Perfume Storage Tips and Tricks to Make the Fragrance Last Longer

Perfume Storage Tips and Tricks to Make the Fragrance Last Longer

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Perfumes are fragile cosmetic items that need proper care to stop their depletion as they start to degrade the moment you open them. Regrettably, perfume packages don't come with proper storage instructions which further results in the early deterioration of perfumes. For every occasion, we love to choose different perfume fragrances and as a consequence, a lineup of perfume collections is built for every special moment. If you love to build your perfume collection, but have no idea how to preserve them for a longer period, then here we are to help you get a better understanding of the storage tips and tricks of perfumes to make them last as long as possible.

  1. Keep Your Perfume in an Upright Position: The most crucial thing to keep in mind while storing your perfumes is to keep them in the right position. The position of perfumes can affect the overall composition by building undue pressure from within or could lead to leakage of the fragrance and many other problems. To avoid such a complicated situation, you should avoid keeping your perfumes in drawers or a lying position as this position directly affects the inner pressure and can cause leaking. You can keep your perfumes in an upright position to avoid the build of inner pressure and you can also create a special space for your perfumes collection such as a cupboard or self which would make it easy to store them properly and last them longer than usual.

  2. Don’t Leave the Perfumes Uncapped: If perfumes are left uncapped then there are relatively high chances that the fragrance of the perfume would evaporate along with the heat in the room. When perfumes are uncapped, the oxygen gets inside the bottle which further impacts the stable temperature and could affect the longevity of the fragrance. Thus, it is very important to properly close the cap of the perfume as it would minimize oxygen exposure and would also help you preserve your precious perfume fragrance for a longer period, and would also prevent your perfumes from other damage.

  3. Avoid Keeping Your Perfumes in the Bathroom: Usually, people get into the habit of keeping their perfumes on the bathroom shelf as it is one of the most convenient places to use the perfumes while dressing up. Though, we are not aware of the fact that the hot and humid temperature of the bathroom could become the biggest problem for your luxury perfume. Bathroom shelves might be seen as user-friendly for most people but in actuality are not perfume-friendly as the exposure of perfumes to unstable temperature can kill the molecules of perfumes which further alters their fragrance and composition.

  4. Try to Find a Place with Stable Temperature: While choosing the right storage place for your perfumes, you should try to find a place that has a stable temperature as an extremely high or low temperature can negatively affect the quality and overall fragrance of perfumes. Try to find a space within your room which has a consistent temperature like your closet or in cupboards that would keep your perfumes safe and sound for a longer duration. Places like the bathroom and kitchen are the most unsuitable places to keep your perfumes as they tend to consist of dramatic temperature.

  5. Avoid Direct Contact with Sunlight: Perfumes consist of a delicate composition of various ingredients which are mixed with oil or alcohol base, thus if this composition is exposed to sunlight or heat then there is a very high chance that the fragrance of the perfumes would get altered. You should try to keep your perfumes in a dark, cold, and dry place, far away from heat and direct sunlight as exposure to heat and light could change the overall composition of your perfume to an extent where the fragrance of the perfume might become unrecognizable.

  6. Avoid Excess Shaking of Perfumes: Perfumes consist of very delicate chemical bonds within them and it is necessary to take proper care of the perfume bottles. Usually, people tend to shake the perfume before use to jolt up the perfume's fragrance, but what we need to know is that shaking could react oppositely. Excessive shaking could lead to the formation of unwanted oxidation within the bottle which could be seen in the form of bubbles that could affect your favorite scents.

  7. Refrigerator Is Also an Ideal Storage Place: The best place to store your luxury perfumes is the refrigerator as it provides the required cold temperature and dark surroundings, away from light and heat. But placing your perfumes in the refrigerator, you should also read the instructions on the box as different perfumes require different temperatures. Though, the cold temperature of the refrigerator is termed to be ideal for most perfumes as it prevents the perfume's chemicals from being damaged by preventing the build of inner pressure. In addition, you should also keep a continuous check on the refrigerator as moderate coldness is perfect for perfumes but very low temperature can also damage the perfumes.

  8. Keep Perfume in Its Original Box: To enhance the longevity of your perfumes, one of the simplest tips and tricks is to keep the perfumes in their original box. It may sound a bit absurd, but the original boxes of perfumes are usually made with the consideration to support their lifespan by efficiently holding their aromatic elixir within. The original boxes of perfumes not only contain important information about the perfumes but also helps to maintain the fragrance of the perfume as it is to the last spray.

  9. Keep Fragile Perfume Bottle on Lower Shelf: If you have a collection of perfume stored in fragile bottles, then the most important tip for you is to keep those perfume bottles on the lower shelf. Keeping fragile perfume bottles on high self generally increases the possibility of downfall which could further result in unnecessary spilling of perfume or even if the bottle doesn’t break the overall chemical composition of the perfumes could be disturbed.

  10. Store Perfume in Dry & Dark Place: Perfumes have very low resistance toward the water, so you should keep your precious perfumes out of context from water. The context of water with perfumes could directly damage the overall fragrance by affecting the chemical bonds leading to an unwanted chemical reaction as its consequences. Moreover, you should also try to choose a dark place to store your perfumes as the context of light could affect the fragrance of perfumes by melting the bottle or killing the perfume microbes.


Perfumes are delicate products and a little carelessness could result in a disaster, but you don't need to worry too much as with proper precaution you can always keep your favorite fragrance safe for a longer period. Storing your perfumes in the right way and right place could be considered your first step to preserving and enjoying your perfume collection for a longer duration. To help you succeed with your step, we bring you the above tips and tricks which could be useful for you to understand your perfumes better and to keep the delicate composition of your perfumes intact. For more information about perfumes and their fragrance, you can also browse the other related blog on the Berrylush site.