Fall/Winter Gen-Z Fashion Trends to Follow

Fall/Winter Gen-Z Fashion Trends to Follow

Today's fashion trend is driven by Gen-Z who are breaking through the traditional style norms with unique individual fashion philosophies. Most of the fascinating fashion trends could be reflected in the style choices of Gen-Z influencers. The newer generation is making its way in the fashion world through social media and there is no way to ignore their style game. Generation Z users mark their dominance through their social media channels by shaping their fashion philosophy as the latest fashion trend by posting on fashion-related topics. 

Generation Z is well-known for its creative fashion experiments which bring a radical and astonishing change within the concept of style. This generation made their identity as a unique fashion icon and stood out from other generation fashion influencers with their bold style statement and choices. Gen-Z is shaping the future of the fashion world with conventional, comfortable as well as stylish clothing options that specify one's innovative way of styling and personality. 

Get your closet ready with the fashionable clothing pieces and style concepts created and followed by the Gen-Z. Generation Z would help you to keep your fall/winter closet sassy and stylish for all occasions with perfect clothes that reflect one's beauty, personality, fashion sense, and intellect. The season is leaning toward a chic, sleek, and strong fashion mood to get out from the anxiety of the pandemic era with the most pervasive trendy clothes. Thus, to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, we have highlighted a list of 7 stunning fashion trends recommended by Gen-Z.


  1. Back to 90’s Style: Trend within the fashion industry comes rapidly and takes on the surface like a strong wave though none of the fashion trends tends to stay constant as they disappear with a certain possibility of coming back in trend sometime later in the future. And, just like that the 90's fashion trend is back to the fashion world by the Gen-Z who showed a deep love towards them by reviving the skinny baguette bags, polka-dots print clothing pieces, asymmetric slits, bell-bottom jeans or trousers, tinted sunglasses, and many more 90's styling pieces. For the season, one can settle down on the 90's style

    You can style up just like the above image by accompanying yourself with a Green Polka Dot Fit and Flare Wrap Dress. This dress perfectly presents the resemblances of 90's style with its beautiful polka dot prints and long-puff sleeves which give a boho-chic essence to the arms. In addition, the wrap style offers a convenient silhouette and the green shade gives away a royal vibe. This dress could easily be layered up with a sweater or blazer and comfortable stockings which would keep one warm during the cold season.

  2. Domination of Dark Shades: Gen-Z has started a whole new trend of dark shade domination through social media such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This trend gives strong and essentials to the fashion concept and this trend involves plaid patterns, dark color clothing pieces, oxford style shirts, classy fabric trousers, and many more comfortable yet fashionable items. Dark shades which dominate the fashion game are usually brown, black, and gray which put forward an analogy of art, poetry, and Greek architecture. To keep your fall closet well-versed with the dark shade’s domination trend, you can pick up clothing pieces with dark tones such as black shade jumpsuits, a sexy brown coordinate set, or a classy gray top.

    A perfect example of the domination of the dark shade trend is the above image and you can recreate the above look with a stylish Black and Beige Printed Basic Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit comes with an amazing combination of black shade with beige print which assembles the trend with a basic fashionable vibe. Not only that, the waist tie-up surface styling of this jumpsuit offers an appropriate silhouette and the adjustable shoulder straps present a practical design. During the season, this jumpsuit could be paired up with a fashionable blazer to avoid getting cold.

  3. Following Up Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: The fashion trend mostly followed by the Gen-Z is coastal grandmother aesthetic which depicts a classic and luxurious style preferred by middle-aged and wealthier women. Though gen-Z might be youngsters they have succeeded in pulling off the aesthetic in an exquisite way while giving away a cozy-coastal vibe. Generation Z has brought back the traditional coastal style with a modern twist to present a carefree and whimsical lifestyle. The coastal grandmother aesthetic enables the younger generation to dress up effortlessly while still getting a fashion-flattering look. Moreover, the go-to styling feature of the coastal grandmother aesthetic makes it one of the most favorable trends for Gen-Z which allows them to stay fashionable with minimalistic clothing and accessory pieces.

    You can also round off your Fall/Winter look with a Coastal Grandmother aesthetic just like the above image with a Green and White Floral Printed V-Neck Crepe Wrap Top paired with wide-leg trousers and a stylish blazer. This top is suitable to keep up with the trend as its warp styling would get you a body-defining silhouette and the sweetheart neck design would give a romantic and attractive demonstration to your beautiful neckline. That's not all, the long puffed sleeves would give proper coverage to your arms to avoid getting cold along with a gleaming finish.

  4. Sassy Slip Dresses: To express oneself and to define individuality are major aspects followed by Gen-Z as they love to keep their fashion trend evolving and changing to meet up their specific needs and to get an inclusive bold style. Generation Z loves to keep their party look as sassy and fashionable as possible by accompanying themselves with eccentric slip dresses. Slip dresses allow Gen-Z to look exotic and mesmerizing while staying immensely comfortable all day long. Slip dresses offer several features such as stain and silk soft fabric to keep the skin comfortable, subtle appeal, minimalistic detailing with a tint of glimmer, and adjustable shoulder straps for extra support.

    Keep your party closet all ready by getting inspired by the above look with a stunning Solid Teal Blue V-Neck Satin Thigh-High Slit Ruffled Maxi Dress. This dress is a suitable pick for the upcoming fall season as it adds an imperial vibe to one's look with its sizzling teal blue shade and stain fabric which gives a super soft texture to the skin. This dress comes with a thigh-high slit which gives disclosure to the legs and put-forward an exotic look. Also, the ruffled surface styling adds a flattering sheen and this dress could also be partnered up with a leather jacket or pretty blazer.

  5. Comfortable Fashion Game: An undeniable fact about the fashion preference of Gen-Z is that they like to wear clothes and accessories which are comfortable to carry and could also be mixed and matched for work as well as other casual occasions. After the pandemic and work-from-home routine, the younger generation tends to keep fashion standards accompanied with comfortable clothing items at giveaway an athleisure vibe. Generation Z is ruling the post-pandemic fashion era with super chic, comfortable, and stylish outfits by accompanying themselves with oversized t-shirts or tops, wide-leg trousers, track pants, oversized co-ordinate sets, and many other clothing pieces which meet the norms of being comfortable yet fashionable.

    To keep up with the comfortable fashion game preferred by Gen-Z for the fall season, you can revive the above look with a charming Navy Blue and White Geometric Print Longline Shirt and Trousers Co-Ords. This co-ord set comes with a shirt and a pair of trousers made of polyester fabric which makes them lightweight along with moisture-wicking properties. The slip-on closure makes this co-ord set easy to wear and the long sleeves of the shirt give an attractive appeal to the arms with the appropriate coverage. The geometric white print on navy blue shade makes this co-ord set appear alluring and creative.

  6. Fun With Color Combination: Being creative and experimenting with colors are more like Gen-Z work as they love to try unique color blocking and put together a fun outfit that gives away a playful vibe. Generation Z never shies away to pair up different color tones in clothing pieces as they seek to bring forward a fashionable look that defines their cheerful and bubbly personality. The concept of mixing and matching is made more fun and popular by Gen-Z as they prefer to develop a fashion aspect that can be worn comfortably with a stylish appeal. Having fun with color combinations helps people to stay true to their personality, fashion choice, and color palette as it gives them the freedom to pair clothes of different shades together without worrying about fashion norms or color wheel.

    The above image presents a relevant example of a fun color combination and you can opt for the above look by dressing up with a gorgeous Coral and Green Floral Print Crepe Maxi Dress. The charming amalgam of coral and green floral print depicts the amusing experiments of color combination. The pleated surface styling of this maxi dress adds lustrous texture and the flared hem gives flattering essence. Moreover, the crepe fabric makes this maxi dress flexible and the concealed zip closure offers an easy-wearing style. This maxi dress could also be paired with a bold leather jacket during the fall season to avoid the chilly winds.

  7. Opt for Punk Academic: The style of punk academic is one of the newest and unexpected fashion trends brought back to the fashion world by Gen-Z. This style depicts the punk counterculture which is brought back in trend with a modern twist and touch that further present a charismatic combination of two opposite styles and world. This is also a trend that is not only followed by the younger generation on social media but also a fashion trend opted by many celebrities which made it gain more popularity. For your fall 22 closet, you can pick oversized sweaters, fitted corsets, mini skirts, or a bodycon top which would add the essence of punk academic style to your look.

    You cannot let this trend go past you, so get the above-punk academic look with a Classic White Self-Design Corset Dress. This dress comes with corset detailing to give a flattering silhouette as well as support. The white shade with a self-design pattern makes this dress appear chic while the sweetheart neck design with tie-up detailing gives the neckline an eccentric and sexy appeal. This dress could also be worn during the fall season by pairing it up with an oversized sweater or a black leather jacket.



Gen-Z tends to stay fashionable by being creative and presenting their unique style statement mostly on social media platforms. Though Generation Z does not shop for the latest trendy clothing and accessory items their shopping choices and habits also reflect a bit of their personality so they try to keep their fashion choices more committed to longevity and sustainability concepts. The new era of fashion influencers known as Gen-Z is playing a major role in redirecting the latest trend, bringing back the traditional trend with a modern twist, or creating their unique fashion trend. Keeping up with the latest fashion trend has become much easier these days with the help of Gen-Z and their influence on social media platforms as they give an easy description, opinions, and reviews on the fashion trend and certain knowledge related to the style concept. The above-highlighted points are a brief introduction of the trend followed and recommended by Gen-2 for fall/winter which would allow you to recreate the latest trend. We hope this article on fashion and Gen-Z was helpful to you and for more related information you can also look around the blog section of Berrylush.