Accessories That Dazzle: Elevate Your Festive and Party Look

Accessories That Dazzle: Elevate Your Festive and Party Look

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Welcome this festive and party season by styling your outfit with elegant accessories to further glamorize your look. In this ever-changing fashion world, accessories are considered a constant that takes your fashion game to a whole new level and makes you shine. It paves us a pathway to express our individuality or uniqueness and complete our look, instantly changing the whole vibe of the outfit from simple to casual or from casual to dressy. Adding a vibrant shade of handbag adds a pop of colour to your outfit and gives your style a bold statement or by adding a dazzling pair of earrings, exquisite scarves give you endless possibilities to style your look.

Styling your favourite accessories should be done while keeping the occasion or theme in mind. For example, casual outings require a more joyful and vibrant feel to the outfit which can be paired with monochromatic clutches and elegant watches whereas a festive outfit goes well with gold, silver, or oxidized earrings and bangles. The belt gives your body an elongated outlook further making your style even classier.

1. Indulge Colourful Jewellery: The colorful jewellery perfectly blends with traditional outfits giving it a vibrant yet handy look for a range of occasions. For example, a vibrant fabric that goes well with a pair of white shell work earrings gives the whole outfit a fresh feel making it a go-to wear ready for a beach date or jewellery with beads work on them makes them the perfect pair of cotton jumpsuit. Pairing vibrant accessories with plain subtle shades gives them a modern touch for any casual outings. Handmade fabric jewellery with a boat neck or off-shoulder dress beautifies your neckline.

For styling ideas, you can take the reference of the above images and to re-invent the same look all that you need is a Pink Floral Printed Square Neck Cami Top & Wide Leg Trousers Set with your favorite colorful jewelry for mix and match purposes.

2. Dazzle with Classy Clutches: A huge variety of clutches and handbags fills the fashion world which can go with different occasions like traditional, Western, or a fusion of both. Every minute detail on the handbag plays a significant in addressing the outfits it is going to work with. For example, the Handcrafted Jute Clutch stands on the higher end but is a must for festive looks. It adds a bold statement to your style and makes your outfit an eye-catcher. A rich maroon clutch offers a royal touch and speaks for itself making it work better with subtle sarees or dresses, this combination makes sure that you stand out in a room full of people.

For festive fashion inspiration, you can also check out the above images. To get the same look, you need a Pink and Purple Floral Printed Sweetheart Neck Tie-Up Strap Straight Midi Kurta from Berrylush with traditional sandals and a luxurious black clutch for a show-stopping appearance.

3. Clinch with Chic Belts: Buckle up your style with trending belts that help your outfit look more put together. A fine-crafted leather belt can elevate not just your wardrobe but your personality to a new level. The concept of belts in Indian wear is not a new thing, pairing a golden belt with a saree gives it a flare offering a fancy look. Pairing a Western gown with a subtle-looking belt is somewhat admired by people across the globe. One of the most loved trends is pairing a casual outfit with a corset which results in a more hourglass-type figure perfect for party or casual outings.

Stylishly upgrade your boring ethnic or indo-western outfit with charming belts as shown in the above figure. Give your loose-fitted clothes the perfect silhouette with a cinematic Black Elastic Strap Golden Concho Buckle Belt from Berrylush.

4. Add-On Monochromatic Handbags: Monochromatic pattern handbags are gaining a lot of popularity lately making them a go-to for every outfit. Monochromatic-themed handbags with a vibrant outfit have the power to make you feel like the coolest person in the room but pairing them with festive outfits accelerates things to the elegant side of the spectrum. Handbags are more favoured for casual outings and vacations, they are easy to style and offer your face a different dimension results by highlighting your fashion preference.

Checked patterns give the most monochromatic vibe while keeping one's style on point for both casual and festive occasions. For reference, you can also take a look at the above images and for recreating the same fashion statement, the only thing you need is a bedazzling Black and White Geometric Checked Pattern PU Detachable Sling Strap Structured Small Shoulder Bag from Berrylush.


The festive season represents joy and celebration inviting the sense of anticipation to dress up and look the best in people's hearts and minds, making every fine detail carry a lot of importance. A balance of traditional and personal style in your accessories is sure to enhance your outlook on traditional outfits making them head-turning. From celebrating the bright Diwali to the joyous Holi, regardless of event accessories bring in an extravagant essence of celebration. Eid too brings in double joy and celebration after a long month of Ramadan, to make your Eid look even more special pairing your outfit with correct accessories like bags or clutches is significant.

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