Chinese Brands Alternatives!

Chinese Brands Alternatives!

Ever since the lockdown has started, everyone has been stressing enough about supporting local home grown brands for indulging in some retail therapy. Berrylush brought out its recent summer collection for the millennials and the not so millennials, having something for everyone, with variety in prints and silhouettes for a fun and relaxed quarantine and chill period at home.

If stressing on supporting vocal for local hasn’t been enough lately, we’ve got youtubers and influencers, talking about the alternative brands to support for local for vocal encouraging economic growth.

There are literally numerous reasons why you should opt for home grown brands, if you’re not convinced, let us list some for you and change your mind!

  1. The quality and standards are highly taken care of since the production is managed locally in well controlled batches.
  2. Bringing fresh styles inspired by latest fashion around the world to you straight so you don’t have to break the bank to look good!
  3. You’re supporting more than the economy of your country by helping workers get a better livelihood and grow.
  4. Our workforce comprises 70% women, so by supporting brands who support women you’re making them get opportunities to grow and become financially independent, so Girl Power!

Mass production done by foreign brands are only concerned with the product and its profits, whereas local home grown brands are empowering a whole generation where they’re concerned with the people producing and the customers buying instead of profits.

Black and White Gingham Top

This gingham check top styled by Isheeta in her video looks absolutely adorable and is perfect for a fun day out or a brunch, the ruffles in the front accentuate the neckline and give an overall feminine look. Team it with a pair of white denims and a straw hat and you’re ready for brunchin’ or shall we say vacation ready?!

Maroon Solid Maxi Dress

This oh so breezy and glamourous maroon number gives us the perfect date kinda vibe and we’re totally living for this look! The rich jewel tone looks good on anyone and is the most versatile shade for evening wear, like they say, “when in doubt, wear red”. Or shall we say maroon ?

Yellow Printed Top with Skirt

This one last look screams VACATION VIBES so loud that we’re dreaming of going to the beach already! This piece is a hot seller and we know exactly why! The lovely bright floral print with shades of yellow can perk up any dull day, like little miss sunshine. We absolutely HEART this look.

Maroon off shoulder dress

Check out this off shoulder maroon dress which is perfect for a date night and priced at Rs. 999/- only! The front drape and slit gives the body a very flattering look and the rich colour is absolutely perfect for a formal event. The ruffles in the front, give a very feminine touch to the whole outfit and honestly, if compared to other brands from China, this dress is an absolute steal for the price.

Floral Print wrap dress

Or this flattering wrap dress in a beautiful muted shade of rust orange that is pleasing to your eyes and figure! The wrap silhouette is perfect for women with a heavy bust and it takes away the attention from the chest and tapers the body in a way that you can see the whole silhouette. It’s 2020 and soothing colours and prints are a must, which is why this piece should definitely be in your wardrobe!

Multicolour print maxi dress

Looking for a breezy dress for a brunch outing ? This multicolour print maxi dress is perfect for an outing with your girlfriends, which will make sure you’re the center of everyone’s attention at the brunch. Again, this being a wrap dress, cinching at the waist, will make your curves look absolutely snatched for a great fit. Great fit and great prices! what more can you ask for?!

Yellow Bardot Top

If dresses are not your thing, then this sunny yellow Bardot top will catch your fancy! Perfect piece for staying in or going out for any daytime activity, the off shoulders will give you a fluttery feel! Be free and wild, like there’s no tomorrow! After all teenage years don't last forever, so experiment as much as you can and be free!

Floral print Bardot Top

If bright colours make you feel jittery and you’re looking for something elegant and dainty, then this ditsy floral top will suit your liking. Wear it anywhere you like during the daytime, because the print and silhouette is so versatile and sober, this will totally enhance your whole look. Team it up with a pair of black pants, or if pastels are your thing then try for white jeans or any trousers in pastel shades to make the look refined.

We’re glad that so many of you have liked our products and reviewed it on your channels! Absolutely love this video of Isheeta Yadav, a very talented youtuber who reviewed our products on her channel! We totally heart all the looks!

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These were some of our best selling outfits that you can get at a literal steal! Shop from a range of dresses, tops and bottoms on and make that wfh wishlist you’ve been saving for a while come true!