Food, Party Themes, Activities for Diwali Party with Friends and Family

Food, Party Themes, Activities for Diwali Party with Friends and Family

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Diwali, the biggest fest that takes place over the Indian Subcontinent is the ultimate occasion for which the entire nation waits keenly. Festivals in India cover the entire calendar throughout the year, but surprisingly Diwali is considered as the festival for the Hindus; it equally serves as the soul festival for every Indian irrespective of caste & religion. On this pious occasion of Diwali, the entire nation experiences the wave of entertainment and leaves no loopholes in celebrating this vibrant fest of lights. With delicious foods, ethnic fashion fever, gifts, this occasion becomes a day of having extreme fun & frolic.

How do Indians celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is the day when negative vibes are replaced by a positive approach with a brighten makeover through decoration with earthen lights, LED lights strings, Rangoli, Flower decoration at our homes. Long before the festival people start to plan for the essential rituals that are associated with this biggest day. As per the Hindu mythology, Diwali has also room for Deity Goddess Lakshmi, and for the same, the Hindu homes start their part of preparation from cleaning their houses and rejecting old ruining stuff. As the auspicious day of Diwali approaches near, the countdown starts with the celebration of the five pious days of Diwali among which the ‘Dhanteras’ is considered to be the first day that rings the bell of the inaugural of graceful Diwali.

  • Dhanteras: The first day of Diwali is celebrated with the auspicious act of purchasing metal or gold jewellery, metal idols of Deity Lakshmi & Shree Lord Ganesh, new utensils, new vehicles and purchasing of any new source of wealth to the house. This is the day when the entire nation tries to purchase at least something precious that will add up to the weightage of wealth in their life.
  • Naraka Chaturdashi: The second day of Diwali, considered as the day of value when Lord Krishna in one of his Vishnu Avatar attained victory over the demon named Naraka Asura, and since then this day has come to be known as ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’. The day is celebrated with the first light of the sun by performing many rituals associated with the Hindu mythologies and basically passes with having food together with family members.
  • Diwali: The day of the ultimate fest, this is the day when Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Ganesh worshipped with the deity of Maha Kali. Thus, the day of Diwali is also celebrated as the day of Kali Puja and celebrated with whole night rituals.
  • Govardhan Puja: The fourth day of this festival comes with a pious performance of worshipping nature as on this day Lord Krishna triumphed over Lord Indra and conveyed the message that worshipping nature should be on our prior list of concern.
  • Bhai Dooj & Devutthan Ekdasi: Finally on the fifth day the entire nation performs puja to Lord Yama and sisters give vermillion to their brothers and worship from Lord Yama for their brother’s long life, good health, and prosperity in wealth. Equally, this day is also considered as a valuable day when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his long phase of meditation for months.

Designing the Diwali Party theme with sustainable items

This is the time of the year where our relatives arrive at our home and friends get stationed in our rooms. Though Diwali is another name for crackers but this time we should design these festive nights with green and sustainable ways that will not ruin the already damaged environment.

A quick list for making your Diwali a sparkling & eco-friendly experience:

  • Replace Toxic plastic artificial lights with Earthen lamps.
  • Replace the habit of using hazardous firecrackers with handmade lanterns made by poor street dwellers.
  • Use eco-friendly crockeries to save the city and the planet from getting huge lumps of non-biodegradable plastic wastes.

Traditional food to have on the Diwali day

Apart from decorating our homes with lights, flowers and other decorative items the next essential thing that you need to chalk out is fulfilling our guests’ appetite with delicious snacks. For this day the entire nation goes under the veil of flavorful foods items, snacks & desserts and inside every house’s kitchen as people visit each other’s home to celebrate Diwali at its fullest level.

Tips for traditional dessert items & snacks for offering to your friends & guests:

  • Mawakachori: A perfect crunchy dish belonging to the dessert family is made out of dry fruits and the base out of flour which gets the desired taste after being dipped into a sugar syrup.
  • Some spicy fritters: Try out some tasty fritters filled with a delicious stuffing of cheese, other veggies and could be anything tasty.
  • Samosa: The most favourite snacks served during the evening time will be a good choice for serving your guests with hot aloo stuffed samosas.
  • Home Made Gulab Jamuns: The apt dessert without which every festival will stay incomplete. Hot sweet balls of pure milk cheese sweets fill our appetite with heaven like its taste.
  • Veg Kebabs: For feeding your rockstar gang try out some super veg kebabs and diet cokes. Celebrate with your coolest gangs this Diwali while having a bite over freshly cooked sizzling kebabs.
  • Motichur Laddoos: Another essential item that is children’s favourite is the famous Motichur Laddoos. Made out of chickpea’s flours this dessert brings the ultimate meaning to our festivals.

Entertainments that must be included to make this Diwali a happening one!

  • Playing Dumb Charades
  • Having Antakshari
  • Recitation of famous poems
  • Indoor games for children
  • Arranging some games with 3D PlayStations
  • Most favourite Ludo
  • Playing Cards
  • Drawing Competitions

Act of giving gifts

Diwali being the festival of happiness and prosperity has the ritual of offering gifts to guests, friends and relatives. But try to put some extra effort while crafting the plan for arranging gifts for your loved ones and make a list of gifts to those people who are deprived of this beautiful festival’s fun & frolic. Hence try to make a list of gifts for the people belonging to the poor strata and especially to that person who serves you every day and helps you in your everyday’s life cycle, i.e; your maid. Therefore, let’s have some cool ideas for arranging gifts according to a different section of people.

For guests:

  • Handmade sweets
  • Handcrafted dream catchers
  • Scented Diffusers

For friends:

  • Cool hand woven T-shirts
  • Handmade Herbal cosmetics
  • Dieting booklets
  • Hand-crafted home decors
  • Sling bags(for female friends)
  • Wallets(for male friends)


  • Box of chocolate is a by default choice
  • Box containing art accessories
  • Interesting story books


  • Bag with ethnic outfits
  • Herbal Room scent diffuser candles
  • A box full of delicious sweets

As a helping hand:

  • If possible, give them a box of new clothes
  • Rugs
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Masks
  • Box of chocolates
  • Some basic groceries
  • Some basic medicines
  • A box full of sweets
  • A box full of meal

Fashion Code

With every other essential item there comes the next urge for designing the Diwali fashion code with ethnic outfits.

Traditional outfits for women:

  • A set of lehenga made out of organza silk is a must for 2021’s ethnic fashion, and to match the bottom wear your upper part should get an embellished silk top with contrasting colour code.
  • For other ethnic wear, options try out muslin silk pastel shaded kurtas with cigarette matching silk pants and a floral chiffon dupatta.

  • For accessories take the afghani jhumkas and kundan mangtikas.
  • As footwear goes for handcrafted fabric juttis.

Traditional outfits for men:

  • Men’s fashion should speak of an equal modish language to that of women. Hence today’s menswear for Diwali should get the ethnic punch with Mandarin collar silk slim fit kurtas and cotton ankle length trousers.
  • For shirt loving men there is the option for wearing a V-neck slim fit printed shirt with muted colour trousers.


So many activities and factors will make your festival a big hit among your friends and family. Hope this festival of light should enlighten your world with prosperity and good luck and once again we will become successful in celebrating life amidst these gloomy days of the pandemic.

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