Finding your Style & Defining your Fashion Moment

Finding your Style & Defining your Fashion Moment

Finding one's style is not an easy process as it takes a long time and consideration to know what sense of style would best represent someone for a certain occasion or on a daily basis. Being fashionable is all about being confident which only comes when we can identify our style as it gives us certain guidance about what clothes we would look good and comfortable in. The key to finding your style is to acknowledge your personality, figure, lifestyle, and interest which would enable you to define the way you want to style up. There are also various other aspects that one needs to consider such as trying a variety of styles, keeping up with the trend, and learning about the basics of style that helps to develop one's unique style statement.

Getting all the way to find your style is not as smooth as it looks but your little effort can bring a lot of change to your wardrobe and overall style. Style and clothing go hand in hand as clothing depicts yourself every day and on every occasion. Also, your style plays an important role in defining your fashion moment. Style is always about picking the right pieces and pulling them together to create a unique, confident, and comfortable look that could further also define your fashion moment. So, we are here today to help you find your style and define your fashion moment with the below tips and tricks.

  1. Start with Basics: The first step toward finding your style is to start with basics clothes which get you a different look every time you put them with other clothing items or accessories. Basics are essential not only for your style but also for your wardrobe as they go well-versed with the various occasions and get you various options to mix and match. Try to invest in basic clothing items such as t-shirts, crop tops, jeans, trousers, shoes, etc which builds your wardrobe versatile and also makes it easy for you to pair them up with your existing clothes or trendy accessories. Also, basics are termed as the core element to develop one's style as it enables you to find the items on which you rely daily and items which make you comfortable as well as bring joy to you.

    You can pick basic items such as the above Solid White V-Neck Flutter Sleeves Pleated Crop Top which would keep your look trendy and alluring. This top comes with a V-neck design to give a flattering appeal to your neckline and the short flutter sleeves give a glamourous texture to your arms. That's not all, this top is prepared from crepe polyester fabric to offer durability and moisture-wicking properties. This top is a must-have basic item for your wardrobe as it gets you the opportunity to mix and match it with your existing clothes such as denim or parallel pants, heels, or sneakers.

  2. Get Some Inspiration: One of the best ways to find your style and define your fashion moment is to get inspiration, especially through social media which gives you access to explore a whole new world of fashion. You can take note of your style preference through magazines, movies, TV shows, or also by following your favorite brand, fashion influencers, and celebrities on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. You can do some research on Tumblr or Pinterest and can also save your style appeal images for further recreation. The gathered inspiration through media would also help to define your fashion moment by giving you basic ideas about the fashion world.

    You tend towards bodycon style dresses like the above gorgeous Green Floral Printed Crepe Bodycon Mini Dress which would add fashion-forward essence to your wardrobe. This mini dress would enable you to define your fashion moment as the amazing combination of green shade with beautiful floral print gives away a cheerful vibe with stylish texture. The bodycon shape of this mini dress elegantly outshines your figure and the crepe polyester fabric keeps this dress light with a beautiful drape to your look. This dress would fall into your style preference as it gathered surface styling and added a monochromatic vibe and it could easily be matched with your existing footwear and accessories collection.

  3. Try Out Experiment: Finding your style is an ongoing process that requires your patience and exposure to a wide variety of styles as it enables you to notice your preference towards a particular style. Along with the time, you will be able to connect the dots that would direct you towards the style that makes you comfortable, joyful, and fashionable at the same time. Thus, finding your personal and defining your fashion moment requires a series of experiments with a different stylish look, clothing materials, color tone, trend, and comfort level. Even within your normal life, you can add the fun of style by being creative with your existing wardrobe, or for some special occasion, you can always tend towards a monochromatic style look.

    You can opt for the above monochrome fashionable look with the stunning Solid Yellow V-Neck Sleeveless Ruched Maxi Dress. This dress would enhance your style by adding a tint of confidence to your look. The V-neck design of this maxi dress gives an astonishing appeal to your neckline while the long-pleated flares elegantly define your fashion moment while you're walking. Also, this maxi dress consists of ruched detailing at the bust to make your appearance captivating.

  4. Always Reconsider the Trend: Being up-to-date with the latest trend is commendable but it is not a necessity as you don't need to shop for every single item to cover the trends which you might wear only once or twice. To keep going well-acquainted with the process of finding your style, you need to reconsider the trend as it would help you to become questionable towards the style and inspiration you seek towards trend and it would also help to know what love you have towards style. Though, reconsidering trends doesn't mean following the trends as you can adapt the evergreen trends or seasonal trends which give shape to your style. Not only that but reconsidering the trend would also help you define your fashion moment by getting innovative toward trends that last longer than usual.

    To keep yourself trendy and comfortable, you can choose the above style by accompanying yourself with Yellow Polka Dot Halter Neck Backless Belted Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is most suitable for sustaining your style as the enchanting combination of yellow shade with white polka dots depicts an evergreen fashion trend. The halter neck design of this jumpsuit gives a fashion-forward outlook to your neckline and the concealed zip closure makes this jumpsuit easy to put on or off. In addition, the waist tie-up feature makes this jumpsuit convenient to fit according to your preference.

  5. Unlock A New Style Profile: To define one's true style also means unlocking a brand-new style profile which is built through analyzing one's similar style preference. To analyze your style preference, you can take a look at your existing clothes in your wardrobe and also get a look at the clothes that you have saved within your shopping cart. This step would help you to notice smaller styling details such as textures, patterns, color palettes, fitting, and many more features that made you get attracted to them. And lastly, you can define the overall similarities within the various styles in the form of the vibe they give on as it later outlines your preference towards your style. Also, defining your fashionable moment requires nurturing your fashion interest and highlighting the style that makes you look confident.

    For a charismatic new style profile, you can select a floral print dress just like the above Light Green Floral Print Layered Co-Ordinate Maxi Dress. This co-ordinate set gets you an eccentric look with a playful vibe which suits best for outing purposes. The beautiful amalgam of sea green shade with blue floral print reflects the calming beauty of nature and the off-shoulder top gives alluring appeal to your beautiful neckline. The flared maxi skirt accompanied with a front thigh-slit offers an exotic definition to your fashionable moment.

  6. Find Your Signature Piece: To develop a strong personal style sense you need to find your signature piece which makes your style statement stand and depicts a part of your style aura. The signature piece of your style could be anything from a watch to a scarf or a particular pattern or outfit framework. The most important thing to consider while finding your signature piece is how perfectly it goes along with your style preference and outfit on a general basis. Moreover, your signature piece could also differ according to the seasons, as during summer you can opt for miniskirts or dresses as your signature piece while during the spring season you can tend towards floral prints, and just like that you can also develop your unique signature style for all the seasons.

    You can invest in the above Red Flared Floral Print V-Neck Mini Dress for your spring signature piece as its vibrant color combined with charming floral print put together a mesmerizing essence to your look. This mini dress will level up your style by adding chic texture with its ruffled detailing on the flouncy silhouette. The fit and flare shape of this mini dress would beautifully flaunt your natural curve and flared hemline would complement your fashionable moment.

  7. Mix & Match: You can play dress with the clothes in your wardrobe to find your style as it would help you to develop an ideal outfit with the clothes you already have and new clothes that you want. The best way to play with your wardrobe is to sustain the mix and match process as this process will enable you to become more creative toward style and maybe the clothes you already have got you a different look. Moreover, you can also create magic with your clothes by mixing and matching summer clothes with winter clothes to get a fashion-flaunting look. To define your fashionable moment, you need to break the rules and enjoy the freedom to style in the way you want and you're comfortable with. To create a fashionable moment doesn't mean you need to own expensive clothes as it just needs your little effort to mix and match your style with clothes you already own or you can shop at an affordable price.

    Create your fashionable moment by adding to your style the essence of mix and match just like the above image with a charming Navy Blue Floral Printed Sweetheart Neck A-Line Midi Dress. This midi dress consists of a sweetheart neck design which adds romantic essence to your look and the flared hemline with a side slit gives an intimate fashionable tint. This midi dress comes with shoulder straps which work as a supportive element and also this feature makes it easy for you to mix and match other clothing items and accessories.



Personal style is a key aspect to create a stylish capsule closet and creating a jaw-dropping fashionable moment. Finding your style comes with a series of questionable phases that makes you question your clothing preference and shopping desires. However, personal style is also dependent on your good eye and taste toward fashion and the latest trend. Also, the most important thing to define your fashionable moment is confidence as no matter what you wear, if you don't feel comfortable and confident in that dress and it means that the dress is not meant for your closet. Thus, to help you efficiently find your style and define your fashionable moment we brought you the above tips and tricks which get you a pass through the fashion world. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and for more related information you can also go-through other articles on the blog section of our official website