Indian Wardrobe Refresh on a Budget

Indian Wardrobe Refresh on a Budget

As the new year starts, we all look forward to refreshing our wardrobe by efficiently organizing our existing outfits with a new outfit on a more sustainable note. Many times, we ignore a large portion of our wardrobe and keep repeating a similar style, especially during the pandemic period which further resulted from a heap of outdated clothes within our closet. Moreover, we can't forget the fact that we love to add new trendy pieces or outfits within our wardrobe which put us in a complicated situation regarding both budgets and with our mound of existing outfits. Thus, the best way to handle this situation is to redefine your wardrobe on a budget by getting your wardrobe a clear-out makeover, putting in your creative and unique styling aspect. So, here we are to guide you about the most effective ways that you can follow up to reinvent your wardrobe more sustainably.

  1. Restyle Your Existing Attire

    Your wardrobe always consists of some hidden gems which could evaluate and revamp your look at the end of the day, the only thing that you need to do is inspect your closet a bit more carefully. The first step towards your wardrobe update is to look around your existing pieces of clothes and further make sure they are still usable. You can check various aspects to know the usability of your existing clothes such as checking that they still fit you comfortably, analyzing their wearability, and repairing the clothes which you have never worn because of minor damages. While, you can clear out those clothes which are too small, uncomfortable, or old-fashioned by donating them to someone in need. After rearranging your existing clothes, you can start to fill the gaps within your closet by shopping for a new fashion style that could go well-versed with your existing outfits.

    To effectively restyle your existing attire, you can shop top like the above peach-coloured solid tie-waist top which allows you to team it up with your jeans or trousers and create a glamorous stylish look. The three-quarter sleeves adjoin with bishop styling add volume and lustrous texture to your arms while the waist tie-ups surface styling of the top gets you the desired fit and an hour-glass figure. This is a perfect clothing piece that you wear on any kind of occasion as its woven crepe fabric gives a delicate touch to your skin along with beautiful integrity.

  2. Add Neutral Essence

    The second step is to update your closet by injecting the essence of neutral style as it enables you to get a go-to outfit with a different aesthetic and evokes a new style to create a trend-alert outlook. You can also separate all the neutral pieces of clothes you already have in your closet as they will surely help you create a new and fascinating style by perfectly getting along with your new clothes collection. Clothes of neutral shade mix well with white, brown, and black pieces of existing clothes while it also lets you save money along with an astonishing look.

    The above classy beige floral fantasy skirt is the perfect example of adding neutral essence to your wardrobe as its beige shade attaches a feminine charm to your look while the floral print includes chic texture to it. This is an ideal wear piece as its flared hemline and above keen length add together a graceful and striking sheen to your overall outlook. This skirt put-forward a voguish style that goes well-versed with any of your existing clothing items such as leather jacket fitted top or cardigans and it also enables you to keep forming a trendy look with a refreshing vibe.

  3. Shop Your Closet Smartly

    When you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe and are looking to shop for new outfits, then always shop mindfully and smartly by keeping track of your budget, trend, and utility of each outfit. To shop new clothes for your closet you need to first evaluate your closet efficiently to get a better understanding of what you and what you already have as it helps you buy an appropriate outfit for various occasions, seasons, and events. Secondly, create a list of the items you need to liven up your closet as it enables you to avoid further distraction and loss of mind while shopping along with sustainable use of your money. Don't spend all your savings on a particular trendy outfit such as a statement top or jacket which might not suit your closet and you might only be worn once a while as it does not add friendly expansion to your closet. Smart shopping also helps you get ideas regarding the style you can create with new items and your current items with good coordination by buying suitable pieces of clothes.

    If you are seeking to add trendy essence to your wardrobe, then nothing is better than floral prints as it gets a trend-alert look along with vibrant hues of nature. Thus, the above off-white printed high-low top is a worthy piece for your closet as it not only meets your trendy desire but you could also wear this top on formal and casual occasions as its beautiful white shade amalgam with floral print would depict your calming aura along with polish and neat outlook. The high-low style of the top gets you a unique and fashionable appeal while the long-regular sleeves give an attractive sheen to your arms. Apart from this, this top also allows you to use your existing clothing items such as types of denim or leggings which could go well acquainted with it.

  4. Adapt New Style

    Updating your wardrobe also means updating your style, it's an opportunity for you to explore new styles and to become more creative with your wardrobe. While updating your style does not mean tossing out your existing outfits as there are always some possibilities to upgrade your style by reinventing your current items with some new items. To uplift your style, the most important thing is to add some edgy clothes items and statement jewelry such as a leather jacket or hoop earrings which keeps you stay in tune with the trend and attach an extra stylish essence to your look. Apart from this, you can also have artistic fun with colors and floral prints with put on a radiant layering to outlook as it gives you an option to mix them with any items and support smooth style transition. Solid patterns, floral prints, and bright colors enliven your wardrobe while keeping your budget in check.

    To try a new style, the above blue floral printed V-neck wrap top is the perfect piece for you as its lovely tie-up closure feature provides you with a curve-hugging silhouette and the short-puffed sleeves give a glamourous texture to your arms. This top is crafted from crepe polyester fabric which ensures to keep it lightweight and comfortable while the captivating floral print on blue shade gives away a tropical vibe and adds a charismatic aura of both spring and autumn. Thus, to experience a new style you could start from this mesmerizing top which gives you an option to pair it up with your existing jeans and get an enchanting look.

  5. Update With Staple Pieces

    One of the most important things to keep in mind is to buy only those clothing items which you could wear comfortably and more often rather than immediately heading out to shop for pieces which you might wear only once or twice as it helps you get your money's total worth. If you are looking to get pieces that would be worth your money, then get yourself some astonishing staple pieces as they go well with various other outfits and are also a suitable option to wear at various events. Staple pieces are usually considered the backbone of other outfits as they add a gorgeous sheen to your overall attire. Staple pieces such as denim jeans, leggings, skirts, light jackets, and basic tees and tops help you to get an effortlessly stylish look with a comfortable texture. Whereas, classic staples such as black maxi dress, light layer dress, or navy-blue flared dress gets you a fashion-forward and relaxing style while offering the budget-friendly feature.

    The above black dress designed by Berrylush is one of the best options of classy staple pieces which offer you an exquisite outlook for every kind of casual occasion and is also an appropriate outfit for any season. The black shade complemented by a solid pattern presents your bold and mysterious aura while the styled back design gives an alluring appeal to your rib portion. Moreover, the maxi length and flared hemline offer an attractive and timeless sheen to your lower half, further presenting a stylish and enticing appearance within your budget.

  6. Add Stylish Touch with Accessories

    Accessories are usually regarded as the soul of the overall outlook as it brings life to your attire by adding minimalistic stylish texture as well as helping you to save a lot of your money. Choosing the right accessories is a very important aspect while upgrading your wardrobe as it generally determines your personality and the theme of the attire. Moreover, our wardrobe always contains some kind of vintage and classy accessories which we have brought for a long time but forget to mix up with our clothing pieces. Thus, while clearing out your closet you can separate those accessories and mix them up with your new clothes to create a mesmerizing final appearance as they add an edgy element to your simple outfit. Silver jewelry, vintage rings, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, hair accessories, and there are many more options than serving as classic essentials and adding a beautiful tint to your look. Other than this, scarves and stoles also work as versatile accessories as they inject sophistication and comfortable style into any outfit.

    To brighten up your look and majestic style to your closet within budget, the above white botanical printed stole is the best option for you as it keeps your vibrant and trendy and complemented with a tropical vibe. The amazing combination of white shade with botanical print makes it a must-have accessory for your closet as it would go well-versed with every kind of outfit. Apart from this, it is prepared from viscose rayon fabric which keeps it lightweight and delicate to avoid any kind of discomfort and irritation to your neck. This stole enables you to add a decorative sheen to your outfit by keeping a well-track of your budget and it also helps you to avoid uncomfortable neck jewelry.

  7. Combine & Harmonize

    One of the best things about updating your wardrobe is that you get a chance to mix and match your current outfits with your new outfits which gets you a stylish appeal along with a sustainable budget. Usually, when we think of buying new clothes, we face a conflict of how to manage our existing pieces of clothes, maintain a super-chic and trendy and last but not the least our budget which could be unbalanced at the end of the month if we go on getting expensive pieces. Thus, the most appropriate solution for all these problems is to buy those items which could efficiently combine with your old outfits and let you harmonize a classy, graceful, and fashionable look without suffering to manage your budget. You could always choose Bardot tops, floral print and pattern tops or dresses or trendy trousers which go well with your existing clothing items.

    This black striped styled waist with belt trouser is a suitable piece for your wardrobe as it allows you to pull on a relaxing and classy style by mixing and matching it up with your existing tops and light jackets. The black and white stripe pattern makes this pair of trousers appeal more attractive and artistic while its polyester fabric gives amazing structure to your lower half along with airy texture which makes it a relevant piece of clothes for all kinds of casual occasions.

  8. Shop for All-In-One Season Clothes

    And, the final guide for you is to always remember to shop strategically as it supports you to shop for all-in-one season clothes which generally saves a lot of money and at the same time gets you a collection of stylish clothing items which you can carry on every kind of occasion, no matter what the weather is. While creating your strategic shopping list, you can think about the most common events that you attend in a whole year such as casual, formal, work, party, or others as it further helps you build your creative style by adding a mix and match process. Clothing pieces such as three-quarter sleeves top, shirt style top, skirts, trousers, button-up shirts, blouses, and maxi dress are the perfect option for your all-year-round closet as they allow you to effortlessly get a fashionable transition for all kinds of occasions and seasons.

    No matter what the occasion is, the above Berrylush red button-through shirt dress is a convenient piece for your wardrobe as its beautiful red shade adjoins with solid pattern presents a bold and passionate outlook for work, casual, or party occasions. The amazing shirt style of the dress adds a semi-formal and tantalizing appeal while the long-cuffed sleeves get your arms a decorative sheen to your arms. Moreover, the mini length in flared hemline offers you set-on an alluring appearance within your budget.


Refreshing and upgrading our wardrobe is always fun as it allows you to reinvent and restyle your wardrobe in a more pretty and trendy way. The above tips would enable you to get a stunning wardrobe along with the proper maintenance of your budget as we know your keenness to get a striking collection of clothes for various occasions. The above tips and tricks would surely help you to revamp your style with essentials that are highly required within your wardrobe without overthrowing or ignoring your current pieces of clothes to make use of all the items in the best possible way. You can also browse the clothing options and latest trendy products to upgrade your wardrobe within your budget from the various collections presented on the site of Berrylush.