Gear up for Monsoon Season with Our Styling Tips

Gear up for Monsoon Season with Our Styling Tips

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Welcome the monsoon season on a stylish and fashion trendy note! Indulge fashion within your wardrobe by following up on the monsoon fashion codes and rules. Get dressed up in the chicest manner without compromising your style when the monsoon hits the day. Monsoon is a season loved by most as it brings a breath of relief from the scorching summer heat. It is also the perfect time to ditch your comfy casual clothes and start dressing up in a sassy, colorful, and appropriate attire that matches the vibe of the monsoon. But, the trickiest part of monsoon season is that it can be a hindrance to your fashion game and stay updated with the trend because of the risk of getting your clothes wet and dirty. We are aware of your worries related to monsoon clothing and thus, in this article, we will be sharing with you some monsoon styling tips to look effortlessly fabulous.

Monsoon in India

The arrival of the monsoon season in India is usually connected as a respite from the soaring heat of May and June. The onset of monsoon in India gets started from the heavy rain over coastal Karnataka and Kerala. This onset then gets started to spread over the Peninsular region and also in the southeastern and southwestern parts. Though, the monsoon onset reaches the central and northwest part of India by July. Monsoon is stated as the seasonal change in the direction of the winds as it blows cold regions to the warm, giving away a refreshing shower. The monsoon season of India is often associated with the Indian and it also determines the climatic factor of most of India. India's monsoon season is also related to heavy rainfall and a humid climate.

The agricultural, as well as industrial sector of India, relies on the summer monsoon for their overall production and electricity production. Though, India also faces heavy damage each year of the heavy summer monsoon as floods generally devastate certain major regions of India. Urban areas like Mumbai are used to flooding streets during monsoon season and sometimes each rural area of Mumbai is seen drowned due to heavy rainfalls.

India's monsoon season is generally unexpected as the weather could be warm at certain times but just a moment later you can witness a random heavy rain downpour. It is a season when traveling in India becomes more difficult as the streets get flooded and plenty of mud appears out of nowhere. But you can always get through the Indian monsoon with fashionable attire and further monsoon styling tips.

Importance of Colors in Monsoon

Picking up the right clothes for the monsoon is essential but the most important thing is to know what colors to wear during the monsoon to look fashionable. Every season consists of its special characteristics which make it beautiful and so is the monsoon which is associated with wonderful colors and exotic weather. To sync up with the monsoon season as well as the latest fashion trends, opt for bright colors which can easily brighten up the gloominess that rainy days bring. Bright colors add a tint of pop to your character and mind with a splash of joy while dark colors could add up a shadowy essence to your monsoon look. The best colors to pick for monsoon seasons are stated below:

  1. Yellow: For a lively ambience and warming essence, you can pick clothes with a yellow shade. Yellow defines cheerfulness and so, it will amp up your monsoon casual look with a flattering touch. Also, yellow is present in various shades and for monsoon season it is best to opt for yellow in a darker shade which prevents staining incidents.

  2. Orange: The color orange is known for its warm texture and it is also considered a hot pick for monsoon season to add the tint of fun. This color depicts a sense of cheeriness and approachability, further making an attractive shade. In addition, oranges also give away a positive vibe to uplift one’s mood.

  3. Blues: You can also choose blue as your on go color for monsoon as it automatically brightens up the environment. During monsoon, the gray clouds usually cover-up the sky, while making us miss the sprightly blues. Thus, by opting for a lighter shade of blue you can make up for the loss.

  4. Lime Green: For a spunky vibe you can pick up clothes with a lime green color which gives away a calming effect that resembles nature. Lime green color gets you a monochromatic and glistening grace outlook to overcome the gloominess of rainy weather.

  5. Fuschia Pink: To add playfulness, you can settle on Fuschia pink color which is also known as the season's favorite pick. This color enables you to get a distinctly fashionable look.

  6. Purple: The rarest color to pick during monsoon is purple which makes your appearance stand out. Purple is famous for giving away a luxurious vibe with a touch of royalties. This color is perfect for monsoon evenings as it gets you an effortlessly stylish look.

Fabric to Wear in Monsoon

The monsoon not only brings relief from hot summer but also brings heavy rainfall and a humid climate. Thus, to enjoy the monsoon in your heart, you need to properly take care of the clothes fabric. Try to pick clothes that would keep your look trendy and comfortable at the same time. As looking fashionable during monsoon season could be tricky and could also be a discomfortable experience. So, the fabric you select plays a major role in keeping you looking gorgeous and comfortable. The following fabrics are most appropriate to wear during the upcoming monsoon season:

  1. Cotton: To beat the gloomy weather of monsoon and the humid climate, the best fabric to opt for is cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric with a cooling effect to allow air flow and keep your skin dry. Also, this fabric is super light with quick-drying properties which makes it suitable for the summer monsoon season of India. This fabric gets you a simple yet fashionable look without a discomfort feeling.

  2. Khadi: The monsoon season usually makes us worry about cloth staining from the raindrop or muddy streets. But you can keep your worries aside with khadi fabric which has a quick stain removable feature. Khadi fabrics are easy and super comfortable to wear while getting you a chic and classy outlook. Not only that, this fabric comes with fuss-free properties which let the clothes remain uncrumpled and polished sheen. You can pair a khadi fabric top or shirt with a short to avoid getting your bottoms dirty from wet mud.

  3. Crepe: If you have an outdoor plan during monsoon season and want to look sassy, then you can choose crepe fabric. This fabric comes with several beneficial features such as versatility, heat resistance, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchable which makes it a perfect monsoon fabric. You can wear crepe fabric clothes to give it an eccentric look.

  4. Denim: Denim is forever in style and could go well-versed with every season. You might think that denim is an uncomfortable fabric choice for monsoon, but you can pick denim with a blend of cotton. The cotton blend with denim would get you breathable, comfortable, and stylish fabric. That's not all, you can also go for denim skirts, ripped shorts, and dresses to get a sizzling monsoon look.

  5. Rayon: One of the best fabrics for the monsoon season in India is rayon as this fabric gives a feel of silk but its features are much more similar to cotton fabric. This fabric's rapid drying feature would help you dry quickly if caught up in the rain while the moisture-absorbing feature controls excessive sweat due to humidity. In addition, this fabric keeps your skin cool by allowing proper airflow. For a fashion-flaunting look during monsoon, this fabric is suitable as it reflects the essence of silk.

Importance of Taking Care of Skin During Monsoon

Monsoon comes with a lot of pros, but we usually tend to forget the skin problems that come along. Sudden change in weather and rise in humidity makes it difficult for our skin to adequately adjust to all the changes. Monsoon season makes the situation worse for people with oily or mixed skin types as it leads to the frequent breakout of acne. Due to the rise in humidity level, the sweat on our skin catches up with pollutants in the air which further clog the pores and could also lead to various skin problems. Our skin could face problems such as infection, rashes, dullness, and many more which could damage the skin texture.

To avoid skin-related problems during the monsoon, it is very much important to change your skincare routine. For a better skin texture and to avoid dullness due to excess oil, you can follow these quick monsoon skin care tips:

  1. Wash your face frequently: Try to wash your wash frequently during the rainy season, especially when you go out for some reason as excess dust and oil could pile up. Cleaning your face twice or thrice in a day is a must and try to opt for soap-free face cleansers. This routine will help you avoid skin infection, greasy skin texture, and fungal and open pores.

  2. Exfoliate your skin: During monsoon season we face breakouts of acne and other skin issues due to the humidity which could turn your skin into a breeding area for bacteria and germs. To avoid such issues, you are suggested to exfoliate your skin with scrubs that are super gentle and consist of the ability to remove dead skin cells.

  3. Keep the skin hydrated: Due to excess sweat and oil, your skin might look dull and pale during monsoon season. To prevent such problems, you need to keep your skin hydrated all the time. For proper hydration, you can drink a lot of water, eat fresh juicy fruits and use a face mask that would keep away toxins from the skin.

  4. Moisturize your skin regularly: Never forget to moisturize your skin, as you might think that during monsoon season your skin doesn't need moisturizer but you are mistaken. Moisturizer is an important part of the monsoon skincare routine as it enables your skin to get rid of wrinkles and also sustain the skin glow.

  5. Apply Sunscreen regularly: Just because it's raining or the weather is cloudy, you can't think of skipping your sunscreen. Sunscreen is an essential product for your skin as it works as a shield against the harmful rays of the sun and though it's cloudy, the sun's rays can still havoc on your skin texture and health. Thus, always apply sunscreen for about 20 minutes before going out regularly.

Monsoon Picks

To gear up for the monsoon season, you also need to take care of other essentials too which would help you stay stylish without any worry of a heavy downpour of rain or dusty winds. The following are recommended essential styling tips for you:

  1. Selecting the Right Pair of Shoes: Not only clothes, but it is also important to select the right pair of shoes that goes well with the monsoon season in India. You can settle for flats, functional boots, rubber-soled sandals, and waterproof shoes which provide resistance from rain and avoid slipping.

  2. Go for Weather-Friendly Accessories: During monsoon season, opt for minimal and weather-friendly accessories such as plastic jewelry, water-resistant handbags, waterproof watches, and colorful beads. These types of accessories add a classy finish to your look without the worry of getting damaged due to humidity or rain.

  3. Reliable Raincoat: Raincoats are the best friend of monsoon season and these days raincoats get a stylish update, especially for women. You can pick a transparent raincoat which would represent dressing sense with a stylish makeover.

  4. Pick Colorful Umbrellas: You can complement your stylish monsoon with a colorful umbrella which would add a funky touch along with protection from rain and winds. To get well-versed with your look, you can also choose printed style umbrellas or umbrellas with lace, stripes, or fun graphic designs.


The monsoon season is all about enjoying and having fun in rain to get relief from the scorching summer heat. So, don't let your clothes or style restrict you from enjoying your heart out or make you homebound. Get yourself a glamourous and comfortable look by following our styling tips which help you to stay tuned up with the monsoon season. For more useful information related to style and skincare, you can also check out our other blogs.