How Does Fragrance Improve Mood?

How Does Fragrance Improve Mood?

The smell is usually termed as one of the most sensitive senses of the human body which directly influences a person's brain and further their mood because it is generally attached to certain memories and emotions. It is also proven that scents consist of the ability to affect a person's mood as they generate about 75% of emotions and if a person is exposed to a pleasant scent, then that person's mood would surely improve by 40%. Many researchers also believe that a pleasant fragrance can lift people's moods and can also reduce the level of stress and anxiety. There are about eight factors of mood that are affected or influenced by fragrance such as stress, depression, irritation, apathy, sensuality, relaxation, stimulation, and enhancement of happiness, which concludes that fragrances play a vital role in determining a person’s mood and emotions. However, the fact that most fragrances or scents strike up people's memories which rush numerous emotions within them as fragrance stores certain encounters or memories which influence human's odor response that is later controlled by the limbic system of the brain that controls human emotional response and other abilities.

Nothing could heal and improve one's mood like nature and the best part of nature is its flowers who not only look beautiful but also give away a mesmerizing fragrance. Flowers symbolize various meanings and consist of different kinds of fragrances which can put you in a relaxing mood. The practice of using a flower's scent as a fragrance had been continued from ancient times and even researchers agreed with the fact that the fragrance of flowers can reduce people's stress, anxiety, depression level and can also help to induce sleep. Thus, here is a list of some flower fragrances that can improve your mood:

  1. Roses: The fragrance of roses is entitled as heavenly when smelled as it gives away a calming and warm essence. Perfumes made of roses are very much popular for their lighter fragrance and stress-relieving attribute. Traditionally, the fragrance of roses was used to uplift the mood of people, lower heart rate, fight against depression, and keep calm. To raise a person's spirit and confidence, nothing could work better than the fragrance of roses as along with an elegant appearance, roses also consist of a lovely scent that gives a magical experience to the beholder. Moreover, perfumes consisting of rose fragrances have a soothing effect on people's feelings as it evokes optimism, serenity, and sensuality. Roses are a symbol of love and romantic feelings; thus, the sweet fragrance of roses serves best to boost confidence and restore love.

  2. Lilies: The different variety of lilies symbolizes various meanings, but one of the most common meanings of lilies is that it depicts purity and devotion. As one's sense of smell consists of the ability to trigger an emotional response and maintain it, the fragrance of lilies plays an essential role as it helps to evoke good feelings, reduce stress and energize oneself. Lilies consist of a sweet and refreshing fragrance that uplifts one's spirit and encourages cheerfulness. Perfumes made of lilies comprise a strong fragrance that smells slightly sweet with a soft floral ascent that gives you a tropical experience.

  3. Ylang-Ylang: Perfumes consisting of ylang-ylang fragrance are usually stated to have a deep and enriching aroma which gives away a slightly sweet, spicy, and floral essence. The tropical fragrance of ylang-ylang is highly used in the process of aromatherapy to enhance one’s thinking skills and memory. Apart from this aspect, ylang-ylang is best known to boost people’s mood, lower blood pressure, promote relaxation and increase sensuality as its fragrance supports positive mood and inspires people toward closeness and romance.

  4. Lavender: To calm your mood as well as your body, the fragrance of lavender works the best as lavender has a versatile character with anti-inflammatory qualities which are not used to make perfumes but also to make scented candles, cosmetics, soaps, and oil. The flowers of lavender are famous for their distinctive purple color and strong fragrance which are perfect to relieve one's stressful mind and anxiety level. Perfumes with lavender fragrance alleviate a peaceful mind, reduce migraine, and relieve sleep problems as it gives away a soothing effect of nature with a light sweet floral, and woodsy smell.

  5. Orchids: We can find various species of orchids in nature, while the most common orchid spice is phalaenopsis which consists of no fragrance, but other species of orchids have a strong fragrance that range from pleasant to offensive. Maxillaria tenuifolia which is also well-known as coconut orchid has a scent similar to roasted coconut while Angranthes grandiflora gives away a sweet scent similar to jasmine and Oncidium ornithorhynchum has a sweet complex scent similar to vanilla or cocoa. Perfumes with orchids' fragrance give away an elegant, relaxing, and refreshing scent that induces calmness, builds a comfortable mood, and improves mental health.

  6. Jasmine: If you are suffering from depression or usually get mood swings, then the fragrance of jasmine is the most suitable option for you as its sweet and delicate aromatic scent is best known to naturally heal depression, promote positiveness and enhance a calm environment. Perfumes with jasmine fragrance give away sweet and floral essence which boosts sensuality and keeps you refreshing and cheerful. Usually, jasmine fragrant perfumes symbolize femininity, love, and seduction as it consists of intense scent that uplift the romantic emotions of people.

Other than flower fragrances, many other perfume fragrances work best for boosting a person's mood and some of them are stated below:

  • Citrus: Perfumes with citrus scent are very popular as it gives away a clean and refreshing scent that enables a person to stay energized and alert. The citrus fragrance is suitable for both men and women as it leaves a refreshing note on a person's personality, especially during the summer season.

  • Rosemary: For your everyday use the perfume made of rosemary fragrance is perfect as its aromatic scent that resembles herbs and woody or evergreen-like plants enhances one's concentration.

  • Vanilla: The fragrance of vanilla is generally stated as a happy scent as it gives away a sweet scent that evokes a warm and cozy vibe. Perfumes with vanilla fragrance are appropriate for both men and women as creating a perfect base note that matches casual events while keeping your mood calm and pleasant.

  • Sandalwood: The milky, woody and comforting fragrance of sandalwood are famous for helping people to maintain concentration, a stable mind, and a calm mood. Perfumes with sandalwood fragrance consist of a sedative effect which helps to treat headaches and evoke erotic and enticing feelings.


The fact that scents of various aspects consist of the ability to influence a person's mood, emotions, and memory is very well-known by everyone. Each fragrance has a different kind of effect on a person's mood and it is important to choose the right perfume with the right fragrance for you to improve your mood, emotions, mind, and body. The above are a few suggestions of fragrance that have the potential to positively influence your mood to help you understand the best fragrance for you.