Berrylush values the trust you place in us, and we strive to provide a secure shopping experience. However, we have recently identified fraudulent activities where individuals impersonate Berrylush employees, agents, or representatives. These fraudsters may contact you through WhatsApp, falsely claiming you are eligible for personalized offers and requesting payment in return through unrelated third-party UPI IDs and bank accounts, which are not associated with Berrylush in any manner.

Berrylush only operates through its physical stores and through the website Any other website, which bears the BERRYLUSH mark or logo, or which claims to be associated with Berrylush is unauthorized and fraudulent.

Please note that any communication with personal or job offers in exchange for payment is fraudulent and should be reported immediately. Berrylush does not endorse such practices and advises against disclosing personal information or making payments to individuals claiming to be Berrylush employees. As per our Rules and Regulations, Berrylush employees are not authorized to accept personal payments. The only valid payment methods are through our official website,, or in-store. We DO NOT accept payments through any other means.

If you have doubts about a communication's authenticity, contact us promptly. To ensure your safety, use only the official communication channels provided by Berrylush. Reach us via our official call support at +91 11-41133886 (10 AM - 5PM, Mon - Fri) or Whatsapp at +91 82877 65980 , or email us at We reach out to you only through our official WhatsApp channel through the numbers which have a verified green tick.

Genuine offers and promotions are communicated via our website,, Berrylush stores, and official WhatsApp and email IDs. Exercise caution and avoid monetary transactions with unauthorized individuals or entities.

Your security is paramount. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly. Together, we can combat fraud and maintain a secure shopping environment.

Thank you for your continued trust in Berrylush.