A Cultural Beach Vacation with Family or Friends

A Cultural Beach Vacation with Family or Friends

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Beaches are the lifeline for youthful souls, the seashores aren’t choosy on touching the feet of the travellers and apparently, it breaks down all our worries by embracing us with its spirited refreshing watery bombs. The way the waves washes away the footprints near the seashore, in the same way, all our woes and desolations vanished like a magic trick. Beaches complement your vacation with arresting sun-kissed noon, magnetic evenings with selfie shootout mania, sandy mornings with coastal breakfast and so much!

Travelling with friends & family:

Every year the entire world experiences the travelling mode with the approaching fall season. This is the time when tourists from all over the world get a spree for travelling to the marine lines and enjoying the spectacular beauty of the blue sea-shores. Travelling to beaches is in itself a fact of unlimited joy & laughter and when it gets the company of pals the entire journey becomes unforgettable. A perfect beach destination having a wonderful landscape and having impeccable fun activities will be a vacation that will serve as the perfect way to do justice with your holidays.

It is very obvious for the Beach babies to plan for an awesome beach vacation whenever they get some holidays and seemingly if you are one among them then each & every alley, meadow, and countryside of the iconic coastal destination must be on your list. But conventionally some travellers seldom plan for a beach vacation and thus for them, the quintessential bullet point is the job of growing familiarity about the particular landscape they are travelling to. Accordingly, before planning for the next approaching beach vacation days with your friends & family try to jot down each must try points connected with the concerning place and become familiar with its vicinity areas. A wise traveller will undoubtedly immunize his itinerary with proper information and plan accordingly so as to decorate his vacation with fun-filled days.

India’s iconic beaches:

India’s landscape has been blessed with vibrant shades of scenic wonders. The fascinating aspect that attracts tourists to this country from all over the world is solely because of the viability of the rich diversity in culture, terrain, food, religion, language, and many more spectacular things that combine to make India. In the same way, India has treasures when it comes to beach destinations, with proper research and some easy homework we can design a spectacular beach vacation that will always cherish us with good memories where we passed our time with our beloved family members and a cool gang of pals.

India’s extravagant beach destinations that will quench all your thirst connected with a solid fun filled vacation:

  1. Minicoy Beach, Lakshadweep

    Covered with a turquoise coloured tiara of Islands, Lakshadweep is a heaven for beach holidays. Comprising many scattered Islands, Lakshadweep’s Island has a mesmerizing scenic view. Minicoy is one among those Islands of Lakshadweep that astonish you with its white sand beds that are being spread over miles after miles, heavenly blue lagoons, the turquoise blue colour of the seawater that can be taken as an alternative to Maldives seawater experience, several water extravagant activities and beautiful green landscape that takes away all your tiredness in a moment. With a century-old lighthouse building, this pretty beach in Lakshadweep gets another element of astonishment. This destination serves the tourists with its best-ever viability of balanced warm weather that relaxes you throughout the days.

    Water activities to do with your friends & family at the beach:

      • The fishing activity where you can get luckier and some Tuna fish might get caught in your fish trap.
      • Scuba diving.
      • Snorkelling.
      • Witness the spectacular existence of the coral reefs.

    • Jampore Beach, Diu

      Exploring unique landscapes is an adventurous feeling in itself and thus sets your beach vacation with places that are unique in all ways. Jampore is that beach destination that is going to connect you with the pleasure of multiple landscapes as in some time you will feel the experience of being lost amidst a groove forest, sometimes your mind will get the ultimate recreation through an exciting swimming session amidst the tranquil watery sheet of the sea, sometimes your skin might get goosebumps while having off-roading experiences over the unsettled terrain. Hence while getting all other exciting fun elements like water rides, thrilling jet skiing fun, sand-biking; on this spectacular beach of Diu the tourists are being given several fun activities to enjoy together with friends and family.

      Activities to execute at Jampore Beach, with your friends and family:

        • Scuba diving.
        • Unlimited swimming opportunity.
        • Motorboat rides parasailing.

      • Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

        Situated at the western coast of the Havelock Islands of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands Radhanagar serves to be the most visited beach and is crowded by tourists throughout the year. Schedule your holidays with this beach destination that is filled with assorted beach activities accompanied by spectacular nature’s bounty.

        Unique things to do at Radhanagar beach with your friends and family:

          • Trekking- yes you heard it right when all other beach destinations are going to give you unlimited water activities, Radhanagar going to connect you with a unique beach activity, i.e; Trekking amidst the long-stationed rainforest terrain, you with your friends can arrange for a long forest trek for 1.3 km.
          • Jungle stays- another adventurous excuse that you can make out of this beach destination is to stay midst of a jungle with the wonderful booking at the Barefoot Jungle Resort. Hence, plan your itinerary now to grab this offbeat adventure with pals/family.
          • Explore Neil’s Cove- the next unique thing to do at Radhanagar Beach is exploring Neil’s cove which is a blue lagoon that will remain fresh in your memories forever and can be easily spotted by merely walking through the left side of the beach.


        Travelling is a healthy habit which every individual must conceive at suitable intervals to maintain a perfect balance between life & work. Call your friends or family and make plans that filter out all your worries and give you a new life that embraces you with a positive approach.

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