5 Ways to Master the Tricky Art of Color Combining  

5 Ways to Master the Tricky Art of Color Combining  


                                                                              It's easier than you think.

Ever looked at your closet and thought, "Wow, all I own is black!" Well, you're not alone girl. Many people gravitate to black, white, and grey pieces because they aren't exactly sure how to style a bunch of colours.

But fear not! Try these steps to master colour mixing — which says, the art of matching different hues and patterns in an outfit — and design your own vibrant new look.

5 simple ways to master the tricky art of color combining:

  1. Walk monochromatically


If you're dodging mixing different colours and freaking out to turn out to be a clown afterwards, then initiate with one colour, and own it. Wear that hue — and only that hue — in every piece of your outfit. The easiest way to get started is by wearing coordinating separates or a bold suit.


  1. Wear Not-so-basic neutrals


No, we're not considering your favourite beige, brown, navy, black, grey, and olive green as neutrals, Go and check out plenty of colors, which fall into this category, including metallics. Wearing gold or silver instead of traditional neutrals makes for an outfit way more fun.



  1. Ensemble primary colours

If you're willing to mix it up, then start with the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. These three shades help create every other color (elementary school lessons J).  These tones look great color-blocked or worn all together to make a statement.



  1. Slay in analogous tones



Once you're ready to branch out more, it's time to bring up another elementary-school art idea: The colour wheel. Remember it? Basically, it's the entire rainbow in a circle. Shades that are next to each other are called analogous colours.




  1. Jell up with contrasting hues.




Let's revisit the opposites on the colour wheel. Just because they're on different sides doesn't mean they don't go together in an ensemble. The model in the image above illustrates this point with her bright blue top and contrasting flowers on it.


If you want to take your mixing, up a notch, and throw your black outifts then, try out these awe-inspiring and rejuvenating styles from downtown sexy to uptown chic for your other-half 2018. These color mixings will enhance your looks on a date, weekends, brunches, as well as to work. To shop! Visit @Berrylush.com

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