Best Thrift Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Best Thrift Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

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Thrift is a concept that gained its popularity during the pandemic when most people realize the value of sustainable shopping and keeping up with the latest fashion trend at an affordable cost. A sustainable fashion lifestyle is the basic mantra of thrift stores and most of the thrift fashion bloggers on Instagram as this aspect brings out a unique opportunity to grab statement style pieces that present ethical fashion essence and principles. Fashion influencers and bloggers are highly contributing toward the upcycling and pocket-friendly choice of inexpensive fashion. The pandemic has given way to the rapid development of second-hand fast-fashion concepts within the fashion industry that sprung up and embraced the hottest fashion trend. To help you know more about online thrift stores we brought you a list of the best thrift fashion bloggers that you may follow on Instagram to catch up to the latest trend at a low-end rate. 

  1. Lulu Thrift (lulu_thrift_): The younger generation of fashion influencers and bloggers are highly supporting the thrift theory and Miss Imsurenla Longkumer is also one of the youngest fashion bloggers who operates her thrift shore on Instagram which is known by the name 'lulu_thrift_’. She is a 20-year-old university student and a fashion-inspiring girl from Nagaland who is pursuing an MBA course in Bengaluru. Longkumer loves to stay creative with the trendiest fashion while also supporting the sustainable formula of shopping which gets her a unique title of a young lifestyle blogger. She has set up her blog shop on Instagram where she sets out her unique style tips while being engaged in selling fashionable items from her wardrobe which consists of stylish Indian as well as street brands at an affordable price. The above image presents a style supported by Miss Imsurenla Longkumer which you can also recreate with a beautiful Ditsy Floral Tie Front Ruffle Hem Milkmaid Dress that could also be found on Berrylush. This dress is the epitome of the evergreen fashion trend as it comes with an amusing combination of green color with ditsy floral that gives away a cheerful vibe. The sweetheart neck design of this dress gives a romantic essence to one's look and the flounce hemline offers a body-defining silhouette.
  2. Shreya Jain (SJ Box): Another famous fashion blogger who actively supports thrift or second-hand fashion concepts is Shreya Jain who is a fashion content creator from Jaipur and is well-known on Instagram with the name of ‘SJ Box’. Her Instagram page recommends the best of thrift shopping haul and online stores and she has also once stated in an interview that thrift shopping is a ray of hope to afford fashion at a sustainable price. According to Shreya, the thrift concept is an ethical alternative to keep the carbon emission from clothing factories in check and meet the need for fashion in a cheap and fast way. You can follow her on Instagram to get the latest information on thrift shopping and the latest fashion ideas while you can also encounter her pre-owned clothes through her mini thrift haul. The above look is an example of the style ideal followed by Shreya Jain and you can revive the same look by accompanying yourself with a classy Solid White Square Neck Smocked Crepe Crop Top. This crop top comes with a square neck and short-puff sleeve design which put forward a fashion-flattering outlook. In addition, the smoked detailing and crepe polyester fabric add a lustrous finish to this crop top and a breathable feature.
  3. Bhumika Thakkar (Bhumika_t): Mumbai-based fashion blogger, Bhumika Thakkar is also popular for styling a single piece of cloth in various fashionable ways that can be eye-catching. Bhumika believes in supporting small businesses and thrift stores which helps to reuse clothes while being well-updated with the fashion demand and trends. She recommends thrift shopping as from her shopping experience she got the opportunity to collect unique stylish outfits at cheap rates. According to her, after the pandemic people have become more conscious about their consumption and are also taking steps toward sustainability. To contribute toward a sustainable fashion approach, she recommends various thrift stores on her Instagram page, and sometimes she also puts forward her mini thrift haul for her users who love her wardrobe and style statement. Style up in Bhumika Thakkar way just like the above image by dressing up with an astonishing Yellow and White Printed Fit and Flare Dress. This dress comes with a sunflower print in a white color tone which gives away a joyful vibe and the flared hemline adds extra volume to it. Moreover, the shoulder strap feature of this dress offers a supportive silhouette and the pleated surface styling indulges a gleaming sheen. This dress is perfect to wear during the summer, spring, and autumn seasons just with a little twist and touch.
  4. Pooja Mundhra-Mahatme (thecozyvibe): The thrift fashion blogger, Pooja Mundhra-Mahatme is also well-known as Indian Instagram Model and Star. She gained popularity on various social media platforms due to her unique and boho-chic fashion sense which keeps the viewers mesmerized. She stays active on Instagram and loves to post fashionable images which depict her style preference and the latest fashion trend. Her Instagram post assembles styling tips and fashion recommendations which you can find under the name ‘the cozy vibe’. Not to forget, she also runs her thrift store on Instagram with the name ‘thecozythrifts’ which supports sustainable and preloved fashion concepts. Her thrift store offers a collection of her loved and fashion-preferred clothing pieces, thus, you can follow her on Instagram to get the best of thrift. Recreate Pooja Mundhra Mahatme's sassy look as presented in the above image by accompanying yourself with an elegant Multicolored Abstract Printed Thigh-Slit Flared Midi Skirt. This skirt comes with an abstract print which gives away an artistic vibe and the front thigh-slit adds exotic essence. The midi length and flared hemline of this skirt add a glistening sheen while the crepe polyester fabric offers a wrinkle-resistant feature.
  5. Aparna Kuttikat (aparnakuttikat): Bombay-based fashion curator, Aparna Kuttikat loves to keep her style up-to-date with the latest trend but she also likes to keep her closet composed of minimal clothing pieces. Thus, to clear up the closet, support sustainability, and reduce the aspect of fast fashion shopping, she decided to get started thrifting through her Instagram. Aparna is well aware of the pros and cons of thrifting but according to her certain factors don't work well while thrifting but it is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the environment and sustainability. Not only that, but she also encourages the reversible clothing concept which keeps the fashion game ongoing with a single piece of an outfit. For the best information about thrift fashion, you can follow her on Instagram where her post would enable you to get enlightened towards sustainable fashion theory. Keep up with the sizzling fashion game of Arpana Kuttikat by being inspired by the above look and dressing up with an eccentric Solid Green Caged Back Halter Neck Maxi Dress. This dress comes with a mesmerizing caged back design which gives an alluring outlook to one's back and the halter neck feature makes the neckline appear more attractive. That's not all, the solid pattern of this maxi dress put together a bold persona and the sleeves feature gives the arms a striking appeal.



Thrift has become a buzzword within the fashion industry as most Indian fashion bloggers are inclining and actively supporting the thrifting concept for sustainable fashion development. Instagram is the most used social media platform for promoting the thrift concept and thrift online store which brings alive the reusing theory of fashion clothes with a modern twist. Thrifting has become a go-to alternative to fast fashion which highly contributes to an eco-friendly fashionable lifestyle. The above content consists of a list of the best thrift fashion bloggers whom you could follow on Instagram as they could help you embrace the flaunt of thrift clothes along with style tips and recommendations. We hope you enjoyed reading this article on thrift fashion bloggers and for more related information you can explore our other articles on the blog section of our official website. Thank you. 

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