Rules of Wearing Statement Pieces

Rules of Wearing Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are the core element of denoting a unique sense of fashion by developing a remarkable stylish appearance. Filling one's wardrobe with fashionable statement pieces that could be paired on a daily basis as well as on some specific occasions is not a simple process and it requires a lot of patience. Though, the time and patience to get perfect statement pieces are worth it as they consist of the ability to take your fashion game to a whole new level. A classy and beautiful statement piece often works to uplift one’s outlook by adding a tint of pop or eye-catching factors. However, knowing how to style up a particular statement piece can be difficult but if you find the right statement pieces then you can easily hit the style stream. Statement pieces are generally considered an eye-catching element of an outfit that gives fashionable definition to your overall look. In this article, we are going to discuss the rules of wearing statement pieces which you can follow up to enhance your style and also keep your wardrobe fun.

  1. Incorporate Matching Set: The golden rule of wearing statement pieces is to wear one particular statement piece which would keep your fashion game classy and on point. But, if you find it challenging to style up until one statement piece then you can opt for a matching set outfit, matching set outfits efficiently helps you to integrate various colors or funky prints effortlessly and it also helps you to save a lot of your time to style up until one clothing piece with another. The matching outfit also gets you an opportunity to mix and match them with other pieces that you already have within your wardrobe to create a unique style statement. Thus, matching top and bottom takes away a lot of your worries while the only thing that remains is to add accessories that would complete your overall look.

    You can opt for matching sets like the above with a charming Navy Blue and Red Floral Printed Cami Top and Trousers Set. This matching set would resemble a mesmerizing statement piece that would flaunt the essence of spring through the amusing combination of navy-blue color with red floral print. The cropped length and shoulder straps feature of the cami top give disclosure to your natural curve with a supportive fit. The trousers come with an elasticated waistband and slip-on closure to provide a proper silhouette and this matching is easy to match up with other accessories.

  2. Follow Color Wheel: If you love to have fun with color coordination then the best way to wear statement pieces is to follow the color wheel. The color wheel concept might be a nostalgic aspect for most people as it takes one's back to the childhood days when art class was the most fun part. Just like that, you can bring back the tint of your childhood art by pairing your outfit well through the color wheel concept for finding the perfect match of colors, they can be either complementary or analogous. Moreover, the color wheel concept would also help you to make use of every clothing item within your wardrobe and also enable you to create a playful statement piece that depicts your personality.

    The above look is a perfect example of the following color just like that you can accompany yourself with a magnetizing Multicolored Geometric Printed Flared A-Line Midi Skirt.. This skirt would add spookiness to your look and create an astonishing statement piece as its multicolored geometric print gives away a vibrant vibe. The front-slit detailing and midi length of this skirt gets you an alluring look.

  3. Style with Variety Shade of Single Color: The most important thing is to stick to your style and let opt for statement pieces that give an impression of your personality. Wear your statement pieces in a way that grabs the attention and that they are the center of that attention. You can present a bold and classy statement piece by styling yourself up with the different shades of one color which is one of the easiest tricks to create an eccentric style statement while keeping your overall look streamlined.

    You can style up like the above image by wearing a dazzling Yellow and White Sunflower Printed Tie-Up Crop Top with a pair of trousers, a handbag, and heels that fall within the same color with a slightly different shade. This top is a must-have as the charismatic combination of white and yellow sunflower print gives away a cheerful vibe. Also, this top comes with strappy shoulders and a V-shaped neck design which makes your neckline appealing.

  4. Play with Different Colors: Wearing a statement piece doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to a certain extent as it is all about detail and so you can create your unique statement piece and stylish look by playing your heart out with different colors. As long as you are comfortable you can always try to be creative with a variety of colors that would reflect your playful and joyful personality. If you are a lover of colorful prints or your wardrobe is full of different colors of clothing pieces you don't have to worry about color coordination as you can still work it out by pairing them perfectly with one another.

    You can also see an appropriate example of playing with different colors in the above image and so you can recreate the look with a beautiful Purple Split Thigh Skirt and other clothing items that goes well-versed with that color. This A-line skirt comes with an abstract print which makes it appear attractive and zip closure offers a convenient on and off feature. That's not all the wove crepe fabric also provides flexibility to your body movements.

  5. Make it Fun with Classy Accessories: Last but not the least, keep the right balance while wearing a statement piece as you can add a classy tint to your outfit with fashionable accessories that would jazz up your look. However, if you like to keep your outfit neutral but still want to add an essence of fun then as a statement piece you can accompany yourself with a stylish handbag, printed scarf, watch, hat, or minimalistic jewelry.

    You can also pull on the above look by wearing a pretty Solid Pink Strapless-Neck Smocked Fit and Flare Maxi Dress with a funky handbag to put forward a style statement. This maxi dress comes with strapless styling to give a glamorous appeal to your neckline and shoulders. Not only that, the fit and flare layout with thigh slit adds a bold impact to your look.



A statement piece is a key to feeling confident, fashionable, and comfortable on every kind of occasion. A powerful way to wear a statement piece is to learn how to style every element of your outfit and accessories which highlight finesse. To find and wear a statement piece should always be related to you as it should reflect your aura. Though there are no particular tips and tricks to wearing statement pieces you can follow a series of simple rules which would help you to elevate your style by wearing the statement pieces in the right way. The above rules would surely help you to enhance your basic and occasional outfit as well as your style in an effortless way. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and for more related information you can also scroll through our other blogs on Berrylush.

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