How to style backless dresses?

How to style backless dresses?

Want all the attention to yourself? But don’t know what to wear for the next big event? Here’s your chance to be a show stopper! One answer, Backless dresses! gain that confidence and feel comfortable and beautiful in backless dresses for the next big occasion or just for a fun stroll outside in a short summery number! We’ve got your back! (literally!)

Choosing the right bra is a must!

Here are a few tips on selecting bras for backless dresses:

Choose a halter bra for dresses with backless details and necks. Some backless dresses go around the neck and only expose a small portion of your back. For these dresses, you may be able to hide a halter style bra beneath your dress. This suits women with larger chests.

Many low back bras offer the support required to wear a backless dress where they cinch tight around your waist and lower back holding your chest securely without the straps showing at the back. Women with larger busts should go for low back bras as it gives the required coverage in the front and back as well holding your body together.

Try an adhesive bra if you have a mid-sized bust. It provides coverage and support and offers a guarantee that no straps will be seen through the back of your outfit. It offers less support than a low-back bra, because of which it may offer less support to larger-busted women.

Bra with transparent back support is also another great option for women with bigger bust. Transparent straps give the same support just like your regular bra and try to make the back straps invisible. The back of the bra is made up of clear plastic or sheer fabric which makes the straps invisible and easy to wear backless dresses with confidence.

Cover up with stick-on silicone patches if you want to go braless. Make sure the dress is not see through and the fabric is not thin or flimsy. Keep the weather in mind as well, so that if you feel cold you can cover up a fashion faux pas by taking necessary precautions. If you don’t wear a bra, there’s a possibility that you might expose yourself through the light fabric. Avoid this by sticking gel patches over your bust to cover up.

Elegant, minimalist jewellery is the way to go for pairing accessories with backless dresses. Main focus should go on the backless dress you're wearing because your back deserves attention! So pairing your dress with light, dainty and elegant accessories would be your best bet in planning a fool proof look for the evening. It will be advisable to match the dress with accessories that don’t take the attention away from your back. Avoid bold necklaces and wear statement earrings instead! Or opt for pieces that bring attention to your back which are mostly draping your back like necklaces that are longer at the back and short and minimalist in the front.

Got inspired? Here are some backless outfits to choose from!

Maroon maxi dress

This maroon ruffled maxi is the most comfortable and airy dress to wear if you get jittery wearing something that shows too much skin. The back is cut not too deep and gives a very feminine and an elegant look. Looking for something to wear for a formal dinner, date night or a party? this dress would be perfect if you’re trying to experiment with a backless dress and don’t know how to.

Ochre yellow Maxi dress

If you’re in the mood for something bright and happy for a quick mood fix, opt for this strappy yellow dress which is perfect for the summer season. The cut out at the back and slit makes the dress great for a hot day and easy to move. This dress will make sure you shine brighter than the sun!

Blue backless maxi dress

This dress will make you look dreamy like the sky. The beautiful pastel blue shade and the floral print, is perfect for a day out for girls who like light pastel tones and like to wear dresses that make them stand out, because the back really does make the whole look stand out *wink wink*. The cross back gives enough support to wear the dress without worrying about any malfunction and gives a flirty look!

Red Solid fit and flare dress

Want that perfect back shot for your instagram feed? then say yes to this dress! This poppy red colour can brighten up any onlookers day and the best thing about this dress is the cut at the back and front! If you’re in the mood for something daring to wear and still want a foolproof look, this will be your best friend! A forever favourite on the website, you don't even have to break the bank to look this good really!

Black polka dot Fit and flare dress

If red’s not your colour and you’re obsessed with black, then opt for this fun retro skater dress. The back will surely make heads turn and is perfect for a fun stroll outside. Team it up with a solid bold coloured sling bag and white sneakers and your look is done! Say hello to the swinging 60’s for a fun retro look!

Hope these style tips take your look up a notch and you pull that sexy backless dress effortlessly! If backless dresses are still not your thing, there are so many different styles to choose from! So head on to and get that retail therapy fix!