Seasonal Perfume Picks For Winter, Summer, etc.

Seasonal Perfume Picks For Winter, Summer, etc.

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Discovering your styles also indulges the discovery of perfumes that goes along with your personality, occasion, and weather. Perfume plays an important role in day-to-day lives as the fragrance a perfume contains evokes numerous emotions and memories, moreover, it might also attract or repel us from someone. Perfume consists of the ability to amend a person's mood and emotion as it forms a magical connection with the brain where a person's emotions, memories, and scent are associated and processed to form a sensory experience. Perfume adds a moment of lavishness while indulging something extraordinary to a person’s identity. The scent of various perfumes gives away a comforting and warm vibe which keeps pulling back a person’s happiest moments, thus, perfumes are the best alternative to capture and store your best experience. Usually, people get determined to change their perfume with the change in weather to adapt and go well-versed with the fragrance of each season. If you love to play with scent and prefer to mix and match, then let’s walk down a perfume memory lane and know more about your favorite fragrance.

Origin of Perfume

The origin of perfume could be traced to the history of ancient Egyptians who used scents and various fragrances for sacred functions or religious ceremonies. Though, the utilization of perfume does not limit there, as, over time, perfume is also used in a person's everyday life for hygiene purposes. With the continued usage of perfume as essential during sacred rituals, weddings, birth, funeral ceremonies, and many others, perfume is now also linked with beauty and body care. Moreover, Romans also contributed an important innovation for perfume as they supported the usage of blown glass as containers for perfumes for keeping the material odorless and could also be given various unique shapes. The perfume was generally born to carry out religious rituals and a privilege of an elite class but with time, a gradual change came with the use of perfumes which is now considered a luxury element, a seductive instrument, or a therapeutic remedy for some. In addition, perfume is not only an expensive accessory for wealthy people but also a companion for people of all classes to add a unique experience to their everyday life.

Composition of Perfume

The most important aspect of perfume is its composition which states the basic architecture of perfume on which it is built. Perfume is generally developed with the composition of natural and synthetic raw materials which are selected on the preference of a perfumer. It is also stated that there are about 1000 natural raw materials that are used and sometimes removed from the composition of perfume as per the perfumer's expertise while there are also 3000 to 4000 synthetic raw materials. A perfumer analyzes overall possibilities related to each raw material before developing a perfume to get an astonishing fragrance.

Natural Fragrance

Some perfumes contain pure natural ingredients which consist of the ability to evolve as per the skin of each person and these perfumes give away different and unrecognizable vibrations and scents from people. Natural ingredients add extra soul to a perfume though natural perfumes are termed to be more expensive than a classic perfume as they claim the essence and calmness of nature within them and are also non-allergic to a person's skin. Though natural perfumes are usually stated to be similar to traditional fragrances the basic difference between them is their composition. For developing a natural fragrance, ingredients such as spices, flowers, grasses, woods, fruit, roots, leaves, gums, resins, balsams, and animal secretions are used to dilute the property of nature within them. The basic extraction of natural ingredients for the preparation of natural fragrance are stated below:

  1. Extraction from flowers: Flowers consist of the richness of various natural perfumes as their scents give away a natural calmness. The subdivided categories of flowers are:
    • White flowers such as jasmine, lily, gardenia, tuberose, magnolia
    • Spring flowers such as lilac, lily of the valley, seringa, honeysuckle
    • Solar flowers such as tiare flower, frangipani, ylang-ylang
    • Powdery flowers such as iris root, violet, mimosa, heliotrope
    • Spicy flowers such as immortal, carnation

  2. Aromatic Herbs: Some fresh plants and herbs also give a lot of freshness and they are divided into three subdivisions:
    • Anise notes such as basil, tarragon, aniseed
    • Minty notes such as curly mint, peppermint, chickpea mint
    • Aromatic notes such as lavender, lavender, rosemary, laurier rose, hyssop

  3. Fruits: Some natural fruits also give away a fruity fragrance which keeps a person fresh and vibrant with nature’s tint, the different categories of fruits are:
    • Juicy fruits such as apples, pear
    • Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange
    • Red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry
    • Exotic fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple
    • Yellow fruits such as plum, peach, apricot

  4. Resins and Balms: Certain fragrance contains mysterious and mystical notes that are extracted from balms and resins such as benzoin, myrrh, incense, opoponax, etc.

  5. Woods: Natural wood gives away a woody fragrance that is loved by many such as sandalwood, pine, cedar, cypress, vetiver, etc.

Synthetic Fragrance

Perfumes that contain a lot of synthetic materials could be termed synthetic fragrances as they are more linear and silage in nature. Synthetic ingredients and chemicals are generally used to create scents of non-oily substances or scents which are hard to be found in nature. Synthetic fragrance could also be called the classic creation of perfume which is discovered by a beautiful combination of natural raw materials and synthetic ingredients. Synthetic fragrance is different from natural fragrance as they are developed in laboratories with the help of natural gas and petroleum byproducts. Synthetic fragrances are divided into three types such as:

  1. Full Synthetic: Fragrances are developed completely with the usage of synthetic ingredients such as petroleum by-products.

  2. Semi-Synthetic: Fragrances that are created with the use of synthetic, artificial, and natural ingredients could be said semi-synthetic.

  3. Natural Isolates: Fragrances developed from the combination of natural raw materials and synthetic by-products are called natural isolates.

The benefits of synthetic fragrances are that they protect the environment, last longer than natural fragrances, and have denser scents which can't be achieved from natural perfumes. Along with benefits, synthetic fragrances also consist of certain drawbacks such as risk of allergies, which may disrupt hormones and could affect natural development.

Choosing a Perfume for Every Season

The season comes with its own unique emotions, theme, and feelings, and to go well-acquainted with each season, one needs to mix and match with their different fragrances. Selecting a fragrance following the seasons is a fun game, as it enables you to explore various interesting scents and to get more information about each perfume which would also help you to choose your favorite fragrance of each season. Each season depicts different attributes as spring symbolizes 'freshness', summer symbolizes 'warmness', winter symbolizes 'coldness', and last but not the least autumn or fall season symbolizes 'calmness' and 'authenticity'. Perfumes are the elements that determine our personality, state of mind, and emotions. The exploring game of perfume to go along with the theme of each season generally depends on a person's taste, personality, and age while keeping in mind the iconic notes and scents of each season. Thus, here are some guidelines that would help you to choose the perfect perfumes for each season:


Spring evokes the feeling of freshness and a new start; thus, the main focus of perfume should be on floral fragrances. To reveal one's sensual side during the spring season, it is important to select subtle and fresh fragrances. Springs depicts the lively personality of a person who is always cheerful and carefree. The fragrance of spring could be related to nature, aromas of fresh fruits and flowers, aromatic herbs, and green grasses. For the spring season, one should choose fragrances that resemble the feeling of joy, warmness, and flower blossoms such as peonies, violets, freesia, and notes of lily of the valley. Moreover, citrus fragrances or solid floral fragrances are also a good match for the spring season as they give away a tint of spring freshness.


The summer season is the time of relaxation and a sunny holiday to beat the heat by spending time outdoors with family and friends. The personality traits that summer depicts are feminine, sensitivity, tenderness, dreaminess, modesty, and a reserved attitude. People love to go on a weekend holiday or vacation on the beach and to meet the vibe of hot summer, one should select fragrances that give away a refreshing feel like citrus, lavender, or green tea. You could also choose marine notes fragrance which gives a gentle reminder of the sea or opt for exotic and sweet fragrances that match up with a tropical and warm theme. Apart from these fragrances, a perfume that contains the accent of summer florals, rose blossoms, and fresh fruit fragrances such as blueberry and raspberry are also perfect for your summer outings. If you're thinking of spending your summer at the beach while sun-soaking, then you can also have fragrances associated with island flowers or sea salts such as powdery flowers like violet, peonies, mimosa, and iris scents.


Celebrate Christmas and New Years' while giving away warm, soothing, and comforting scents as winter reflect the bold and cold personality of a person. People who have an outgoing and extroverted persona are attracted to the winter season as they are tactile and full of mystery. If you love to go on a winter tour or explore museums, then you would surely appreciate fragrances that give away sensual, deep and oriental scents that come from flowers or woods. You can also choose fruity or spicy scent perfumes such as vanilla bean, lemon, honey, caramel, cotton candy, pomegranate, or orange which would add up a crisp and warming texture to your winter outlook. While perfumes which give a warm scent such as musk or cinnamon are also ideal for the winter season as they give a comforting effect.


Autumn, which is also known as the season of 'fall', is that time of the year when leaves start to change their colors, and the landscapes are covered with fall leaves from the tree that further turns deep and saturated with red, brown or orange colors. Autumn also depicts the thoughtful, calm, temperament, and authentic personality of people, people who love adventures, value relationships, and create their unique style. So, to go well-versed with the theme and personality traits of the autumn season, you could select deep and seductive fragrances that give away scents such as the spicy, musky, smell of forest during autumn, the smell of mushrooms, green grass, fire, woods, floral or sweets. Perfumes with spicy, floral, woody, fresh, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla scents are a perfect match for the autumn season as they leave a warm note to your heart.


As the season changes, it is an inevitable phenomenon of changing the perfume which could also be stated as a bold choice as to match the theme of each season it is important to wear the perfume with the right fragrance. Well, it is also necessary to analyze the attributes of every season and one's personality to select perfumes that accompany a person with a scent that they are looking for. Thus, to provide you with a piece of better information about perfume and to help you pick the best fragrance for each season we have brought the above guidelines which put forward a list of many scents and fragrances that would add a mesmerizing texture to your outlook.