10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge (Make 10 Outfits From 10 Items)

10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge (Make 10 Outfits From 10 Items)

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If you are thinking of recreating your wardrobe to get a capsule and seasonal wardrobe, then here's your chance, as we bring you the 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge which is the latest trend of fashion. The 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge is a fun process that helps you keep your wardrobe at its minimalist form and it also helps you get a trendy outlook for almost every kind of occasion that you come across within a year. Though, you might be thinking, "What is the 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge?" So here we are to give you an overall outline of this process along with a brief description of its benefits.

Concept of 10*10 Wardrobe Challenge

The 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge is generally a fun process which was established in 2015 by Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee and this concept was developed to get one's wardrobe a creative makeover with existing and new clothing items. This concept helps you to create a small wardrobe with only 10 clothing items that you would be wearing for the upcoming 10 days to get a stylish look along with maintaining your sustainable budget. The best part of this concept is that it supports you to make better use of your current clothes by adding some refreshing and fashionable touch to them either by restyling them or mixing and matching them with new trendy clothes.

What's So Great About the 10*10 Wardrobe Challenge?

We also find some people who question the advantages of this 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge and thus, to answer this question, we brought you the list of the common takeaways that people seek while adapting to this challenge and here they are:

  • Enhance your style while keeping your wardrobe capsule
  • Versatile wardrobe for every kind of occasion and weather
  • Better utilization of existing clothing items
  • Inject creative and refreshing style
  • Makes your life easier with fewer and more organized clothes
  • Maintenance of sustainable budget
  • Smart shopping

How To Plan and Participate in a 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge?

To get familiar with the concept of the 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge the first thing you need to consider is how to plan, participate and work along with this challenge. To plan for the challenge, firstly you are required to choose a particular day to start the challenge for the next 10 days, and secondly, you need to pick out the most suitable 10 clothing items either from your current clothing items or new trendy clothes. To participate and work along with the challenge, here are a few guidelines for you:

  1. Go For Basic Essentials

    While choosing the clothing items for your 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge, always go for essentials as they offer you versatile styling for any kind of occasion such as shirts, tee, jeans, parallel trousers, solid pattern skirts, solid pattern blouses, and many more. Essentials are also easy to pair up with other clothing items and get you a simple and dignified outlook.

    You can add up essentials to your wardrobe just like the above peach coloured solid top designed by Berrylush which gives a pure elegance vibe. This top would keep your look both lean and stylish with its tie-up neck design and charismatic peach shade while the crepe polyester fabric gives a smart appearance to the overall appearance.

  2. Pump For Neutral Shades

    Secondly, try to pump up your 10 days wardrobe with neutral shades as they are the best color tones that go well versed with various casual as well as party events and also give delicate texture to every kind of skin tone. Neutral shades such as black, white, gray, beige, or navy blue are also well known for their classic texture and give a warm and calming accent to your look.

    The above navy blue multiway maxi dress is the perfect option for your wardrobe challenge as its classy navy blue shade accompanied with solid pattern presents a stunning appeal and it is an appropriate choice for your wardrobe if there are any casual or party events during your 10 days challenge. Moreover, the multiway styling, sleeveless, and halter neck features of this maxi dress get you a trend alert outlook.

  3. Choose Mostly Coordinate Clothes

    Thirdly, make sure to choose mostly coordinated clothing items, so that you can get multiple options to style and create several different outfits. Coordinating clothes helps you to blend efficiently with the challenge and also maximize your styling option according to your convenience and events of the day.

    To avoid the struggle of putting together the best coordinated clothing items, you can go for the above yellow solid flared maxi skirt which gets you a flattering and fashionable look for both casual and semi formal occasions. The yellow solid pattern, flared hemline, bow tie-up, and back zip closure offer you a modish and fashion-focused appearance while you can easily coordinate it with your existing tops or shirts.

  4. Inject Layering Clothing Items

    You can also inject layering clothing items into your wardrobe as they would actively support both your workwear style and weekend outing style. Layering clothes pieces add a charm to your look as it gives a flaunting and flashy standout to your outlook.

    The ideal option for wardrobe is the above maroon solid ruffled wrap maxi skirt with Attached Plazzo as this skirt does not require an outer layer of clothing items as it already comes with a layer of Palazzo attached with it present a unique and mesmerizing style. The drawstring closure, high-low hemline, and pleated surface styling add magnetizing charm to this skirt and it also allows you to team it up with your current wardrobe items.

  5. Pick Practical Outfits

    Picking up practical clothing pieces is also important for white planning and organizing your wardrobe according to the challenge as practical outfits helps you get a more fascinating and graceful look. Clothing items such as solid color tops, shirts or dress enables you to set the tone with every kind of season and occasion and also gets you an incredible style statement.

    To maximize your styling options and 10 days wardrobe, you can choose the above black solid shirt dress as its black solid pattern assembles a bold and stunning appeal. The button closure, shirt styling, shirt collar neck, and long cuffed sleeves add modish sheen to the dress and depict a vintage vibe that goes well versed as a lunch look or workwear look.

  6. Add Combination of Majestic Print & Pattern

    You can also add the magic of various print and pattern clothes within your wardrobe as they never fail to add radiant sheen to one's look and always keeps the look trendy and cheerful. Floral, stripe, polka dots, tropical, animal, and many more prints inject a charismatic texture to the wardrobe and they are quite easy to match up with other accessories and clothing pieces.

    The above Berrylush women's black and white floral printed tie-up knot top is an objective example of majestic pattern as it depicts vigorous style along with the epitome of nature's beauty. This top consists of a cinematic V-neckline, short puff sleeves, and tie-up closure which gives an amazing appeal to your natural curves along with an iconic western appeal that could be paired up with your existing high-waist or wide-leg jeans.

  7. Choose Comfortable Fabrics

    If you are thinking of putting a magnetizing effect on your wardrobe then settle on comfortable and durable fabric which keeps your skin irritation free with a pleasant texture. Comfortable fabric like cotton, silk, or linen not only gives you a comfy feeling but also enables you to wear those clothes for a long period of duration along with beautiful integrity.

    The best example of a comfortable and classy clothing item is the above white and pink printed straight kurta which presents an enchanting appearance and is also suitable wear for ethnic or other casual occasions. The amusing straight hemline, sleeveless, halter neck design, cotton fabric, and side slits attributes of the kurta put forward a charming and fashionable casual look for you which you can partner up with your existing jeans, palazzos, or leggings to look astonishing.

  8. Pick Unified Cloth Pieces

    Always try to pick up a unified cloth piece that goes well acquainted with every type of weather and occasion with stylish appeal. Unified cloth pieces are important for your 10 days wardrobe challenge as they enable you to remain creative with your style during the 10 days with minimalist items.

    To ace your look during the challenge period, you can pick unified cloth pieces like the above yellow and black printed A-line midi skirt which presents a modish and fashion flaunting appeal. The amazing animal print on yellow shade, A-line shape, and midi length of the skirt offers you a monochrome trend alert look and this skirt could easily be teamed up with other clothing items within your current wardrobe.

  9. Inject Mixable Clothing Pieces

    Handpick mixable clothing pieces for your wardrobe as they allow you to carry out a mix and match process to create a fashionable outlook for different items. Classy tops, tees, shirts, skirts and trousers are basic examples of mixable clothing pieces which help you mix and match them up with your current clothing items and maintain your budget.

    You can prefer mixable clothing pieces just like the above white printed Bardot top designed by Berrylush as its white shade adjoin with stripe pattern give a refined and ritzy sheen to the top making suitable to mix and match with your existed high-waist jeans or flare skirt to get a captivating look. This top is fashioned with Bardot styling, ruffled surface, and off-shoulder neck design which present a sophisticated feminine charm.

  10. Shop for Alternative Trendy Items

    The last but the most important guide for you is to shop smartly for alternative trendy clothing pieces which not only maintain your sustainable budget also go well versed with your other clothing items and accessories and lastly helps you to complete the 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge.

    The above yellow jumpsuit is an appropriate alternative clothing item for your minimalist wardrobe as its ruffled styling and ankle length put forward a trendy and astonishing outlook. The polyester fabric keeps the jumpsuit lightweight and moisture wicking while the shoulder straps and waist tie-up surface styling add an exotic vibe and alluring appeal which makes it an all-around outfit for casual, formal, and party occasions.


Looking for inspiration to keep your budget sustainable and wardrobe minimalist with trendy style then this 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge is for you as it efficiently helps you to manage your wardrobe more effectively and further excludes stress that you get while looking at your wardrobe every morning. This challenge is a reminder for you as it states that you don't always need new clothes to look stylish and to become more creative and smarter while shopping. We hope the above guideline will be useful for you to refresh and restyle your wardrobe and for more fashionable clothing pieces you can also scroll the products of Berrylush.