Inspiring Designers To Look Out For Winter Wear Trends

Inspiring Designers To Look Out For Winter Wear Trends

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If you are thinking that you need out-of-the-box inspiration to stay fashionable with the change in season then you can always rely on designers. Fashion designers are people who know the art of applying natural beauty to outfits while blending the aesthetic essence of different occasions, seasons, and trends. We usually see that designers take a lot of time to introduce a unique artwork or launch an outfit but what we are not familiar with is the time taken to present a design that meets the changing consumer taste, seasonal demand, and fashion aspects.  

When it comes to winter outfits we get into the dilemma of how to look stylish while being completely covered but you don't need to worry anymore to help you out we brought you a list of inspiring designers to look out for winter wear trends and style tips. To get the answers to all your winter style queries you can follow them on Instagram and also get a look at the design of their latest fall collection, thus to know more about these inspiring designers keep on reading.

  1. Juhi Melwani (Founder and Designer of Doh Tak Keh): For a design that makes you feel and look luxurious you can look out for Juhi Melwani who is the founder and head designer of 'Doh Tak Keh'- the classic India Streetwear Label. Her designs bring forward a drastic change in the street style scene of India which includes the use of traditional artisanal, fascinating patterns, a dash of colors, and quirky themes. Juhi's design and clothing products represent a flattering touch of Indian artistry and culture followed by versatile and cool style outcomes. She adds a twist to her design with traditional Indian skills, cycling waste clothes, and curating techniques. You will surely find Juhi Melwani's designs eye-catching as the details and artwork present the hard work of various embroiderers who give life to ordinary and scratch components in the form of street styles. Most of the designs illustrate sustainable storytelling that enhances the overall attitude of the garment with a chic ascent. 
  2. Nikhil Rishi Mehra: If your style preference comes in between cool, classic, and effortless, then you get your winter fashion inspiration from Nikhil Mehra who is well-known for his fashion choices and dapper style. His approach toward fashion and style usually depends on his feeling and perspective towards the world while most of his style is inspired by his travel journey. He prefers to keep the silhouettes, color choices, and textures ever-evolving to bring together a fashion-focused and trendy transition within his designs. Nikhil Mehra also loves to follow three basic rules while creating a new design or styling himself and those include: 'don't overdo it', 'don't let a trend overpower your style', and 'keep it classic'. His latest fall collection gives away a royal vibe with a tint of high-street style which leaves a lasting impression on people. 
  3. Masaba Gupta: Well, when it comes to fashion you can never miss out on the name Masaba Gupta who is one the most popular designers in the fashion industry. Masaba's name comes under the list of most in-demand designers presently, her designs are not only made for celebs but also for her label which is known by the name 'House of Masaba'. Her signature style generally highlights experimental sensibilities with an essence of quirky and fuss-free silhouettes that breaks down the stereotypes of modern Indian women. Her design works as a bridge between the generation gap and also binds together retro and modern style. For keeping your winter style upgraded with the trend you can follow her on Instagram or also go through her brand which would surely feed you distinct yet bewitching designs. 
  4. Sheena Sood: The South Asian-American designer Sheena Sood also comes within the list of inspiring designers as her designs illustrate a perfect balance of bright color, creative prints, traditional silhouettes with modern texture, and also handcrafted techniques. Sheena Sood also runs her fashion brand which is famous by the name 'abacaxi' which presents clothes with mesmerizing designs inspired by the tremendous beauty of nature, travel journeys and vibrant aspects of life. To keep your winter wardrobe colorful with a joyous vibe then you must follow her on Instagram or get a look at her designs from her exclusive brand.
  5. Kanika Goyal: Thinking to capture luxurious and traditional essence within your winter style then you can get your fashion inspiration from the Indian designer Kanika Goyal. Goyal’s designs are usually connected with word vibes as her vibes and emotions are the core parts to add a fun and nostalgic touch to her designs.  Her designs embrace the aspect of weirdness and the concept of being different which is followed by most Gen-Z. Through her Instagram page and her exclusive label ‘KanikaGoyalLabel' you get some ideas on how to get yourself dressed fashionably this winter without looking bulky or clumsy. Most of her designs put together a combination of Indian handicrafts with chic streetwear style to grab the attention of people while giving her brand a unique language.



Fashion and trends go hand in hand and these concepts are generally created as well as followed by famous designers who concentrate on detailing and designs that grab attention towards the style. Designers are the people whom you can follow and look out for unique designs to create your fashion statement while keeping your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest trend. Take inspiration from the well-known Indian fashion designers from the above list this winter to learn the professional way of getting dressed. We hope that this blog would help you to get the appropriate solution for your winter wear style and trend and for more information related to skincare, fashion, and the latest trend you can also check out our other blogs.

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