Skincare Routine for Different Seasons (Summer, Winter, etc.)

Skincare Routine for Different Seasons (Summer, Winter, etc.)

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As the season changes, we immediately start switching our wardrobe with an appropriate piece of clothes by how often we initiate to switch our skincare routine. We usually think that our skincare routine does not need a change with the season but it's high time to rethink our approach to our skin. Usually, we find that our skincare routine suddenly gets unmatched with our skin and then we start to find fault within our skincare routine, though the most logical explanation for this sudden problem is a change of the season. Our skin is one of the most sensitive organs of our body that need proper care and pampering from us, to keep up with changing humidity levels, sun exposure, and temperature which comes along with a change in season. Our skin requires a different and customized skincare routine for every new season which would go well-versed with our skin type as well as with the conditions of different seasons. Each season comes with certain specific changes that could even be noticed when we feel our skin, as during winter our skin gets dry while during summer our skin gets super oily. Thus, to keep your skin healthy and refreshing during every season, your skincare needs certain changes with the products you use while there could be certain products that can use all 365 days of the year as an essential part of your routine. 

Why Do We Need Different Skincare Routines for Different Seasons?

Our skin is deeply influenced by the changes that come with each season and to adjust to the changes and conditions, we need to make some adjustments to our daily skincare routine. When our skin faces seasonal changes, it experiences a taut feeling which leaves a rough result on the overall texture of the skin. When the spring season approaches, our skin gets started to experience certain allergies, inflammation problems, itching, and even rashes, which further reflect that the skincare routine that we are using is not effective or adding a negative effect on our skin. Moreover, as the season changes from warm to cold, our skin experiences dehydration, flaxy and dry skin while during summer our skin gets super oily. All these things only state that one constant skincare routine could not be followed during all the seasons of the year as it could negatively affect and damage our skin. 

So, to keep an even balance and nourish our skin properly all year long, we need to change our skincare routine just like our wardrobe which would help the skin to adjust well to the changes and complexion that come with each season. Though, we can also not forget the environmental condition where we live while switching our skincare routine as environmental conditions also impact the skin balance. Thus, to efficiently switch your skincare routine following the season changes, you should take into consideration your skin type, environmental condition, and climate factors. 

Skincare Routine for Different Seasons

To help you understand more about the change required within skincare routine according to the different seasons, we bring you a brief explanation and guide about season skincare so keep reading for more information. 

  • Summer Season
  • As we welcome the hot and vibrant summer season, we are also welcoming some complexion concerns for our skin. During the summer season, our skin gets exposed to harmful rays of the sun along with excessively high temperatures which result in oily and sweaty skin texture. We must never forget the fact that during summer our skin's oil glands get more active than at any other time and due to that, we find that the skin faces more breakouts and acne problems. All these facts indicate that our summer skincare routine needs to get different and customized changes that would keep our skin clean, refreshing, mattified, and cool. One of the most essential products within one’s summer skincare routine is an exfoliator or you can say face scrub which would help your skin get rid of unclogging pores and other impurities. Face scrub allows you to deeply cleanse, improve skin tone and get smooth skin. While we can also not forget about a face cleanser or face wash which helps to remove everyday impurities and reduce oily texture. Moreover, one should also use a suitable face mask to keep the skin refreshed and less oily and moisturizers such as sunscreen also play the most important role during summer to get our skin an extra layer of protection from harmful UV rays. 

  • Winter Season
  • The Winter season always knocks on our door with full surprises and holiday cheers along with a lazy-go vibe of enjoying the coziness within the blanket and sipping our favorite coffee or cocoa. Though we think that winter days usually bring a lot of perks, there are also certain things of which we need to be aware, such as winter means cold and dry skin. The chilly days of winter generally indicate a moisture-sucking season and this is something we all know, but the thing we don't know is that winter also indicates that our skincare routine needs a change. The skincare routine needs to get certain changes mostly with its products as the products we used during summer days may not be effective for our skin during winter. The cold wind of winter leads to dehydrated skin, so the key to keeping one's skin healthy is proper hydration. For keeping our skin hydrated, we need to pay proper attention to our face cleansers, moisturizer, and serums that could offer a creamy texture to our skin. Our skin requires deep nourishing products such as cream facial cleanser which would clean the impurities and also remain gentle to our skin on a daily basis. In the case of face scrub, try to use a gentle and soft scrub that consists of butter-soft texture that would leave the skin more nourished and smoother. To comfort the skin while cleaning, we can also use a face mask with a clay formula that would offer a luxurious feeling and refreshing essence to our skin. However, moisturizer is a must during winter to keep our skin protected from being dry and rough, so try to use a hydrated and honey formula moisturizer that would keep the skin non-sticky with a soothing effect. 

  • Spring Season 
  • Spring generally symbolizes life and is the season known for love, joy, rebirth, and a new beginning, thus spring not only welcomes the warm weather but welcomes a season that is most suitable for one's skin. The season of spring is the right time of the year to get your skin healthy, gleaming, and super soft as it allows your skin to restore the radiance and gleam that have been lost during the cold winter season. During the spring season, one can adapt to a daily regime of face cleanser which consists of pure clay to mousse formula which would remove the impurities while brightening up your skin at the same time. Moreover, a face scrub with gentle exfoliation is much more suitable for the skin during spring as it would keep the skin glowing with a smooth texture. One can also detoxify the skin while keeping it glowing and gleaming with a brightening and detoxifying face mask. Though, during spring our skin doesn't need heavy moisturizers which we used during winter as our skin needs relaxation and need to breathe, so to keep the skin hydrated we can use a light moisturizer. 

  • Autumn Season 
  • The autumn season is the indication of the cold and chilly weather ahead, as the temperature starts to decrease and the leaves start to fall. Though, the season of autumn is also depicting that our skin needs proper hydration to protect itself from the upcoming cold weather. The air that blows during autumn is usually a drier one which leaves our skin a texture of dryness and states that our skin requires more moisture and nourishment than the summer season. Thus, our skincare routine and products need to switch to the one which would keep our skin less dry and more hydrated. As for face cleanser, we should use a hydrating and gentle cleanser that would purify our skin while keeping it hydrated for a longer period. The best scrub to use during fall is coffee scrub which re-energizes our tired skin and also reduces inflammation along with the addition of glow. With the transition of weather from warm to cold, our skin concern gets more complicated, and thus to keep out extra stress and reduce fatigue signs from our skin, we can use a rose deep hydrating mask which would keep the skin glowing with floral essence. Last, but not least, moisturizer is an all-time requirement for continuous hydration of our skin, and for the fall season, we can rely on lightweight formula moisturizer which would keep the skin hydrated with a light texture and also enable the skin to breathe. 

    Irreplaceable Skincare Products

    Though our skincare routine needs certain changes there are always some products that are used all year round to protect and keep our skin healthy. So, to aware of those products we bought a brief explanation about each product below: 

  • Moisturizer
  • Moisturizer is not a product that is meant to be adopted only during the cold and dry season, as our skin needs proper hydration all year long no matter whether it is winter or summer. To skip the use of moisturizer during the spring and summer season and later on using it during the winter and autumn season could result in deprivation of one's skin texture. Moreover, if we don't moisturize during summer then our skin could also lose hydration and lead to dull skin, so to protect our skin from such kinds of problems we should moisturize all year long. Moisturizer helps to maintain the skin balance and reduces skin-related problems, wrinkles, and the appearance of blemishes. So, while switching your skincare routine with the change in season, keep your moisturizer constant. 

  • Sunscreen
  • We usually think that sunscreen is the product to be used only during the summer season to avoid suntan and direct rays of the sun, but the real fact is that sunscreen is an irreplaceable skincare product that should be used all year round no matter what kind of weather it is. Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting our skin from the UVB and UVA rays of the sun which only appear during summer but also appear during winter, spring and autumn. The direct contact of our skin with such rays could lead to damage to skin cells, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, and skin burns. So, keep your sunscreen a constant part of your skincare routine during all seasons as it provides a shield to your skin from harmful rays, prevents skin burn, prevents tanning, and reduces premature aging risks. Moreover, sunscreen also helps to keep our complexion even and reduces the redness of our skin. 

  • Eye Cream
  • Eye cream is also an essential skincare product within our routine that should be used all 365 days of the year as it helps to prevent dark circles, and reduce puffiness and eye wrinkles. Eye cream is the best product to reduce the early sign of aging, keep the skin under the eyes hydrated and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The daily use of eye cream helps to keep the skin under the eyes soft and also maintains an even complexion. 


    Skincare routines don't need many changes or an overhaul of skincare products within your cupboard as many products are considered essentials and should be used all year long. To help your skin adjust efficiently to the season, we brought you an explanation about each aspect that's related to one's skin and seasonal change. Though, we recommend you identify your skin type before making any changes within your skincare routine to avoid any kind of skin-related problems. Moreover, try to pick only those skincare products which allow your skin to breathe and avoid the appearance of pores or clogging. For more skincare information and guide, you can also head over to other articles on the blog column of Berrylush.