A New Way of Hosting Parties and Celebrating Festivals in Times of Covid

A New Way of Hosting Parties and Celebrating Festivals in Times of Covid

The whole planet experienced a deadlock with the onset of Covid. Staying indoors dealing with the uncertainty of life became the new normal. People became scared to meet others in person and that is when video calling became more frequent. Now with a little bit of relaxation in restrictions, people have once again started going out but with a constant fear in mind. However, gathering in large groups still seems to be a problem and most people avoid social meetings. Like work from home, parties from home have also grabbed the attention of people who are willing to celebrate every festival with their loved ones. However, miles apart they may be from each other.

Technology has reduced the difference between people living even poles apart and the importance of this was realised only during the pandemic. Be it birthdays, marriages, festivals and even potlucks all were made possible due to groups video calls. Now the event managers, party planners and organisers have shifted their way of thinking and become creative to make events happen even during a pandemic without meeting in person yet making it the most memorable. A list of various themes and party ideas that can be followed by anyone and enjoyed by everyone has been mentioned below for reference:

Birthday Party for Toddlers

Birthday parties of toddlers are more of a party for parents to celebrate their successful parenthood. While it is not important for babies what food is being served or whether or not the decor is matching the theme, however, a beautiful lit up space will definitely get their attention. Decorate the room with balloons, a cute photo booth and of course an adorable cake. Host a party in an open space to keep everyone socially distanced and safe. Set a zoom call with family members and let everyone wear something related to the theme. Suppose it is a jungle theme, then every person can wear a mask of some animal and be a part of the party in a virtual manner. Babies are often attracted by colours, balloons, animals and flowers so make use of as many props as one can. Rhymes too can be played in the background. Hence it is a perfect idea for a toddlers birthday party without having to accommodate many people and yet making everyone a part of it. Send or get cupcakes, goodies and gifts delivered to your friends and family members who could not be a part of your baby's birthday party. This will definitely make everyone feel as if they are attending the party in real.

Canvas Painting

Parents can organise birthdays of their kids by sending colours to the friends of their child and inviting them for a canvas painting event. It can be organised in the backyard, lawn or at the rooftop of the house. This is also a fun activity to keep kids engrossed in an activity in an open space. The host can set a theme for the party wherein the kids can come dressed according to the theme. There can be many options for setting up a theme such as jungle, fairy, unicorn, Peppa Pig, Minions and so on. This will bring a fun element to the party and a colourful vibe.

Games Night

Now everyone must be wondering how a game night is possible when social distancing is the rule of the hour. A party can be hosted by keeping a virtual games night. This goes for all age groups and especially for festivals like Diwali where people love to play cards. A night where family members of all age groups can get together without having to actually move from their homes. It is super convenient for old age people and people with any disease to be a part of fun and laughter without worrying about covid. All you need is to make a facebook room or a zoom room to play and chat at the same time. Jackbox, Trivia, Charades, Heads Up and many more such games which will let you enjoy each other's company virtually and will not let you feel isolated due to Covid restrictions.

Open Theatre

Watching a film in theatre has become more of a dream now due to Covid, theatres are not much operational which has surely removed one item from the list of party ideas. However, if you are a techie and love to explore new gadgets then buying a projector can be your best decision ever. People in the village used to watch a film together on a white cloth by projecting the film and it was more of a get together and they enjoyed it thoroughly. Similarly, a party can be arranged on the rooftop or in a garden or in the backyard by projecting on the wall. Kids can enjoy watching movies together in an open space without having to worry about Covid. Snacks and games can be arranged alongside to make it a super entertaining party. Not only kids but adults can enjoy a projector too by watching matches together or making it a karaoke night by playing videos in the background. A perfect idea for an anniversary, birthday or for random get together. Light up the place with cute little bulbs or fairy lights hanging all over to give an aesthetic look to the place and make it photo worthy.

Music and Live Singing

If getting together is not possible due to covid restrictions and long distance then a musical night can be arranged for bringing out the singer in everyone and making it a perfect family or friends get together online. Applications such as Smule, Starmaker and many more are available to let you sing at the comfort of your home without any outsider judging and giving those nasty looks. It is such a soul soothing experience and fun activity. People of all age groups can enjoy this kind of party and make it a memorable experience.


While the festive season is around the corner and so is the winter season, planning a party outdoors has to be a thoughtful process. A very innovative way in which one can plan and organise a party is by hosting a camping. Now, this can be set up in the backyard of your house, rooftop or if you or your friend has a farmhouse kind of place then that is the best place for camping. For this, you would need to have some tents, warm shawls, blankets, wood logs and food to keep you warm throughout the night. Camping can also be merged with a potluck, where everyone can bring delicious food and enjoy eating together. You can even plan and set up a barbeque stand and cook amazing food at the site itself. Youth love to party outdoors in such an adventurous manner. Music, games and a lot of fun activities can be planned while camping at a site with friends or family. Star gazing is also possible while being on a camping site at some hilly location.

Science Party Ideas

These days kids like to party in a different manner wherein they get to explore different ideas, instead of just playing normal games. A new concept is becoming popular among kids where the host sets up a science based theme for the party. An external event manager can be organised which can help organise the event successfully without any hassle. Science experiments and activities can be conducted by kids which keep them occupied and entertained throughout the party. The decoration also includes some interesting ideas such as slimes, balloons, test tubes, hydrogen gas and you can get as creative as you think. Food can also be served in laboratory equipment which will definitely keep the kids wondering.

Picnic or a Potluck

Meeting family and friends during Covid became difficult at least indoors. People are not comfortable with so many guests gathering at home. Now people often try to meet in open spaces to get fresh air and a change of environment for some time as everyone was stuck at home for a long time. Meeting people outdoors over food is super fun when every person brings something cooked by them while sharing their interesting stories. The potluck can be organised over a zoom call also for people who cannot meet due to long distance. You can also send food cooked with love to your loved ones and then get over video call to enjoy the taste of food together. It is a very refreshing party idea for everyone as it lets you enjoy the outdoors with friends or family.

A Car Parade

A very unique way of celebrating an event and making someone feel special during Covid is a car parade. It can be the best surprise for someone not well or not able to host a party at home. All the friends can decide on a fixed time when everyone would gather at a common spot in their vehicles. They can then start a parade in their vehicle and pass through the house of the one with the birthday or anniversary or any occasion one by one. You can bring some banners, balloons, posters and write good things on them and display them from the car itself to make them feel special. It makes the person feel very happy seeing his/her friends taking so much effort just to make them feel special and loved. A car parade looks so pleasing to the eyes and looks like a festival being celebrated on the road. It is one of the safest ways to celebrate any event during Covid by seeing the person without actually getting down from the car. The host can give some goodies, cakes or gifts in return by just handing them over while they pass through their cars. It is a very cute way of showing that you appreciated the effort taken by your friends.

Magic Over Zoom

Now that everyone is aware of zoom or video calls and the facilities it provides to the people who cannot meet in person. One more way to use the features of Zoom can be to hire a magician, a comedian or any act over zoom and invite your friends and family to witness the fun together. This is more of a festive party idea as your relatives all across the globe cannot be at one place especially on a festival, hence this idea can bring people closer and enjoy an event together happily by getting all the celebration feels. Add a special touch by sending virtual hugs, gifts or maybe sweets to relatives.


Last but not the least is a timeout with your loved ones by hopping in a car and going for a staycation to spend time and celebrate some good times. Road trips are a fun way to enjoy the journey with your squad. Staying at a good place that follows covid protocols is a nice and safe getaway idea. There you can enjoy a night stay by decorating the room, party at the poolside and can even celebrate a festival by just being with your close group.


Time has taught each and everyone that it is better to enjoy the moment right in front of us. Just when people thought their life was stuck and now it is impossible to meet friends and family due to Covid and its restrictions, such party ideas became a great rescue from the monotonous. The ideas suggested above can be executed very easily by self or by hiring people or agencies from outside. These are really fun filled activities to keep you fresh and happy in such harsh times. Celebrating festivals and getting together did not look so easy with family members across the globe during early times. However, thanks to the modernisation in technology everything seems to be possible now and getting in touch with your loved ones at least virtually is very easy. Parties, celebrations, events are a way to express that you really love to enjoy every moment and be close with your family.

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