Trend Spotting & Prediction For The Festive Month

Trend Spotting & Prediction For The Festive Month

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India is getting ready to welcome the most colorful months of the year as the festive season is making its entry. The air is filled with the warmth of flowers and the streets are glittering with adorable lights along with some heartwarming gatherings. To get you inspired and win over the festive fashion statement, we are here to help you spot the latest trend and get a better prediction of the festive style that will rule over this year. It is very important to keep your shopping journey fun and exciting, and for that reason, Berrylush has launched its #GetFestiveWithBerrylush campaign to help you get a better understanding of the festive trend and essentials. With this campaign, Berrylush hopes to pay close attention to GenZ and modern women's fashion approach towards festive events. 

With festive fever all around, it's the best time to get your fashion thoughts reorganized by spotting the trend to create memorable moments for upcoming occasions. Get your festive fashion inspiration ongoing with this article, as it brings forward for you a list of festive style predictions that would enable you to keep your ethnic wardrobe upgraded and classy at the same time. Update your style and wardrobe with the best of the fusion trends on the clock for the kick-start of this festive season, get your hands on the most chic combinations of the glittery palettes and lightweight fabrics out there. Embrace the style of your festive look with vibrant and bold choices in their colorful glory. For the festive fashion forecast, you can also get a look at the below points which would lend you a brief explanation of upcoming trends.


  1. Focus on Bold Prints & Patterns: Bold prints and patterns will play a major role in the upcoming festive fashion trend as they symbolize the feeling of confidence, vibrancy, and playfulness. Festive seasons are meant to be full of positive and exciting energy that invites cheerfulness within the atmosphere. Prints such as ethnic motifs, floral, animal, and graphics can help you take center stage by beautifully breaking up the confinement of neutrals and basics. Also, bold prints support in regaining dominating fashion power with some indo-western twist. You can rely on bold prints and patterns to add a touch of glamor to your boring festive closet this year.

    You can also get inspiration from the above images, as the beautiful Maroon Floral Printed One Shoulder Maxi Dress from Berrylush paired with ethnic sandals and pretty pearl earrings presents a bewitching look suitable to enjoy the upcoming festive occasions. The amusing mixture of maroon shade with white floral prints lends this dress a striking appearance followed by a tropical vibe. You can wear this maxi dress with a pair of white pump heels, matching hoop earrings, and a cute clutch to get a fashion-focused look.

  2. Go For Soft Colour Palettes: Festive seasons are mostly associated with bright and bold shades but the prediction for this festive trend is a bit different. This year's festive months are not gonna rely on bold shades anymore as they shift toward soothing and soft palettes such as lavender, pink, ivory, light blue, etc. If you are thinking of ruling over the festive months with your unique fashion statement then it's best to invest your time in searching for clothes and accessories from the soft color palette. Soft color palettes indulge the festive season into dreamy essence and romantic themes effortlessly and elegantly. It will be in your best interest to ignore bold shades this festive season by keeping your fashion radar focused on soothing color palettes.

    You can also get your style reference from the above images, which reflect a cinematic Pink Floral Printed One-Shoulder Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Flared Maxi Dress from Berrylush paired with a white handbag and cute high heels. The above image presents the perfect example of the style that will rule the festive fashion world this year. The astonishing combination of pink shade and white floral print gives this dress classic appeal with a hint of nature’s beauty and calming vibe. Also, the one-shoulder neckline gives your neck a dramatic structure with uninterrupted breathability.

  3. Opt for Athleisure Silhouettes: Although festive months are fun we can also never ignore the extensive housework that comes together with it. To keep the festive events exciting, this year's trend is thinking of getting their focus set on comfort dressing that keeps the people's comfort level their foremost priority. So, the ruling festive fashion feature could be athleisure silhouette outfits that are made with super comfy fabrics and oversized fit to offer an effortless style statement. People nowadays prefer restricted and irritation-free outfits that enable them to enjoy the occasion to their heart's content, thus, the 2023 festive fashion trend is diverting their vision toward comfort over style to meet the public demand with creative styling pieces.

    If you feel confused, you can also take a look at the above images which put forward a captivating Solid Green V-Neck Crepe Asymmetrical Hem Ruffles Maxi Dress from Berrylush. This dress offers a relaxing silhouette with enchanting frills and ruffles that would add volume to your overall look. In addition, the crepe polyester fabric lends your body the utmost comfort with quick drying and odor-free properties. You can wear this maxi dress with a pair of block heels and minimalistic jewelry to create a fascinating festive look.

  4. Minimalism Redefines Classiness: Festive months sometimes become a bit dramatic and to keep everything balanced this year's fashion trend aims to keep the style minimalistic. Minimalism is the new definition of classiness that will help you create the most iconic fashion statement for these festive events. This trend offers an approach of leaving a minimal footprint with a huge style impact in a very sophisticated way. Also, this is an approach that aims to help you curate a classic wardrobe that effortlessly stands the test of the fast-fashion world with time. Minimalistic styling offers you an easy way of getting ready and rocking festive occasions without paying much mind to dramatic outlines or layering options.

    Moreover, you can also check out the above images for more ideas, as the images present a cinematic look created with a pretty Purple and Yellow Floral Printed V-Neck Thigh-High Slit Flared Wrap Maxi Dress paired with white heels and pearl stud earrings. This maxi dress comes with a v-neck design that lends your neckline a vertical impression with comfortable breathability while the thigh-high slit design injects an exotic feel.

  5. Add On Celebratory Vibes: Following Bollywood celebrities is one of the easiest to spot upcoming trends and make an accurate prediction about the fashion features that will work best for the upcoming festive occasions. So, get your festive fashion inspiration sorted out by following your favorite celebrities and their fashion designers. Recently, Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi's design gives away happy vibes with a hint of vibrancy in their recent collection which can indirectly reflect that soft colors with bold prints tend to perform well during these festive months. Celebratory designs such as puffy gowns or sarees with a tinge of exaggerated frills and veils can also be assumed a safe choice to add glamor and classic magic to your ethnic style.

    Get your style inspiration from the above images, as the image puts together a marvelous look created with a lovely White and Lavender Floral Printed V-neck cold-shoulder Style-Back Tiered Maxi Dress from Berrylush with a pair of matching heels. This dress is designed with layered surface styling that lends it a tiered style statement while the flared hemline makes it look more voluminous.

  6. Focus on Traditional Textures:: When it comes to festive months, all that comes to one's mind are traditional clothes, sweets, lights, and dance. As the festive events are kicking in, it is the right time to keep your fashion focus on traditional textures which can generally be considered a basic styling element. Traditional textures and designs such as Bundi, chakra, tie and dye prints, mirror works, and many more can be taken into consideration while styling your festive outfits. The traditional textile prints and designs reflect the roots of Indian culture and their association with every festive event, so keep up the trend by bringing back the retro yet traditional style points to your ethnic wardrobe.

    One of the trendiest traditional textures and prints is florals just as shown in the above images. You can also re-create the same look with this cute Pink and Purple Floral Printed Sweetheart Neck Tie-Up Strap Straight Midi Kurta from Berrylush with denim jeans, silver hoop earrings, and ethnic sandals. This kurta is fashioned with a classic floral print that resembles traditional Indian textures with a cheerful vibe.

  7. Dazzling Accessories:: Accessories play a vital role in amplifying one’s outfit, especially during festive months as they consist of the magic to add instant charm. Accessories that look sophisticated yet striking are one of the most suitable options that you can opt for to keep your festive outfit stylish and trendy. You can settle for solidly structured handbags, silver or pearl hoop earrings, single-string necklaces, diamond pendants, chic belts, or bangles to bring in life to your boring outfits. Such accessories can work for both basic and festive occasions while never going out of style.

    You can also amp up your style inspiration with the above images which present a mix-and-match of stunning Solid Pink PU Drawstring Structured Regular Shoulder Bag from Berrylush with a Pink Bodycon dress. The above bag shows off a solid pattern and structured design that makes it appear luxurious and boho-chic at the same time. In addition, the one-handle design makes this handbag handy with a functional purpose and clean finish.

  8. Keep your Fit Check:: Last but not least, keep the fitting of your outfits checked to get the fit and flare look for the upcoming festive events. The easiest way to get your silhouettes fitted at your convenience is to style your outfit with elastic belts that are elegantly designed. Belts are a practical solution to get your loose-fit outfits all ready in an effortless and chic manner. You can choose basic belts with a slim width, elastic strap, and golden metallic buckle that goes well-versed with any outfit with cute appeal. Also, you can choose wide-width belts that lend a corset style statement with an hourglass figure and comfortable support to your waistline area.

    One of the examples shown above, the image presents a dazzling Black Elastic Strap Fancy Concho Buckle Belt from Berrylush paired with a pink dress to get the desired fit and well-accessorized look. This festive season, you can also give your loose ethnic outfits a simple and fitted silhouette with a luxe finish by layering them up with a basic elastic belt as shown above. The belt is made with an elastic strap that ensures a comfortable silhouette with excellent flexibility. The wide black leather strap offers figure-flattering appeal while the bolden metallic concho design at the front of this belt adds glistening charm.



Forecasting the Indian festive market is never an easy task as the fashion world is rapidly growing with enchanting style statements. But, you need not worry about anything as we are here for you, to get your festive wardrobe all ready with predicted fashion trends. The above points of this article will offer you an organized summary of the festive trend that will keep your style game up-to-date. The main aim of this article is to help the viewers enhance their fashion statement as per the demand for the latest trends. For more information related to fashion-related content, you can also go through our other blogs.

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