Celebrity Vacation Outfit Inspiration for Your Next Travel Plan

Celebrity Vacation Outfit Inspiration for Your Next Travel Plan

In the need of an outfit inspiration or confusion to finalize the perfect dress for an occasion, the best solution is none other than following the celebrities’ outfits look and Berrylush brings you the latest designs to restyle your boring wardrobe with celebrities’ outfits influences. To seek the inspiration for your next travel plan, scroll down to see what are the latest celebrities on go outfits for the vacations.

  1. Rakul Preet Singh

    The off-shoulder tops are the new trends and it's a style that could be pulled off by anyone easily. Rakul Preet Singh serves us a look of feel-good travel vibes as the top elegantly represents her collar bones and the short flared sleeves of the top also provide a pretty cute look. The top is a Bardot type with a cropped length which perfectly goes along with a casual travel look as per the new basic trend. Know more about the outfit by going through the shopping section of Berrylush.

  2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

    The actress Kareena Kapoor Khan stands out with her simple and minimal outfit which gives away an astonishing and pleasing diva look. The off-shoulder maxi dress with a touch of pink reflects a look of both elegant and classic in one picture, while the three-quarter flared sleeves and hem makes the outfit ready to explore the look. Moreover, the crepe fabric and layered surface style of her outfit give away a casual vibe which serves us with the most appealing travel outfit inspiration.

  3. Kriti Sanon

    The sartorial and fashion journey of Kriti Sanon could be stated as a remarkable one and one of its pieces of evidence is her chic and contemporary look in the pink solid styled back maxi dress. Though it is not one of the first looks of Kriti Sanon in a maxi dress, what makes them look unique and attractive is the feminine vibes that directly come from the ruffled trims giving away a versatile and sophisticated look.

  4. Deepika Padukone

    Along with her unique acting style, Deepika also implies a unique style of dressing as her look in this flared skirt paired with a casual top overthrew an aesthetic and super chic look. The skirt is both elegant and cute as the midi length along with button detail states that the outfit is rooted in simplicity.

  5. Anu Emmanuel

    One of the most adoring things about Anu Emmanuel is her sophisticated and bold style which is efficiently represented in her sartorially distinct and brave look in a solid red V-neck flared maxi dress. Emmanuel's outfit creates a statement of glamour and trailblazing style as the red colour and wraps pattern of the maxi presents an effortlessly blending and magnificent look. Apart from these, the V-shaped neckline and thigh-high slit at the front add a feminine finesse and captivating outlook that strikes perfectly with the electric colour of the outfit.

  6. Kiara Advani

    To add a mood-boosting colour to your travel outlift look, Kiara Advani serves you with the perfect outfit by wearing a white floral print tie-up high low crop top. Advani presents a classic and sexy outlook with her floral print crop top which is clubbed with long sleeves along with ruffles detail and tie-up closure creating the outfit both appealing and casual.

  7. Priyanka Chopra

    If you are crushing over the newest trend and comfort clothing for your travel outfit look, then Priyanka Chopra could match your thirst by elaborating her combination of comfort and style by pulling off black printed high-rise parallel trousers. The outfit serves both trendy and comfortable looks like polka dots and geometric prints are the constant trend while the flat front, high waist, and regular fit features make the outfit more comfortable and casual for travel purposes.

  8. Sunny Leone

    If you are planning for a relaxing travel experience along with a fashion-focused outfit, then take inspiration from Sunny Leone who picked out the perfect outfit for her day-out with a classic and gorgeous blue stripe culotte jumpsuit. Sunny Leone's outfit gives away an iconic relaxing fashion style along with its statement striped pattern and sleeveless feature.


All these celebrities are labelled as fashion divas who have aced the art of dressing up as the most fashionable with minimal effort. Thus, needlessly to state out that if you seek travel outfit inspiration then your search could meet its destination by exploring the pick up the distinct and astonishing style of the celebs available on your fingertip at Berrylush. Moreover, you can also renovate your wardrobe and create your vacation outlook with the quintessential style of the fashion divas.

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