Winter Wear Styling & Layering Tips

Winter Wear Styling & Layering Tips

‘Winter' the most awaited season of the year is here and also the time to show off your flattering and classic winter fashion. Winter months naturally provide you with a variety of style options while enabling you to play with cozy clothes. Though, when it comes to winter closets the main aim is to beat the cold and windy weather outside by styling yourself with versatile clothes. Keeping your fashion game fun and trendy might become a difficult task due to low temperatures but you can still maintain your classic appearance with the layering process. Layering various winter clothes doesn't mean a practical clothing process as you can always pull on a unique style statement by taking a risk in redefining fashion. To help you get winter ready we brought you some helpful winter wear styling and layering tips, so keep on reading to learn more about them.

  1. Keep It Classic With Neutral Base Layers: An important reminder while styling and layering your winter wear clothes is that innerwear is just as essential as outerwear to keep you warm and your style classy. Base layers work as a functional and styling element to add up the beauty of your outlook. Also, we recommend you opt for neutral shade base layers that could include shades such as white, beige, black, and brown as they would be easier to pair up with other clothing. To build the foundation of the layering process you can invest in base layers such as tights, tops, camis, turtle neck tops or sweatshirts, leggings, and slips.

    You can style up the neutral base under your favorite dresses or with jeans and trousers to create a fashion-focused look just as shown in the above image. To recreate the look you can layer a white turtleneck sweatshirt under a stunning Solid Red V-neck Front Cutout Flared Fit and Flare Mini Dress and a pair of sneakers. The white turtleneck sweatshirt goes well-versed with the red mini dress as the v-neck design of the dress gives an alluring definition to the neckline. Also, this dress comes with tie-up back detailing that provides a comfortable fit along with a base layer.

  2. Blazers & Coats Are Key For Sophisticated Look: The key outerwear clothing pieces that you must invest in are our blazers and coats which would enable you to get a fabulous and trendy look. Blazers are the most flexible winter wear outfit option as they go well-acquainted with casual, formal, and party occasions smoothly. You can create a sophisticated look while maintaining your fashion fun by selecting blazers and coats that come in artistic patterns and lengths.

    A stylish example of layering blazers and coats is presented above and you can also rejuvenate the look by wearing a navy blue checked pattern coat over a charming Navy-Blue Floral Off-Shoulder Waist Tie-Up Jumpsuit and a cute yellow side bag. This jumpsuit comes with an off-the-shoulder neckline that makes it a versatile option for both summer and winter wear. Moreover, this jumpsuit is designed in a beautiful floral print that would add a cheerful vibe to your look.

  3. Steal The Show With Thigh High Boots: Nothing could enhance your winter wear style better than a pair of chic boots as they go fab with any kind of winter outfit whether it be a mini dress, skirt, or fitted jeans. Boots not only keep your winter closet up-to-date with the latest trend but are also a practical choice to keep your legs warm and comfy all day long. You can also steal the limelight of any occasion by pulling off a pair of thigh-high boots as they would surely get you a vintage and dressed-up feel.

    For a style example, you can have a look at the above image which can easily be created by wearing a pair of stylish black thigh-high boots under a beautiful Solid Pink Square Neck Tie-Up Cutout Flounce Ruffle Wrap Mini Dress. This dress is styled in a pink shade with a solid pattern that would add a feminine charm to your look while the tie-up detailing gets you the perfect figure-hugging silhouette.

  4. Mix & Match Fashionable Accessories: While layering and styling your winter wear outfits you must never miss out on the right time to add fashionable accessories, Accessories consist of the power to inject gleaming essence to your outfit and also works best in leveling up the aesthetic value of your look. The best way to style your winter clothes with accessories is the mix-and-match process which enables you to add a pop of color and extra warmth. Well, accessories that suit best for winter weather are hats, simple jewelry, watch, handbag and scarves as they would elegantly complement your fashionable look.

    A beautiful example of mixing and matching fashionable accessories is shown in the above image and you can also pull on a similar look by wearing a super soft beige scarf over a cute Blue Floral Printed Round Neck High Low Top and denim jeans. This top is perfect for winter as it comes with long-regular sleeves that would keep your arms warm. Moreover, the high-low hemline makes this top appear more attractive while the floral print injects the ascent of nature’s beauty.

  5. Add Charm With Dresses: Dresses are not just meant for summer and spring seasons but they are also suitable clothing pieces for winter. You can transition dresses swiftly from summer to the winter season by layering them up with a cropped jacket or matching base layers which would keep you warm along with a charming style.

    For styling inspiration, you can take a look at the above image which presents an attractive transition of the maxi dress. If you are thinking of recreating the above look then all that you need is a sizzling Solid Navy Blue V-Neck Thigh-High Slit Fit and Flare Maxi Dress with black base layers. This dress is styled with a thigh-high slit that gives an alluring exposure to your legs while the flared hemline makes it appear captivating.


As the cozy season has arrived, it is time to start planning how to stay warm yet fashionable even during the coldest weather. We carry a different kind of love towards the winter season though the irony that comes with it is the confusion related to how to style and layer winter clothes without looking bulky. Thus, to help you get out of the dilemma we propose some easy tips that would amp up your winter fashion goal this year by guiding you through the trendiest styling and layering tips. Once you get familiar with the cool concept of layering you can further also start to have fun with the monochromatic theme, color blocking feature, and mixing patterns to create a dreamy style. Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks for winter wear styling and layering with us in the comment section below. 

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