How To Get That Runway Look from High Street Fashion Brands

How To Get That Runway Look from High Street Fashion Brands

Street fashion has a remarkable presence within the fashion industry and the latest trend as they put forward the most stylish as well as comfortable clothing aspects. The popularity of street fashion was gained from the fashion influence of various Bollywood actors, singers, and fashion shows which kick-started the concept of street culture within the crowd of India, especially among the youth. Street fashion showcases a large part of a street culture that supports self-expression concepts that are related to one's emotions, and unique and artistic thoughts. That's not all, street fashion is also a loved theme by the most designer who represents the latest and strong ensemble of street abstraction through their runway outfit look. Street fashion puts forward runway looks which are highly embraced by the youth of India as they are usually designed with loose silhouettes that illustrate baggy clothing form, easy to pair up with other accessories, and are also the best clothing outfit to wear daily. If you're also a fan of streetwear fashion and are curious to know about some of the coolest high street fashion brands that are ruling the fashion market of India, then the list below is just meant for you.ย 

  1. Quirk Box: If you are a lover of bold print and pattern, then the destination for your high street fashion brand is Quirk Box. This fashion and lifestyle brand was founded in 2011 to give a whole new direction to Indian streetwear fashion. This brand is all about adding the richness of graphic art, and color-block patchwork, bringing hues, chic prints, and playful vibes to the runway look. Quirk Box tends to redefine the overall idea of a quirky, fun, and offbeat streetwear fashion brand with the inclusion of technicolor charm. The brand follows a distinctive approach to designing clothes with the eccentric amalgamation of unique craftsmanship and alluring original artworks. Moreover, this brand also launches collaborative collections with many other brands with the vision to form a classic fashion view toward contemporary and outlandish streetwear fashion and runway look. Thus, if you're looking to add funkiness to your streetwear fashion collection then Quirk Box is your go-to brand. You can also recreate the bold runway look of Quirk Box as shown in the above image with a pretty Pink Brushstroke Printed Thigh Slit Midi Skirt and a white abstract print top. This midi skirt is a perfect example of bold and artistic print and pattern as it is designed with brushstroke print with an amazing combination of various colours. The most astonishing part of this skirt is that it comes with a thigh-slit and A-line shape which gives an exotic highlight to the beautiful legs along with a curve-defining silhouette.
  2. Strey: Looking for astonishing street fashion inspiration for a runway look you can lean on Strey, a Mumbai-based high street fashion label. This brand presents runway clothing outfits that are influenced by various events that are happening within or around the city. The clothing outfits are designed with rebellious, daring, and blaring themes that represent the personality, thoughts, waves of emotions, and aura of today's youth. In addition, Strey believes in expressing the small happenings of life that people often fail to notice within their busy day-to-day life and giving an artistic definition to the continuous changes that go around us. The best foundation of this brand is that it contributes a certain percentage of its profits to the welfare purpose of street and homeless animals. To ramp up the styling high street fashion and runway look of Strey as shown in the first image, all you need is a bandana style top as depicted in the second image by dressing up with a mesmerizing Maroon Solid Crop Top. The elegant combination of maroon shade with a solid pattern of this crop top put together a vintage fashion illustration. The fitted shade, satin fabric, and shoulder straps feature of this crop top adds a lustrous and decorative sheen.
  3. Scribbology: The one stop for luxury high street runway looks in India is Scribbology, a streetwear fashion brand that presents designer and boho-chic streetwear options. This brand was founded by Nikky Jain who aims to create an easy street fashion concept that not only assembles a contemporary street style but also supports a sustainable fashion approach. This brand exists to meet the demand for luxury yet comfortable street fashion in India which highlights a series of worldwide styles and the essence of extravagance. The outfits are designed by seeking inspiration from everyday street fashion and the brand loves to experiment with the concept of personal character and feminism. If you are someone who looks for a fun runway look then the brand is just for you as the designs of Scribbology contain a vibrant combination of colours, gorgeous fits, and sophisticated print and patterns. The above first image presents the funky high street fashionable outfit designed by Scribbology which is worn by Sunny Leone, though the overall outlook looks simple it gives away a creative and classy vibe. You can also try out the same outlook as shown in the second image by wearing an amusing Navy Blue and White Geometric Print Longline Shirt and Trousers Co-Ords. This coordinate set comes with a majestic geometric print on both longline shirts and trousers which makes them appear luxurious. The shirt collar neckline gives a formal appearance to the shirt and the long sleeves make the arms appear attractive while the slip-on closure of the trousers reflects an easy-to-wear style.
  4. Six5Six Street: For comfortable yet the funkiest and coolest street fashionable clothing outfits nothing could satisfy your thirst like Six5Six Street, a high street fashion brand in India. This brand was launched by a brother-sister duo, Avni and Ambar Aneja who started the brand with the vision to elevate the basics of street fashion within the Indian fashion trend. The brand offers clothing pieces such as jumpers with sassy prints, baggy t-shirts, outerwear, overcoats, pants, printed hoodies, and jackets which offer total air flow for moisture-wicking property along with refreshing prints. However, the Poppins hoodie designed by this brand is one of the most eye-catching clothing items which would surely keep oneโ€™s runway look on point and well-versed with the latest trend. A suitable example of the Six5Six Street runway look is the above first image which presents a black baggy shirt with an abstract that looks charismatic. Though, you can give that look your makeover as shown in the second image for a cheerful outlook by opting for a glamourous White and Blue Printed Open Front Kimono Shrug. This shrug consists of an amazing combination of white shade with a beautiful blue leaves print that further gives away a tropical vibe. The three-quarter sleeves and asymmetric hemline of the shrugs present a fashion-flattering design.
  5. Almost Gods: Among the independent and thriving high street fashion brands of India, Almost Gods is the brand that falls within the category of most artistic. This brand was founded by Dhruv Khurrana and Kobi Walsh, who successfully combined Indian art forms with streetwear concepts for an impressive runway look. The brand is all about giving attention to the basic art form of India which could be a witness within the design of the outfits that depict concepts related to desire towards certain items. The main ideology of this brand is to broaden the view of people and competitive fashion designers toward what the youth of India are capable of in the case of creativity and innovative art. The above image depicts the unique runway look of Almost Gods which assembles a dress designed with magical abstract print. You can also create your runway look that resembles the high street fashion game of Almost Gods as shown in another image with a classy White and Orange Bodycon Midi Dress. The dress is designed with abstract print in white colour which gives away a playful vibe and the bodycon shape elegantly highlights the natural curves. Also, the shoulder straps of this midi dress work offer a supportive silhouette and the woven satin fabric makes this dress appear luxurious and comfortable.



Streetwear has been in trend for a very long time as they include the most comfortable and fashionable clothing items which are loved by people, especially by the youths. Along with time, India has also started accepting the beauty and cool vibe of streetwear which plays a very important role in paving a way for various high street fashion brands to build themselves in India. The most loved part of Indian street fashion is that it represents Indian culture, an art form, thoughts, and aesthetics which make it stand out from other international streetwear brands. And, if you are someone who prefers style that comes acquainted with enhanced comfort, then the above-highlighted list of exciting streetwear fashion brands is made for you which would also help you to get a desirable street fashionable runway look. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and for more fashion-related information you can also check out our other blogs on the blog section of the Berrylush website.

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