What's the best Shein Alternative in India?

What's the best Shein Alternative in India?

Fashion trends are set by people who know how to express their unique personalities while carrying out a style that is elegant yet comfortable. You too can define your fashion statement and let your world be charmed with your presence just by exploring all the amazing apparel brands available these days. Closing in with great appreciation from shoppers for an amazing range of collections, Shein and brands like such, have been very popular among the youth mass of India; however, now there are many great regional brands that have gained popularity among the buyers while offering classy and stylish clothing options at an unbeatable price range.

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." - Gianni Versace

Clothes must be comfortable to wear, not just be trendy. The way you dress and what you pick for a certain occasion help leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Experimenting with different brands and clothes can be somewhat a hassle but it surely helps in finding your comfort style for any occasion.

Currently, there are many regional and international clothing brands that have offered limitless possibilities for fashion-loving individuals by sharing their exclusive collection in the Indian E-commerce market. Among these, brands such as Shein took over the e-commerce platforms and became the most loved brand across India in a very short span of time. The youth went crazy over such brands that offered elegant, trendy, and stylish clothes at an unbelievably low price. Not only outfits, they actually had an enormous collection of bags, shoes, and accessories to complete the look. However, in the battle of brands for the regional and international market, buyers have always been inclined toward those brands that offer a wide range of collections at a price tag that does not dig a hole in their pockets. After Shein getting banned, Berrylush has started becoming the new source for reliable and affordable apparel that is warm-heartedly designed and manufactured by the company for its amazing and supportive customers. Here are some of the valuable points observed by the insightful reviews of trusted vloggers and market research:

  • Why Berrylush is the New Favourite?
  • One of the religiously followed mantras for buying clothes is not to follow bulk buying but focus on buying good quality fabric and everlasting designs. Affirming this, many fashion bloggers and vloggers like Ria Das on YouTube have shared their experience on how they find Berrylush as the next to best alternative of brands like Shein. She always recommends affordable clothing to her customers and believes that Berrylush has made it possible for all fashion lovers. The quality of fabric must be such that it lets you breathe throughout the day. From her exclusive favourite picks from the brand’s collection, she has described the amazing and charming patterns, prints, and detailings Berrylush has to offer. Also, the level of fabric quality the company upholds in its collection makes it an undeniable and cherished recommendation by any of its users. For the women’s summer collection, the brand crafts all of its dresses using high-quality cotton, linen, rayon, and polyester material while keeping the design flattering and comfortable for casual summer outings.

    Ria Das’s Review

  • Brand’s Digital Presence and Support
  • Among many enthusiastic online shoppers, some are thrilled to try out brands that have a great public image or are cherished for their unique design and quality. Berrylush is a genuine Indian brand that offers a wide range of good quality clothing for women at an incredible value. It has established its presence in the Indian and international e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Shopify, and Ajio along with its esthetically pleasing online website that has a very elementary layout for an exceptionally customer-friendly experience. As expressed by Divya Gupta, an active YouTube fashion vlogger, the remarkable brand presence on various online channels and website handling are expertly and intuitively managed by the Co-founder of Berrylush, Alok Paul. His efforts in meticulously presenting and making the shopping accessibility readily available in the local and international market have gained trust among its brand followers, making it the next preferred women's apparel brand after the dismissal of foreign brands like Shein.

    Divya Gupta’s Review

  • Swadeshi over Desi
  • In India, the Vocal for Local campaign has influenced the buying preferences of individuals, encouraging the shoppers to explore and consume the great and stunning products that are manufactured and sold by Indian brands. The sole idea behind this campaign was to promote the regional brand owners and industries to deliver goods that are equals in terms of quality in comparison with global brands. Isheeta Yadav, a trusted YouTuber and fashion vlogger, has immensely invoked her audience to participate in this campaign on grounds where viewers are looking for a reliable and affordable brand after the Shein getting banned in the Indian e-commerce market. In her review, she has justified why Berrlush, an Indian brand is the best alternative of Shein by her experience after trying different outfits for this in-house designing and manufacturing local brand. Understanding the fashion trends followed by Indian customers, Berrylush has exclusively curated designs that are inspired by prints and patterns that are timeless and refreshing. By providing employment to people from nearby areas especially women, Berrylush is truly promoting Swadeshi in every sense. What a pragmatic approach to giving something back to society.

    Isheeta Yadav’s Review

  • Little Things that Matter when Buying an Outfit
  • Before Shein was banned, its followers were highly admiring the different designs it had to offer. Understanding the need for such buyers, Ishita Khanna has shared a great experience via YouTube clothing haul post on how Berrylush offers its women apparel collection that is meticulously designed to reflect elegance and style. The innovative and creative hand behind all of the marvellous apparel designs of Berrylush is its Co-founder Anusha Chandrashekhar, a passionate designer and an IIM graduate. The variety of dresses, tops, jumpsuits, skirts, and kurtis are enough to keep you glued to the screen till you end placing an order. The clothes are stitched in-house and the finishing is precise as Ishita Khanna in her YouTube vlog has mentioned that the stuff that she bought is amazing, stitching is fabulous, the clothes are not at all see-through and the designs are super trendy.

    Ishita Khanna’s Review

  • Trust Among its Many Customers
  • People are loving the elegant and trendy collection of Berrylush and their praise and trust on this brand is clearly reflected in the reviews posted along with the customer's picture on the website. Girls are going gaga over the finest and trendiest collection that Berrylush has. Almost all the products have been reviewed on the Berrylush homepage due to which people have developed confidence in this brand. Vlogger Sakshi Yadav in her Shein alternative video on YouTube shared how smooth her experience went while buying from the gorgeous collection and also she could bag a huge discount on the purchases made from Berrylush site itself.

    Sakshi Yadav’s Review


    Fashion is something that keeps on changing, and one cannot always buy expensive clothes just to be in trend. But being in vogue is addictive, therefore, affordable fashion with good quality products is the need of the hour. And Berrylush is one such Indian brand fulfilling all the aspects of an ideal outfit whether it’s in price, comfort, feel or design.