Fun Ideas for an Off-Beat Birthday Party with Your Friends

Fun Ideas for an Off-Beat Birthday Party with Your Friends

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Birthday Bash, the special day for which we all wait!

We celebrate the day of Birthday because it is the day that makes us realize the value of being alive. Birthdays are the keys that unlock the fact of the indispensability of life. This is the day when we celebrate the past days by which we have gone through and met with many kinds of hurdles and obstacles over which we triumphed with perseverance. This is the special day that works as a live photo album and starts reminiscing the sweet memories which are being captured right inside our soul. Every year on the day of our birthday we recall the valuable life experiences which contributed to the process of our cells to grow older and with time those experiences became life hacks that help us to deal with different problems.

The scenario of celebrating birthdays before this pandemic:

Before the pandemic touched down, life was so easy to handle, there was no complexity with which we have to deal every second. Likewise celebrating birthdays were meant to be crowded with friends, families and loved ones. With the last days before the day of celebration all our plans and programs were undoubtedly based on the gathering of our pals. Without a loud gathering, birthdays were not meant to become completed. But now withstanding the current scenario planning for birthdays has become an occasion of solitude. As for the sake of betterment of the society we need to maintain proper social distance. But to start with a ray of hope we can plan simply without breaking any sort of precautionary measures and may think of the ways by which we can celebrate the special day along with abiding the preventive measures.

By utilizing several cool ideas, we can make the best out of our birthdays and perfectly get the taste of celebrating this day the way we used to the day before the pandemic. Let’s check out in what ways we can plan for our birthdays with friends and create some very special moments like every year we use to do.

Break the rules because it is your Birthday!

Let’s brainstorm some ideas for celebrating your birthday with your buddies amidst the pandemic:

  • Plan a virtual baking episode: Simply start the day by planning a virtual baking event where you can feel the presence of your pals right beside you in the kitchen. This idea will work brilliantly when your pals want to surprise your birthday with their handmade cakes. While enjoying the time with them equally you can take the fun of hanging out with your favourite crowd.
  • Virtual charades: During the noon time plan for a virtual charade game event where you being the host for the event will play with other participants by sharing the screen and thus you will lead the show and make a way to enjoy it coherently by performing this extravagant game of dumb charade in a virtual way.
  • Virtual storytelling: This creative idea can also become a part of your birthday celebration, and become marvellous when you are a creative version. Choose a genre and then ask all of your friends present over the virtual meeting to perform for this poetic event. Make a few rules that will further escalate the excitement of this poetic party, as we can include-
    1. Each participant has to make instant poetry with selected vocabulary offered by the host of the event.
    2. With every participant, the vocabulary will also change and with this idea, the event will become more intense.
    3. Every participant has to complete their poetic performance within a limited time.
    4. In the end, the host of the event, which will obviously be you, will consider who is the winner and in return, the winner will get an extra return gift voucher from your end.

Thus, in this way you can also design your birthday evening which will end at a happy note of cutting your birthday cake with your friends.

*Extra tip: And in case if you are one of the participants on your friend’s birthday then at the time of cutting the cake you can nicely surprise your buddy by delivering her a delicious handmade cake from your end. And copying this way, all the other friends present at the virtual celebration can make the ambience full of surprises.

  • Like the Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets, you can arrange a virtual video game with your friends where each participant including you will say about one of the secrets of life which you have never mentioned before anyone. The game is of similar taste to that of ‘truth and dare’. Thus, the remaining time of your birthday can also be designed in an amazing indoor activity that will not give any space to miss the real presence of your loved ones.

Other off-beat party ideas:

  • Become an angel for the deprived: One can also design the joyous occasion of a birthday with a superb extra ordinary concept of bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, which can be done by stretching hands to the people belonging to the weak section of the society. Just before a few days of your birthday you with your friends select different places and try to reach out to those locations with some essential gift items. Suggest your friends make a shootout of this entire act and show the reel on your birthday. Thus, when the whole world is busy with planning for a self-centred birthday bash then you can actually do something out of the box for the betterment of the whole society.

Let’s decode some spectacular essential items that you with your friend’s gang can offer for your making your birthday a heroic one.

  1. Make a pack of dry fruits.
  2. Make a pack of combo thalis for lunch or dinner. Try to include healthy and tasty food items into their packs. If possible, fill the food packets with homemade cuisines and feed them a healthy meal.
  3. With a pack of other items mandatorily pack a packet filled with virus preventive items like hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers, masks and some basic medication with a note carrying the methods of using the medicines.
  4. Pack some clothes, if possible, try to give them some new clothes to wear.

Thus, by trying out these items you can simply bring a smile to a hardworking breadwinner.

  • As a return gift, you can try out a superb idea and give a yummy surprise to your friends. The idea is about sponsoring the dinner for your friends by making online delivery of foods for their ‘Bon Appetit’.

Fun games to chill out virtually at your birthday party:

  • Jackbox Games: Keep this astounding virtual game for your birthday fun & amusement option and make the day full of entertainment.
    1. About the game: an amazing game option to carry out on your birthday that became famous for its ‘YOU DON’T KNOW JACK’ , a quiz-based game. This game pack is full of other amazing games such as Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, Drawful and many more to design a gameful day with your pals.
    2. Items you need to start this game: A Video platform like Zoom or Google hangouts and read the user guide at user guides on the Jackbox website.
  • Pictionary: Another game option that belongs essentially for creative people and you can include these mind-blowing virtual games on your birthday.
    1. About the game: It’s basically a picture guessing virtual game that can glue all participants until it’s finished. For playing this creative puzzle you need to divide your team into two groups and head with guessing the picture the opponent team is drawing over the virtual game board. In the end, the team that makes all the guesses correct will be announced as the winner.
    2. Items you need to start: Online video platforms like Zoom, and select the host who will share the whiteboard screen and for the best experience use the Pictionary word generator.


With hopes and dreams we pass each day and that is how the entire human race respires. For 364 days we pass each second to celebrate the entire year’s fun and entertainment wrapped into one single day under the hashtag #BirthdayBash. Hence even though we are having lots of constraints amidst this pandemic but we can still make our birthdays special with the above-mentioned tricks.

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