10 Outfit Ideas for Fresher's Party

10 Outfit Ideas for Fresher's Party

For every fresher, the initial days of college life start with clouds of doubts, messed-up thoughts, thrilling excitements, and especially all the time we keep ourselves busy in absorbing the heartbeat of the surrounding. Over time, this new environment connects us with lots of new experiences that change our lives permanently. Like any other new phase in life, this phase enters with lots of turbulence but gradually everything settles down with the passing time. Along with everything new & fresh we often clash with persons who play the role of pals till our last breath.

But the essential thing that strikes in our mind other than the new experiences that are going to touch us is the ultimate college fashion code. With correct and charismatic college code you can steal the attention of people easily and also make a unique place for yourself in a cool and classy way.

Seemingly you can rock your college days with impeccable fashion codes and become exemplary in casual style with a fresh fashion code every day. The grand day that constructs the ramp for your iconic college casual style actually starts with the celebration of the ‘fresher’s day’. On this day besides introducing yourself to your college buddies you are also showing your taste in fashion code. Apparently, on this day only a good speech and dance performance are not only the ideal things that one need to take care of but your style statement should be of premium choice and apt to the occasion.

Some easy tips that might help you out in making the apt choice for your fashion code at the fresher’s party:

  • Girls! First you try to forget about your size and try to select dresses that are going to make you confident & provide you with the ultimate comfort.
  • Dress According to The Season: This factor is quintessential amidst all other factors. Your fashion sense should have the balance between the occasion and the ongoing season.
  • Read The Theme: Do lots of homework and find out the best possible fashion code that goes with the theme of the party.
  • What to Do When There is No Theme?: Yes, often in many colleges fresher’s parties don't come with a particular theme and in that case, you need to study the crowd and do some research work based on that particular choice and wear the best you can!
  • The final thing that plays a great role in moulding your fashion sense is the colour code. Yes, you heard it right, it is the colour code that says a lot about your personality. So, depending on the time of the day, pick your colour code. If it's day obviously go for light/pastel shades, if it's night time go for the darker one.

Start the party preparation just ten days before the grand day and make a good trial for the voguish fresher’s look at your fresher’s event. As Fresher’s party is the first event as you step into your new world, take this event on a serious note and become the pole star of your batch. With the perfect styling dose, your event is going to make you the ultimate showstopper for the rest of the college years. Hence, try to envisage the best out of you and make a style code that escalates your stature to that of a model.

Let’s take a virtual tour and together do some homework that can be used for your grand fresher event!

  1. Cute Bardot Dress:

    The first styling dose should carry all the features that will blow everyone’s mind! Start your fashion ride with this below provided dress and amaze the crowd with your flamboyant style. This dress comes with an extra stylish front tie-up knot along with the appealing Bardot shoulder.

    Spice Up With Accessories - Pick a pair of matching strappy stilettos, big metal round earrings and an embellished sling tote bag.

  2. Elegant Solid Maxi Dress:

    The next outfit is all about the art of stealing the attention of the crowd! Try this luxurious maxi dress that looks extremely appealing with the strappy shoulders and sets your figure to appear as a belle beauty. The feminine pink colour adorably flaunts your charm and defines your curves by retaining the shape of your body.

    Spice Up With Accessories - To get the absolutely beautiful look try to match this maxi dress with strappy heels and simply accompany your look with a simple petite clutch bag.

  3. Amazing Lantern Sleeves Dress:

    As every step you take at your event will contribute towards the paradigm of your fashion sense. Henceforth, make your selection wisely and rock the event with your styling ecstasy. With these lantern sleeves of this vibrant mini dress show your modish side that will make you unique from all angles. The V-neck design will provide you with a fuller beautification and will definitely glorify your femininity at its best. The long lantern sleeves are there to fill more drama to your party look that will go apt with the occasion. Besides sustaining the charming aura this outfit will perfectly suit the daytime fashion requirements.

    Spice Up With Accessories - This chic outfit will look best when paired with high heeled yellow glossy pumps and big metal jewellery accompanied with glossy fiery red lip-gloss.

  4. Gorgeous Purple Maxi Dress:

    Feel the rhythm of the stage with the ‘grown-up’ purple colour! This purple cold shouldered maxi dress has essentially become a party staple. Its high-end stylish torso steals the attention of the party and fills the pinkish magic all over. As you walk, the flared hemline will follow your footsteps with its attractive bouncy flares. Try out this flamboyant maxi dress during the daytime and impress your admirers with its addictive appearance.

    Spice Up With Accessories - When you are about to kill with this dress then high heeled pumps are unavoidable! And try to give some extra effort towards the selection of your clutch bag.

  5. Stunning Pleated Maxi Dress:

    Become exemplary to the world of lavish fashion with this solid navy blue padded bust maxi dress. You might be thinking about why this dress has been included in this list of party dress ideas? If so then it is high time for you to recognize the ultimate meaning of a royal aura. The navy blue dress is not only elegant from a 360 degree angle but this too signifies your taste about being unique amidst the ordinary.

    Spice Up With Accessories - Stylise the impact of this fabulous maxi dress with heeled pumps and only add some diamond studs as your earring decoration and you’re done!

  6. Charming Tie-knot Dress:

    Another iconic navy blue mini dress that suits best when you are all set to look like a supermodel at your fresher event. This weightless, high end chic mini dress serves in a great way to highlight your youthful aura. This little navy blue dress goes best for your chic personality.

    Spice Up With Accessories - Well the styling for this little blue dress takes a sassy turn as you have to match it with high ankle boots and no jewellery will be entertained with this style. Rather invest in a tanned leather handbag.

  7. Captivating Red Maxi Dress:

    This dress serves as a party diet for ages, let the party witness again the beauty of this dress embraced by you. With the strappy shoulders and the V-shape neckline, your appearance over the occasion is surely going to rock the party night. Look extraordinarily seductive with the high slit designed right at the front of your bottom and triumph the world as you walk.

    Spice Up With Accessories - To justify the rich red colour, a deep rich lipstick is quintessential and glossy high heeled pumps.

  8. Strappy Green Maxi Dress:

    Enliven the party night with the tint of fresh green shade! Look exquisite as this maxi dress carries outstanding styling elements in its every facet. With the tie-up, knot design gets the utmost exposure of your beautiful back. To decorate your front part this dress too has another feature for a ruched bust style. Get the best party wear vogue with its sylvan solid green colour that looks exotic over the free flowing flare of this night party wear.

    Spice Up With Accessories - Add some lightweight golden contemporary pieces of jewellery to your outfit and for feet get high heeled stilettos.

  9. Designer Two-Piece Dress:

    It’s about your fresher party and how can you stop from looking fresh? Yes, I affirm, at your fresher party look your dress must include a polka dot. Thus, this co-ord dress set will give your party look all the essential youthful elements that you need to glorify your young & charming aura.

    Spice Up With Accessories - Style it up with ankle boots and fabric jewellery that will give you a unique taste in a party look.

  10. Beautiful Wrap Crop Top:

    The last dress suggestion is definitely going to make your party night ‘dress like a nine’! This bell sleeve floral crop top is undoubtedly going to focus the spotlight only on you. So be ready for an ultra-flamboyant fashion code.

    Spice Up With Accessories - This extravagant floral crop top goes best with white wedges and goes better with a solid colour sling bag.


Unleash the party animal hidden right inside you. It may not be the last event, but College Fresher’s party is definitely your first event to make or break your style statement before your college seniors and college mates, so triumph this event with vogue!