February- the Festive Month of Love

February- the Festive Month of Love

The Month of Love is the time when each and everyone puts an effort to spread love all around us and even within us. Valentine's day or the month of love is not just about lovers, but it is also the time when an individual looks for a feeling of universal peace and happiness. This year, we bring for you a new perspective towards Valentine’s Day by redefining the purpose of festive month love through including a new concept on the love list and that is “Self-Love or Self-Care”. Usually, we look around us for love while in the meantime we forget the essence of self-love and so, this Valentine’s Day appreciate yourself a little more by acknowledging the features that make you, you. The festive month of love brings you an opportunity to find enjoyment and happiness in your life by expressing love towards yourself, creating plans to make self-love a priority, and celebrating your love towards yourself by pampering yourself by treating yourself as a gift, hanging out with friends, do something that makes you smile and going on a solo date.

Berrylush presents you a series of self-love and self-care ideas for February to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest in this year, the festive month of love along with the reference of some beautiful dresses to match your self-love vibes.

Here are some unique ideas that you can try this month to give yourself the needed self-love:

  1. Go Solo to a Concert

    You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy and celebrate love on Valentine's as you care enough to experience a romantic day by practicing some self-care and the most efficient heart treatment is trying out new experiences that you might think can only be gained only when you have someone special like going to a concert solo. To entertain yourself and get out of boredom, you can pick up a casual dress, find a concert and go solo all the way to enjoy your pace alone.

    The above peach-colored crepe shirt mini dress suits perfectly for an outing to a concert as this dress gives away a casual and basic look with the features of V-neck, mini length, long sleeves, and ruffles which depict comfy and stylish vibes matching perfectly with the theme of self-love. Besides these features, the crepe fabric, button closure, and flared hemline also create a valentine style statement making the outfit look extremely beautiful. This dress would add perks to one’s overall outlook at the concert, giving confidence to live-up the excitement and moment to its fullest.

  2. Enjoy a Short Trip with Friends

    A short trip or getaway with friends is one of the best ideas to enjoy and celebrate the friendship term and support as setting aside time to be together during the festive month of love is a great way to strengthen the friendship bond. A relaxing getaway with campfire, music, and games all fit perfectly with the vibe of spreading love to your loved ones.

    The above pink and white polka dot printed dress goes well for a short trip with friends as this dress presents a casual, fresh and sexy look giving away fun vibes. The pink and white crop top and shorts offer a sleek and chic look while the V-neck feature, tie-up, and bell sleeve details of the crop top add a bright tone to the surrounding which will suit the trip outlook carrying along the theme of love. Apart from these, the elasticated waistband of the shorts with slip-on closure adds charm to the outfit.

  3. Take Yourself Out for Dinner

    Nothing could ever meet the invaluable experience of enjoying a dinner out alone in one of your restaurants accompanied by a sweet and sexy dress and a new book to read to add extra sweetness on the deal of self-love on valentine's day. Enjoying some self-time in a beautiful ambiance at a restaurant could give appealing happiness excluding the other chaos of life which further could make one's day fulfilling without someone else's opinion or company.

    For the solo dinner out, the above red A-line dress of Berrylush goes well off as the dress offers a super attractive and classy look which further allows you to show your sexy legs while the red color fits well with the valentine theme. The tie-up details, shoulder straps and sleeveless feature adds enormous beauty to the overall look while the above-knee length, flared hem, and crepe fabric develop a new basic statement style which sets well with dinner purpose during the month of love.

  4. Plan a Family Picnic

    This Valentine's Day could be a little different for you and your family by planning a picnic as it can offer the best opportunity to reunite with family members and shower love on our close ones. A family picnic is a good switching choice during this month of love, as it gives you a chance to create some fun and excitement vibes for the family members and sparkle the touch of love by organizing some fun games, setting the mood with ambiance outdoor activities, and delicious food to please the family to the utmost.

    Moreover, a fun and cozy outfit for the family picnic on Valentine’s Day would be just like a cherry on the cake concept. The above mustard-yellow floral A-line wrap dress could slay your overall picnic outlook as this dress creates a new charismatic and casual style by its wrap and tie-up design which further curves out the body features. This dress is suitable for both family picnic and love themes as the white and floral print on the mustard yellow color brings out an exciting contradiction along with long-sleeves and mini-length features. This pretty dress creates the vibes of youthful attraction as the fit and flare skirt and crepe polyester fabric outline the figure and enhance the entire fashionable look.

  5. Hold a Game Night with Close Friends or Family

    One could also set the mood of Valentine’s Day by holding a game night with close friends or family as the month of love is all about happy ambiance and feeling of being close to people you care about. The game night could be a night to be remembered by setting chocolate boxes, fancy music, and games you and your friend love such as Uno, spot it, Phase 10, Skull King, Skip-Bo, and many more which would create Valentine’s Night more entertaining and special for everyone.

    To add beauty to the game night plan on Valentine’s Day, the above black and red floral printed asymmetric tunic from Berrylush is convenient as the dress brings out a fresh, exotic, and bold outlook which fits fine with valentine's theme while the slip-on design goes well with night makeovers. The round neckline, long sleeves, and asymmetrical hemline details suit adeptly with the theme and as the month of love usually tends to be a bit chilly, this dress fits the chilly aura by developing an appealing sensation outlook.

  6. Have an Indoor Picnic

    Staying indoors is never a bad idea during the festive month of love and having an indoor picnic shove ideal for enjoying a cozy feeling with loved ones on the couch surrounded by lots of pillows, chocolates, jelly, crackers, music and simple dishes which you love could be the perfect plan for this Valentine’s Day.

    Moreover, match the cozy feels of an indoor picnic on Valentine's Day with the above solid maroon high-low top as the top gives away a dramatic, casual and captivating look. This top develops a new fashion attitude and style statement with its high-low hemline and tricky tie-up closure to confront the body fit. Besides these aspects, the round neckline and short sleeves features create a lavish outlook while the polyester fabric ensures your comfortable level by keeping an ultimate fashion punch.

  7. Go to the Movies Alone

    Going to the movies alone and seeing whatever movies you love to see is one of the best ideas for spending Valentine's Day as it enables you to spend all the luxurious items on yourself depicting your self-love and embrace your unique taste without someone else's opinion. Watching a movie alone is best to pamper and treat yourself and it is more of a chilled-out moment for you as you don’t have to worry about sharing your leisure time with someone and you could also enjoy your favorite movie without any distraction.

    Besides, you could also set the mood for the movie on Valentine's Day by dressing casually as shown in the above picture with a solid light green A-line midi skirt as the design of the skirt goes well to go out alone in movies by enhancing the beauty and creating an exquisite style statement. This skirt is suitable for the valentine's solo theme as the free-falling pleats of the over the hip develop slaying magic while you walk and the banded waist feature of the skirt adds amusing shape to the waistline giving away a gorgeous outlook. Apart from these details, the flared hemline and concealed zipper for closure also make the look classy and elegant.

  8. Head to a Museum

    You can also create some fresh spark in your life by heading out to a museum on this festive month of love as this develops an occasion for you to explore different forms of art related to history or science. Museums are the best places to seek the culture and creative essence of life and you also get the chance to learn something new which could further inspire you and your perspective towards the different aspects of life.

    You can also add a wonderful touch to your museum outing by creating an edgy as well as casual outlook as shown in the above picture. The above Berrylush pink faux wrap jumpsuit is the most suitable coordinate attire as it sets a mesmerizing outlook that matches the hassle and city vibes for visiting a museum during the month of love. This outfit gives away a chic and effortless look that efficiently follows up the classy fashion trend.

  9. Go on a Solo Date

    You can start honoring your self-love on this Valentine's Day by taking yourself out on a solo date so that you don't need anyone else to accompany you because the only person you need to enjoy on this day is yourself. Going on a solo date is also a chance for you to appreciate your potential, talents, skills, and features as you deserve the full credit for pushing yourself to the limit. The solo date idea could include activities such as going on shopping, exploring your favorite bakery shops, going to the spa, or going on dinner as these activities enable you to pamper yourself a little more than the usual days.

    Furthermore, you could also try a new look that matches both the theme of solo date and Valentine's Day as shown over by wearing a red solid fit and flare dress which gives away a sexy and bold outlook. This dress develops a casual, basic as well as a sensational look, and the shoulder straps, mini length, and sleeveless features also bring out sassy and elegant vibes making it perfect for a date.

  10. Enjoy a Dance Night in Club

    During the month of love, you could also go out to the clubs and enjoy a dance night as it gives a moment of relaxation to your soul and body. Dancing at a club is a good excuse for everyone to shake your inner tiredness and have real fun as it would help you enjoy the utmost by pampering and giving all of your attention to your own-self on this Valentine’s Day.

    To add a little hotness to your dance night on Valentine’s Day you could also inspire your look from the above outfit as this Berrylush peach-colored fitted crop top creates a sexy and attractive look. This crop-top develops a monotone vibe with a touch of freshness as the stained fabric, sleeveless and shoulder straps details of the top make it perfect for party occasions and it goes well off with the new basic trend of simple and sexy at the same time. Apart from this, the cropped length and concealed zip closure also set sexy and classy vibes.


Valentine's Day is not only a day to express your love towards others but it is also a reminder to you to never forget to love yourself a little more than others as you deserve the elements of love, care, pamper enjoyment and relaxation for once in a while. The festive month of love is not reserved for lovers only and it doesn't even matter if you are single or in a relationship, self-love and care should become your top-most priority and also be celebrated during the month of love. So, this Valentine’s Day put yourself first and treat yourself with Berrylush's latest Valentine collection based on the theme of love.

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