How to Plan Your Last-Minute Beach Vacation

How to Plan Your Last-Minute Beach Vacation

A vacation to a beach place is loved and enjoyed by everyone. Whether or not you are a water lover, just seeing the sight of the sun setting while sitting on the shore is a beautiful experience. Not everyone can have the luxury of being on a beach for a longer duration, hence a short trip is required to experience a change of surroundings and therefore a change of mind. People usually plan their travel well in advance to avoid any confusion and chaos, especially when planning for long trips. However, there are people who love to try impromptu trips and have fun in the adventure that lies ahead. But before moving ahead with the idea some things still need to be thought upon.

There are a few guidelines or checklists before planning that last minute vacation to your favourite beach:

  • Location:

    The first and foremost thing is to clearly identify the location where you want to travel as it will set all the further procedures. If the destination is near then a road trip is the best option to opt for. However, if the plan is to travel to a far off beach place then flight travel is to be considered. While it becomes very expensive to travel through the flight when not booked in advance, some simple tricks can save on those hefty expenses.

  • Dates:

    Look for odd dates to find cheaper ticket prices for air travel. A person has to be flexible while fixing the dates for the next spontaneous vacation. It is often noticed that on the day of a festival or an occasion, the tickets are much cheaper than any other date. Suppose if someone wants to travel during Christmas then the ticket price will be lower on 25th of December as people do not prefer to spend the eve in a train or a flight. People who can pack their bags and travel on Friday to cover the weekend and want to remain on a budget then book tickets for Friday night and return back on Tuesday.

  • Accommodation:

    When a trip is well planned in advance then the hotel can be booked at much cheaper rates but this might not be possible in the case of last minute booking. However, there are instances when people get last minute upgrades or discounts in rooms, travel and many more activities. There are hotels that take special care of honeymoon couples as well by upgrading their normal rooms to suite rooms in generosity. This does not apply to every kind of accommodation available at a beach location. Hostels, AirBnb's and many other options are available at every travel destination that comes with a great view and cheap price. Therefore, it is important to search for such places for budget friendly places.

  • Packing:

    The last minute packing often leads to skipping some important stuff from the mind. Items such as packed food are necessary when the chosen travel beach destination does not serve vegetarian food or if you are travelling with kids then it is the most sensitive thing to be thought upon. Toiletries, hiking shoes, sunscreen, sanitisers, medicines are a few of the stuff that must be packed with full attention. If you are travelling by car then you can also keep some camping stuff, water campers, and a torch so that you can spend a night near the shore without worrying about booking a room in the hotel. Always carry some warm clothes as it keeps warm during the flight as well as at night when you want to take a stroll near the shoreline. Also, carry an umbrella to protect yourself from sudden rain that might welcome you to the beach.

  • Group or Solo Travel:

    While this must be the first thing to decide but as we all know it is always dicey when it comes to group travel, hence this keeps on changing till the last moment. Solo trips are as adventurous as one can enjoy in a group because when you travel solo you make new friends and explore places and people differently. You must be prepared for some of the best times of your life as mostly solo travellers love to stay at cool places like hostels where one can find many other solo travellers. One can also book trips through some genuine agency when you want to travel alone, relax and be rest assured about the places to visit, food and stay. Travelling with friends is the gift of a lifetime and then you don't have to worry about anything as everything works out in the end with so many people travelling together.


Vacations are truly enjoyed when one feels relaxed and there is no tension in the mind. Beach places make people generally happy due to the presence of negative ions and therefore one can feel happy when roaming near the beautiful seashore with their loved ones. Unlike a hilly destination where it is cold, you don't have to carry a lot of winter wear when planning a trip to some coastal area. Less packing less luggage and therefore one can be as carefree as they can around the seashore. Explore the hidden areas, do island hopping, indulge in fun water activities and taste the delicious food that the place has to offer. Be it a last minute trip or pre planned trip, when the destination is so serene and mesmerizing, all the tension and worry of planning the trip properly just fades away.

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