Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

Valentine's day is a day when people celebrate being in love with each other. It is often celebrated by making each other feel special and loved. However, we think Valentine's day can be celebrated with your family and friends too as they are people who have stood with us through thick and thin. Not only sweethearts but people having loving people beside them must celebrate their love for each other even on valentine's day. Self love and self care are two important aspects before showering your love on any other person. This valentine's why not foster relationships with self and then with others.

All around the world Valentine's day is celebrated in different manners and on different dates as well. Valentine's day celebration is incomplete without women dressing up all fancy to feel good. Styling self is a part of self love and self care and not for others. Each country has its own way to celebrate love and we will take you through different customs followed across the globe along with gorgeous attires that one can wear while celebrating their love in different countries.

  • Japan
  • People in Japan celebrate Valentine's day by making and giving chocolates. Honmei-choco and Giri-choco are two kinds of chocolate that are mostly prepared by women for their sweethearts and friends or co-workers respectively as a gesture of love. Women here love to get all dressed up and for this day a beautiful floral printed fit and flare dress is the best option one can choose from all other attires.

  • Brazil
  • Brazilians celebrate valentine's day on 12th June instead of 14th February and is denoted as lover's day. There they celebrate Saint Anthony instead of Saint Valentine, unlike America. Gifts, flowers and chocolates are exchanged as a gesture of love. What better than wearing this beautiful high slit lavender skirt with a crop top and a headband. It gives such a cute and romantic vibe.

  • France
  • One of the most romantic destinations in the world is Paris and is often a destination chosen by lovers to express their love just below the Eiffel Tower. Here the tradition is to send romantic love letters to their sweethearts and express their love in a yet old fashioned but very cute way. A jumpsuit with polka dot print all over it will give a very playful vibe for the night in Paris.

  • Italy
  • Italians celebrate the spring festival in the name of Valentine's day. The couple's here take a stroll in the garden, read poetry and enjoy good music. Baci Perugina is a type of chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut and is covered with a very romantic quote. An off-shoulder short floral jumpsuit in a beautiful maroon shade will look gorgeous on a romantic dinner date.

  • South Africa
  • Lupercalia is an age-old tradition in South Africa where women have to compulsorily wear names of their lovers or pin names of persons whom they admire, on their shirt sleeves. While the exchange of flowers and other gifts are a common sight on this day. A red coloured dress with puff sleeves and a square neck gives a classy look and also red is the symbol of love hence a perfect dress for a perfect night.

  • Philippines
  • Most couples in the Philippines celebrate Valentine's Day by getting married on this day. Thousands of couples share this day as their wedding day here in the Philippines as an age-old custom. A beautiful and gorgeous looking co-ordinate set with a front bow on the top is a charming pink colour and is such an adorable attire for celebrating Valentine's Day.

  • Denmark
  • People have started celebrating Valentine's day since the 1990's only. Snowdrops that is white flowers pressed and preserved are exchanged as a love token between lovers and friends. Earlier lover's card, which is a transparent card, was also gifted on Valentine's Day with the photo of the person sending the card. To celebrate this day why not opt for a black and red combination that looks so fiery and this mini dress with balloon sleeves and the back cutout is all that you need to amp up your look.

  • England
  • Women in England followed a tradition to place bay leaves on their pillows on Valentine's Day. They believed that by placing bay leaves on this day they will get dreams about their future husband. Women in order to make this day extra special can wear this gorgeous button-down shirt dress in a charming purple colour.


    There are numerous ways in which people celebrate Valentine's day across the world. Different traditions and customs are followed by people to make their friends and family feel special. For women, this day is extra special when they get to wear beautiful dresses and flaunt their classy style in front of their sweethearts. Such occasions must be celebrated in a manner in which one feels loved and one of the ways in which women can feel pampered is by shopping and buying gorgeous dresses. Berryslush is one such brand that offers a variety of trendy, classy and stylish dresses that can be worn on Valentine's Day or any other day when one celebrates any special day.

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