Fashion Advice for Different Body Types

Fashion Advice for Different Body Types

Looking fashionable becomes a lot easier if you efficiently understand your body type and know how to choose the best outfit for your particular body shape. It’s a natural phenomenon that you get attracted to a piece of clothing but when you try it, you will be disappointed with its fitting or the result of the final look is not something you have in your mind. Though, the reason behind this disappointment is the lack of knowledge and awareness of different body types. The key to flaunting your fashion sense and your dream outfit is to fully understand your body shape and structure. Better awareness of the different body types would make it very easy to find the perfect outfit for your wardrobe. To know more about body types, keep reading the article as the following context will enable you to know your body type and get aware of the outfits that go well-acquainted with your specific body type. 

  1. Apple-Shaped Body: The foremost body type is apple-shaped which states that a person has a heavier upper body portion in comparison to the lower part and this shape is also known as the round or circle body type. Features such as a bigger bust line, no defined waistline, and broad shoulders depict this body type. So, if you have such a body shape then try to choose clothing items that are specially made of silk or soft cotton fabrics which would give an elegant outshine to your beautiful figure. However, try to avoid clothing fabrics that cling or stick close to your body as it might get you an uncomfortable texture. Also, you can select dresses with an A-line cut or empire shape waistline which would define your body shape in a charismatic way and would also help to minimize the mimic of roundness. You can go for a dress with deep v-necklines, flowy tunics, asymmetric tops, wrap dresses, A-line silhouettes, and comfortable boyfriend jeans which would keep your wardrobe fashionable.

    You can also opt for the above stylish look by accompanying yourself with a stunning Solid Yellow One-Shoulder A-line Maxi Dress. This maxi dress gives an exotic appeal to your beautiful legs and the one-shoulder neck design grabs all the attention of the crowd towards your neckline. In addition, the A-line silhouette of this dress gets your body shape an amusing outshine.

  2. Pear-Shaped Body: The easiest way to identify if you have a pear-shaped body is to know whether your hips are broader than your shoulders or not. A person with a pear-shaped body usually has wider hips and this shape is also known as a triangle body shape as it is all about the lower body portion. The most suitable way to dress up is to shop for clothing items that strike a balance between your upper and a lower body portion. If you have a pear-shaped body then we suggest you clothing items such as A-line skirts, wide-legged pants, ruffled tops, skinny jeans paired with loose tops, crop tops, boat necks, or deep-v neckline dresses which would draw the attention towards the upper part of the body.

    You can also try the above look by wearing a chic Black and Red Printed Crepe Wrap Dress which presents a fashion-flattering look. This dress is perfect for a pear-shaped body as the wrap shape enables you to give proportionate detailing to your upper body portion while the flounce hemline elegantly highlights your waistline. Moreover, the red floral print in black shade put forward a gleaming outlook.

  3. Hourglass Body Shape: One of the most balanced body types is an hourglass body shape which presents a proportionate balance between the top and bottom part of the body along with a well-shaped waistline. People with an hourglass body shape usually have fairly defined shoulders and hips which enables them to embrace their natural curves. For an hourglass body type, the outfit should also be balanced which gives proper justification to the curves. Best clothes for an hourglass body type are high-waist pants, pencil skirts, dresses that cling to the body, dynamic silhouette dresses, mermaid style dresses, and A-line silhouette maxi dresses.

    To outshine your natural curve, you can create the above image with a classy Beige and Orange Floral Printed Crepe Maxi Dress. This maxi dress comes with a tie-up closure at the waistline area which makes it convenient and also outlines the thin waist. The V-neck design of this maxi dress gives an eccentric appeal to your neckline and the pleated surface styling accompanied with thigh-slit would add an exotic vibe to your look.

  4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape: If your shoulders are broader or similar in measurement to your hips, then the shape of your body is likely to be an inverted triangle which is also known as athletic body type. The most appropriate way to dress up is to wear clothes that help to keep a balance between your broad upper body portion with the lower body by enhancing the volume of the lower portion. You can show off your beautiful upper body with halter neck style, off-shoulders neck design, strapless dresses, and racerback style clothes. That's not all, you can give limelight to your lower body portion by wearing a mini-length skirt, mini-length dresses, fitted pants, high-leg split styles outfits, and dresses with patterns, layers, and ruffles.

    You can also recreate the above glamorous look with a gorgeous Grey Floral One-Shoulder Fit and Flare Mini Dress. This dress is a perfect match for people with an inverted triangle body type as its fit and flare shape gives an astonishing peak to both the upper and lower body portion. The combination of gray shade with floral print gives away a calming vibe while the one-shoulder design adds captivating charm to your beautiful body shape. Also, the mini length of this dress gives exclusive and ravishing appeal to your legs.

  5. Rectangle Body Shape: A well-uniformed shape of the body is generally stated to be a rectangle body type which states that the measurement from your shoulders to the hips are very much similar and your body structure appears to be like a straighter build. If your body type is similar to a rectangle shape then your arms and legs are your assets which would help you get a fashionable look. We recommend you to select clothes like a layered top, ruffled dresses, crop tops, A-line skirts, sleeveless, sweetheart neck designs, strapless dresses or tops, long jackets, capes, blazers, pull sleeves tops, one-shoulder tops or dresses, wide-leg jeans and flared skirts as these clothing pieces which would focus attention on your curves.

    Have fun with your shape just the way depicted in the above image by adding to your wardrobe a classy White Solid Wrap Crop Top. This crop top goes well-versed with a rectangle body type as its crop length and long-puff sleeves would add enchanting charm to your waistline and arms. Also, the sweetheart neck design gives romantic texture to your neckline and the wrap styling injects eccentric essence into the look.



Love your body shape a little more than usual and enhance your wardrobe with clothes that make you look fashionable, embrace your body type, and are also comfortable. The days are gone when you felt disappointed in your body shape or when you were insecure about your outfit collection. It's time to redesign your wardrobe with outfits that are made for your body type and to help you get all the way there we brought this article. The above description of different types and fashion advice on clothing items would help you to identify your body type more appropriately. We hope you gain the confidence of being more fashionable each day through this article and for more related information you scroll through our other articles on the blog section of Berrylush.