who have oily skin as according to him oily skin doesn't mean avoiding the use of moisture and this process is helpful to keep the face hydrated as well as remove the excess oil that could spoil the overall look.
  3. Choose the Right Foundation Shade: Choosing the perfect foundation is one of the most difficult tasks as we are usually caught up in a complicated situation of buying a foundation with a shade that matches our skin at the store when we come home and apply it, the result doesn't seem to be of satisfaction. The celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar is also familiar with this complication and thus, she shares her beauty secret to get the perfect foundation shade. Tanvi recommends rechecking the foundation shade outside the store to avoid fluorescent lighting as the lighting usually deceives our eyes which further result in choosing the wrong shade. However, she also advises clicking some pictures in the natural light before finalizing the shades as this process will help to completely ensure the overall texture and final shade of the foundation both under daylight and fluorescent lighting. Apart from this, one can also apply a small quantity of the picked shade down the neck and across the jawline to get a better view of the foundation blend with the skin. Last but not least, pick a foundation whose shade goes well-versed with the face, as our face generally has a lighter shade than the rest of our body.
  4. Use of Cream Before Concealer: To get a flawless complexion, one needs to prep their skin with proper exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing process. Understanding the order of makeup application is very important as if you skip a single step your whole look might get spoiled or gloomy. The professional makeup artist Namrata Soni holds a firm belief in the systematic makeup application process as according to her, concealing the face area is the key to getting a timeless look. But before using any type of concealer, Namrata advises to prepped the skin efficiently especially the under the eyes area to avoid the appearance of dark circles or pigmentation. Namrata's beauty secret to preparing the skin before makeup is to use cream and especially eye cream which helps the foundation as well as the concealer to sit still in its place without a cakey texture or creasing. In addition, try to use a puff for applying the loose translucent powder after the concealer instead of a brush as the brush could discard the creamy texture while a puff helps to gently settle both concealer and powder.
  5. Know the Colors Theory: One of the most important things to understand before applying makeup or any cosmetic product is knowing about the color theory. According to Rea Ann Silva, a celebrity makeup artist as well as entrepreneur, the first thing to know and gain knowledge is about the color wheel as we usually choose the wrong color and undertone while applying makeup could result in uneven makeup tone. Rea advises the beginners to gain an understanding of the color game with a visual representation of hues it helps to know the relationship between one shade with the other. Usually, bright colors such as red and green or blue and orange are the pair of shades that should be avoided as they are not easy to conceal with one's skin tone. Though, Rea also suggests using a green tone concealer to conceal pimples or any freckles as it gets easily concealed with the skin. For people with a slightly warm skin tone, golden hues work the best as it gives a fine definition to the face with a gleaming sheen.



Makeup is an art that can only be perfected with thorough practice and skill, thus, before applying makeup get a proper understanding of every product, makeup tool, and application process. Now that the beauty secrets of the famous professional makeup artist are out for you, try to recreate your look according to the occasion with the magic of the secrets. Moreover, makeup is a beauty process made to make us look stunning and flawless and thus, makeup has no rule for applying, so style yourself the way you like with your imagination. We hope this article is helpful for you and for more beauty secrets, tips, and tricks, stay tuned with us.

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