Beauty & Make-Up Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Beauty & Make-Up Hacks That Will Change Your Life

When it comes to beauty and make-up, our mind always gets stuck on the long hours that take up our day. But we usually forget that everything has a shortcut and thus, beauty and make-up routine could also be easy with some hacks. To simplify your beauty and make-up routine, all that you need to do is to efficiently utilize the products you already own. Both beauty and make-up are an essential part of our day-to-day life and so simplifying our beauty and make-up schedule directly means simplifying our life. Moreover, nothing could ever beat the efficiency of household items when it comes to beauty and make-up saviors such as milk, honey, turmeric powder, and many more. Thus, to change your overall lifestyle, we bring you seven (7) simple beauty and make-up hacks.

  1. Avoid Redness with Milk: After waxing our skin, especially our face we find our skin turning into a reddish tone. Thus, to avoid the redness you can always rely on home remedies, such as using a small ball of cotton and whole milk which would calm the inner burning and redness of the skin along with a soothing effect. Just dip a small ball of cotton in a cup of whole milk for about 10 minutes and then apply the milk to the reddish part which would help your post-wax skin to calm its texture and take the form of its natural tone. In addition, the use of milk also works as effective moisture for the skin as it contains vitamin B, powerful antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and calcium which help in deep cleansing of bacteria, removal of dark spots and acne-causing bacteria, and get your skin a hydrating surface with an extra glow.
  2. Treat your Acne with Aloe Vera: Nothing could treat acne and acne scars like the way aloe vera does, so the simplest hack to treat your acne is the proper and continuous use of aloe vera. Aloe vera is generally termed as an antioxidant well-known for its skin healing properties which work best to remove acne-causing bacteria, reduce scars and keep the skin hydrating for a long period. Aloe vera consists of saponins, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes which offer cooling, healing, soothing and moisturizing properties that help to clear acne much faster than any other ingredients and also remove the greasy and oily texture of the skin on the face.
  3. Smudge and Blend the Eyeliner: Eyeliner is one most time-consuming part of make-up as getting the perfect look without any flaw is a challenge. So, to simplify your make-up process, try the hack of smudging and blending the eyeliner with the eyeshadow. The smudging and blending process helps you to get a smoky eye effect without any extra effort and it also saves up a lot of your time. While you are in a hurry and need a quick peek at your make-up, this hack could work as your ultimate beauty savior as well as make-up perfector. The only thing you need to do is to pick your favorite eyeliner, draw an angle on the outer corner, smudge the eyeliner and lastly blend it with your eyeshadow which would result in a flawless smoky eye effect that works best for every kind of occasion.
  4. Use Translucent Powder: Get your perfect make-up look with the use of translucent powder as this powder not only helps to set your make-up and give a matte finish but also works best to keep the make-up last for a longer duration. The translucent powder has a fine texture that offers a luminous or matte effect and it works best to control excess oil from the skin. But if you want to set your lipstick perfectly and also want your lipstick to last longer than usual, then the hack is to use translucent powder. After applying your favorite lipstick just, the way you usually do, keep a tissue on your lips and lastly apply or dust translucent powder with a brush over the tissue onto the lips as this would absorb the extra moisture of the lipstick and dry it quickly which makes the lipstick last.
  5. Create a Tinted Moisturizer: While applying foundation or concealer during make-up, we find that the skin of our face gets cakey, dry, and unnatural along with skin peeling texture. The easiest hack to avoid this caky and rough texture of your skin is to create your tinted moisturizer with the use of your regular foundation and moisturizer. Just take a small amount of foundation and an equal amount of moisturizer on your palm, mix them well and gently apply it to your face as this mixture will work best as a foundation by keeping the texture smooth and your skin hydrated. If you want a glowy and gleaming effect, you can also add a few drops of liquid highlighter which would inject a slight highlight essence to your make-up look while for a summer-tan glow you can also add a very small amount of gel bronzer which would get your skin a soothing tan essence. However, you can also use the translucent powder to add an extra volume to your eyelashes as all you need to do is lightly dust the translucent powder on the eyelashes after applying the mascara. After applying the powder, apply a second coat of mascara over it as it would cover the dustiness of the powder and enable you to get a fuller and fluffy eyelash. 
  6. Use a Spoon or Tape to Get Perfect Wings: If you are a fan of wing-style eyeliner, then this hack is especially meant for you. Getting the perfect wing on the eye is a very difficult task as a simple mistake could spoil the overall make-up look. So, to avoid all the trouble that comes with a perfect wing, use a spoon or tape while drawing the wings. You just need to take a spoon that could cover the eyes perfectly, then press the rounded side of the spoon against the eyelid and lastly draw the wing with the eyeliner stroke against the edgy part. After removing the spoon, you will get your perfect wing style on the eyes. Moreover, you can also use two small pieces of tape, paste them in a cross style near your eyelid, then draw the wing with your eyeliner, and in the last, gently remove the tape, you will get your perfect cat-eye or wing style eye look.
  7. Recheck Your Make-up Under Different Lights: One of the most important things to keep in mind is to recheck your overall make-up under different lights to get a proper overview of your look. Make-up usually looks different under different lights and so to avoid an uneven make-up look or to cover up all the spots, make sure to check your makeup under various lights. One of the best ways to check the make-up is to look in the handheld mirror under the natural lights as this lighting gives a natural reflection of your skin and its texture after the application of make-up.



Even if you are a lazy-go person or in a hurry to attend a function, the above hacks would surely work wonders for you as they give you an opportunity to use the utmost of your cosmetics as well as household items. Beauty and make-up are not always about expensive cosmetics products but are all about the way you use your products. The above hacks bring you the most time-saving and inexpensive tips and tricks that would enable you to enhance your skin as well as keep your make-up on point for every kind of event. We hope that our hacks would seem easy and useful to you and for more astonishing hacks, tips, and tricks stay tuned with us.

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