How To Take Care of Winter Wear While Unpacking & Getting Ready For the Season

How To Take Care of Winter Wear While Unpacking & Getting Ready For the Season

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The fall in the temperature is the perfect indication of the time when winter knocks on our door and the need to prepare our closet with warm yet fashionable clothes. Taking proper care of winter wear clothes is very important while unpacking as you will surely not like to get your favorite sweaters or coats worn out during the process. Reorganizing your winter clothes and getting your closet ready for the season surely would take a lot of your time and might also keep you busy for some hours but we can assure you that all this is worth it for the outcome. Most of us don't have big closets in our houses to comfortably store our seasonal clothes and so swapping out clothes according to the season becomes a ritual event within our family. Thus, to help you organize and take better care of your winter wear we brought you some simple yet useful tips. 

  1. Be Extra Careful While Taking Out The Clothes: The first and the most important step to unpacking your winter wear is to be extra careful while handling or taking out the clothes from the storage. With the change in the weather, we usually store our winter wear in cardboard boxes, bags, or plastic boxes, thus while unpacking the same we need to handle the clothes in a fragile way as most of the time the thread of woolen clothes gets tangled up with other clothing. Woolen clothes get worn out more often because of their delicacy and that is one of the major reasons to handle them with utmost care while packing as well as unpacking them. You need to pick up one piece of clothing at a time while unpacking as it would ensure that other clothes don't get mixed up or tangled in the process. 
  2. Check for smell, stains, or moth holes: Usually when you unpack your winter wear you might notice a funk and musty smell from the stored clothes along with dirty spots or stains and small holes. The main reason for these causes could be the dampness of the clothes while packing or because of summer and moths attaching to the clothes. So, it is essential to properly check the winter wear clothes while unpacking and arranging them within your closet. To deal with the smell, you can hang your clothes for sunlight and air and if that solution is not enough then you should wash them up. As for the stain, it is preferable to soak the clothes in warm water overnight and wash them properly the other day. And, for the moth holes, we recommend you check whether the clothes can be repaired or not and later be extra cautious while packing them again after the season change. 
  3. Getting Essentials Organized: We already know that winter wear is bulky and would surely take up a wider space within the closet, which might result in insufficient space for storing all the clothes and getting ready for the season properly. For this, we suggest you adequately organize your essentials and neutral clothes apart from the other clothes. During the reorganization of the clothes, you should put aside the clothes that you don't wear anymore as they would only take up more space in your closet without being in use. Also, you can think of donating some of your clothes that you can longer wear as it is one of the best ways to get rid of the clothes without wasting them. As for the essential clothes, you can select shocks, scarves, warm innerwear, leggings, coats or blazers, jackets, neutral-shade tops or tees, and jeans which come in handy most of the time. 
  4. Make Space Within the Closet: While arranging your favorite and luxury winter wear, don't forget to make proper space within your closet by properly storing your summer wears until the season comes to wear them again. Most of the summer clothes could not be used during cold winter weather, so it's best to store them aside, however you can always put aside some of the clothing items such as mini dresses, maxi dresses, and skirts which could be worn with leggings, and other warm clothes. This step will help you to make your closet ready for the season in a well-organized way which would consume your minimal time while choosing the outfit of the day even during your busiest schedule.  
  5. Creative Arrangement of Winter Wears: The last step is to become creative while arranging your winter wear within your closet to create additional space for more outfit and accessories options. The best thing you could do is to properly stack your knitted clothing items such as sweaters, velvet pants, or knitted dresses neatly in deep drawers or shelves of your closet for the scarves and shawls you can use hangers as they not only free up space but gives better visibility to your essentials accessories. We also recommend you fold any outfits that are loose in shape, could get wrinkles, or stretch when you hang them. For coats and pleated winter wear skirts, you can opt for the hanging method as it would help to avoid any damage to those clothing items. Also, when you are folding and stacking your winter wear use acid-free tissue paper which would work as an extra layer of protection for your delicate clothes. 



When it comes to unpacking and getting ready for the season, there's always a list of things that one needs to take care of, especially when the upcoming season is none other than winter. To help you organize your thoughts as well as a closet following the winter season we have listed the above simple steps. Those steps would not only help you to get ready for the season but would also contribute to revamping your closet with cozy, comfortable yet stylish clothing pieces. We hope the above information was helpful for you to welcome the winter and you also share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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