Essential Fashion Accessories to Carry this Monsoon

Essential Fashion Accessories to Carry this Monsoon

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Get ready to welcome the cool breeze and drizzling rain as the monsoon is on the brink. Monsoon brings a cooling change in the temperature by replacing the summer heat with the cool wind. Along with the change in weather also requires a change in your fashion game as stepping out during the rainy days with your usual fashion wardrobe and accessories can become an unpleasant experience for you. It is a challenging task to look chic without worrying about being drenched in rain or the risk of getting your cloth, as well as your footwear, stained dirty with mud. Thus, to avoid the risks of monsoon, you should make way for the essential fashion accessories that you need to carry during this season which would let you stay effortlessly fashionable. To help you get a memorable experience this monsoon, we have listed some essential fashion accessories that every fashion-forward person should carry.

  1. Short Dresses: Monsoon is one of the best seasons to wear a short dress which would save your clothes from getting tainted while walking on the muddy street. We recommend always wearing short dresses instead of lengthy outfits or jeans which are easy to get dirty and wet during monsoon. Short dresses get you an additional benefit of drying up quickly and keeping your body cool by allowing airflow. You can opt for floral print short dresses which are all-time trendy and are also an essential pick for your monsoon wardrobe.

    For the perfect monsoon short dress, you can pick this beautiful White and blue floral printed A-line mini dress. This mini dress saves you from getting dirty while enchanting floral print naturally brightens up your outlook. Also, the long-flared sleeves depict the tint of trendy style and the polyester fabric keeps this mini dress light and breathable.

  2. Umbrella: Never forget to invest in a colorful, trendy, and sturdy umbrella this monsoon season as they work best as rain shields and also add a fashionable touch to your look. Always try to pick a wind-proof and long umbrella which would protect you from both heavy rain and strong. Moreover, colorful and bright umbrellas also enable you to make a unique style statement by complementing your overall outfit.

    You can take it away in your wardrobe for a color combination like the above red umbrella with Solid mustard yellow strapless-neck smoked fit and flare maxi dress for casual party occasions. This dress comes with an asymmetrical hemline to add an eccentric layout and the mustard yellow shade gives away an energetic vibe that goes well-versed with the bright color of the umbrella. That's not all, this dress is made of crepe polyester fabric to offer moisture-wicking properties which save your skin from high humidity during monsoon.

  3. Shorts: If you feel uneasy in skirts or dresses, then you can make shorts your wardrobe best friend this monsoon. Pants and jeans are a no for a monsoon wardrobe as they are easy to get dirty and could make you feel a bit stuffy during a high humidity climate. So, go for shorts that come with colorful prints such as floral, tribal, abstract, tropical, and neon as they not only save you from getting dirty but also keep your look fashion-flaunting. Also, go for shorts, mini jumpsuits, or co-ordinates set with light fabric which would provide a quick-drying feature and also soft touch to your skin.

    The above Blue floral printed front tie-knot mini jumpsuit is the most suitable choice for your monsoon style as its mini length protects it from getting stained during rain. This mini jumpsuit comes with tie-knot detailing to make your outlook appear boho-chic while the blue shade with floral prints gives away a playful vibe.

  4. Raincoat: To make a fashionable statement during monsoon, the first thing you need to take care of is not to get drenched in the rain. If you live in a place where you face heavy rainfall frequently during monsoon, then the best way to protect yourself from getting drenched is to carry a raincoat. Though, to show your monsoon style you can opt for a transparent raincoat that easily shows off your clothes.

    Under the transparent raincoat, you can wear a dress like this stunning Blue and orange floral one-shoulder crepe mini wrap dress which would take your fashion sense to a whole new height this monsoon. This mini dress comes with warp styling to put-together a gleaming style and the one-shoulder neck enables you to steal the limelight.

  5. Waterproof Handbags: This monsoon season don't make the mistake of carrying a delicate expensive handbag as they would easily get ruined by rain. Settle on monsoon-friendly handbags, especially handbags which are waterproof as it would help you keep your phone, money, earbuds, specs, and other essentials safe from getting spoilt.

    You can mix and match your waterproof handbag with dresses like this Solid dark green front twisted fit and flare mini dress which would give a vintage complement to your overall monsoon look. This mini dress is made of polyester fabric to keep you comfortable and the back tie-up knot closure lends an alluring essence.

  6. Rubber Sandals or Flip flops: Ditch your wedges and also heels during monsoon season as it would not be a smart choice to wear them when streets would be filled with water or mud. The best footwear for this monsoon season is rubber sandals or flip flops which offer anti-slip properties and are also comfortable for the legs. Not only that, flip-flops are the latest trend that suits the vibe of monsoon and also makes you appear cool.

    You can complete your monsoon look by wearing your favorite pair of flip flops with this chic white and pink floral print crepe A-line wrap dress. This dress comes with wrap styling to give an elegant definition to your hour-glass figure and the white color with pink floral print gives away a cheerful vibe.


Monsoon comes in with a romantic and hopeful vibe but it also tags along with the problem of muddy streets and puddles. This season also comes with a random downpour of rain, strong chilly winds, and also rise in humidity. We usually find ourselves facing several challenges in the middle of the day which monsoon offers. But you can keep away your worries and style up in the coolest and trendiest way this monsoon season by following the above tips which would be your life-saver during rainy days. For more fashion tips and tricks, you can also explore our other blogs on the official website of Berrylush.