Unique Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Month of Love with Your Close Ones

Unique Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Month of Love with Your Close Ones

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Your friends, family or your sweetheart are people who deserve to receive a thoughtful gift as they have been there for you through thick and thin. There can be no gift that would justify their presence in your life but once in a while as a gesture of love you can definitely make them feel good. Choosing a gift or even making one is a very tedious task when you are not that creative, so to celebrate the month of love with your loved ones we have identified unique gifts that can be gifted to them. These gifts are unique and suitable for your friends, someone close or even a family member.

  • Dream Catchers
  • Dream catchers are believed to be a kind of filter that captures the bad dreams or nightmares in their spider web kind of design and allow the good dreams to fill the room. Hence it is a beautiful gift to give someone who you think loves to decorate their rooms with colors and positive vibes.

  • Resin Art
  • For someone who loves to explore something unique then this is a beautiful gift. Resin art is very popular these days and many people have started it as a small business. There are a lot of items made through resin such as photo frames, accessories, cutleries and many more items.

  • Handmade Wall Art
  • For sending something personalized to someone, beautiful wall art is a very thoughtful gift. Wall art can include large mirror work frames, macrame hangings that have a photo of the person or your memories together with that person or a beautiful painting that can be self-made or bought from a store.

  • Real Flowers Jewelry
  • For your best friend who loves you to the moon and back, why not choose something that can be preserved forever. Her favorite flowers can be preserved in the form of a beautiful accessory that she can wear and remember your friendship forever. There can be earrings, pendants, cups, or even a jewelry box anything that you would want to be personalized and kept as a memory.

  • Pamper by Gifting Hampers
  • If your favorite person is getting married a customized hamper is a good option to make them feel special. You can create a hamper that might include beauty products, chocolates, cookies, flowers, self-care products. It will make them feel overwhelmed and all loved.

  • Customize Playlist on Spotify Plaque
  • Creating a music playlist for someone you love is such a beautiful way of expressing your love for them. It can include a playlist that you both love to listen to together and have always cherished. A list of songs, poems or some story that one can listen to when the other person is not near is a tremendous way to remove all the distance between you and your loved one.

  • Design Cute Caricatures
  • Mini caricatures of couples, sisters or friends look very adorable on a side table. It is a colorful and cartoon type of image of the ones you want to give them to. It is suitable for the one you share a very close bond with as they will take this as a cute gesture of love.

  • Hand or Feet Impression
  • A very creative thing to give someone very close and lovable to you is an impression of their feet or hands. If your friend or family member is having a baby then giving them an impression of the baby's feet or hands will melt their hearts even more. It is a gift that will be cherished forever by your loved ones.

  • Make a Portrait
  • If someone is talented enough to draw a portrait of them it is one of the most unique gifts one can give to someone they love. It will show your love and the amount of effort put in. It is something very creative and will definitely make that someone feel on top of the world seeing your hard work and dedication.

  • Go Green
  • For someone who maintains a beautiful looking garden or has set up a gorgeous balcony filled with colorful flowers and planters, a bonsai, or a succulent with a cute little pot is a typical gift. You can also plant some indoor plants that can be kept in their room. Instead of giving bouquets nowadays people gift plants which are something that can be kept for a long time.

  • Book A Star
  • A very new and different kind of gift is to book a star legally in the name of a person. There are sites that allow a person to buy space on the moon for a price and that you can give to someone special. How amazing it is to have a star in your own name, where you can actually look up and say, that is my star.

  • Aromatic Candles
  • Some people love to have their living room, bedroom or bathroom decorated with scented candles. The fragrance fills up in the air and uplifts the mood instantly. It is a perfect gift for people who love fragrances. Potpourri and candles make a perfect gift for friends and family members.


    There are so many ways to make someone feel special and loved. Just a little bit of research and a simple thought can land you on the right gift for the right person. Make this valentine even more special by gifting your loved ones with such creative and unique gifts.