20 Self-Care Tips to Try in the Month of Love

20 Self-Care Tips to Try in the Month of Love

One must understand the concept of self love before beginning to think of loving someone else. As it is said you can't pour from an empty cup, in a similar way you can't love others if you are empty from inside or don't practise self love. While February is the month of love and romance, why not focus on self love this time, why not indulge in self care habits. This way you can feel more happy and content with and without any lover by your side. Some useful and time tested self care tips that one must try has been listed below.

  • A Candle Light Dinner with Self
  • Candlelight dinner can be boring sometimes when it is a blind date or with someone you don't know yet but once you get to enjoy your own company you will never look for someone else to make you feel complete. Once it will look awkward going on a date alone but then who cares right. Do not forget to wear that beautiful stylish maxi dress on a date with yourself.

  • Follow a Digital Detox Diet
  • Do you remember the last time you felt peaceful, calm and composed? The last time you did not judge yourself or compared yourself with the life of others seems on social media. Take some time out for yourself free from phone, television or any other electronic gadget. When you isolate yourself from all this chaos you will find your true self. Look stylish while being on a digital Detox not to post on social media but to feel good.

  • Solo Trip for Soul Searching
  • Solo trips are on the cards of many people but hardly anyone takes the step to conquer their fears. It is one of the most adventurous ways to explore yourself as well as the city you choose to travel to in a self paced manner. It is a kind of sweet freedom to do things as per your own wish without having to work as per your travel buddy. A solo trip needs wonderful outfits too and for that purpose choose some floral prints, colorful dresses, jumpsuits and co-ordinate sets to make your trip more exciting.

  • Meditation
  • Silent retreats and meditation is also a way to silence the chattering mind and declutter your thoughts. The best form of self love can be experienced through meditation when you go deep inside and explore yourself. The true meaning and life purpose can be found through such deep encounters with self. While being on a retreat, dress in some loose outfits so that the body also feels free and light.

  • Declutter and Feel Lighter
  • Close cleaning is a very underrated form of self care habit. It is also associated with cleaning your mind as you clean and remove unusable items from the closet. It has a psychological effect on the brain and you will feel lighter once you are done with all the cleaning. While doing the organizing why not wear this super comfortable lounge set.

  • Make Books your Best Friend
  • Reading books is as if entering all together with a new world. There are many people who do not like to read books but it is a sincere request to indulge in reading good books. It will open up various dimensions of your mind. There are so many cafes, libraries or even a quiet place at your home where you can sit and read along with a cup of coffee. Reading in solitude must be a nice experience so why not wear something cool and comfortable like a slit skirt with a ribbed top.

  • Pick a Day and make it Special
  • By celebrating the day we mean that one must plan the whole day as per their wish. Like what one would want to do on a perfect day, how they would want to celebrate a perfect day. It is not necessary that the day must be some occasion, rather take any day off and make it special for yourself. A special day requires a special outfit too because your special day might include family, friends or sweethearts maybe.

  • Catch up with Friends and Family
  • Self love also requires you to open up to your close ones, with whom you feel comfortable. Share your feelings, express your emotions and spend a great time together. Keeping it all inside will not help you clear the clutter hence take it all out and let go of everything. Meeting with friends or family will lighten up your mood.

  • Hit the Theaters for some Movie Time
  • Self time can also include watching a movie alone. It can be a fun animated movie, an action film or a romantic one. It is also one way to spend time with yourself and you don't get to share movie snacks with anyone. You can of course take your friends with you if that is what your definition of self love is. Do not forget to look super trendy while going to a movie with or without friends.

  • Embrace your Fears
  • Facing our fears is the most enlightening experience as it makes you free from your own thoughts. Self love and self care start with overcoming the fears and embracing yourself as it is. Get into some sports activities, join a dance class, get into some physical exercise, go on a trek to climb that mountain. Sing at a karaoke. Do whatever thrills you but do it with some style too and then you will love yourself more.

  • Say “No” Often
  • A very important factor for your good health and mood is to say “No”. Saying no seems easy but is a very difficult task. It really requires a lot of practice and courage to say no in the face of someone. But once you learn this it is a very liberating feeling. Also say yes to healthy habits, lifestyle changes and being around good people. For a bold look, carry an off-the-shoulder peplum top on a pair of jeans.

  • Shop it till you Drop it
  • Shopping makes almost every woman happy. Take some time off, visit stores near you to explore and buy some good stuff. Even grocery shopping can be so much fun. Shopping can also be therapeutic but of course when done in a sensible manner. Bring some good aroma candles for your home, something that will enhance the look of your home and it will automatically brighten up your mood. Shop while looking glamorous in these high rise trousers.

  • Go Green
  • Self love also includes taking care of your plants, making them feel alive too. Go to a nursery and buy some fresh plants. Grow some beautiful plants across the house. Indoor plants bring freshness and a positive vibe to the home along with healing energy. It will definitely boost your self love practice. A visit to a nursery must feel as floral as your dress.

  • Why not try to be Picasso for a Day
  • There are a lot of people who enjoy art and craft work. Painting, creating or learning new things is a hobby of many people. It is an amazing experience when you let your creativity come out. Attend some workshops, make new friends and learn a new craft. All such things can be learnt very easily if you dedicate some of your time to such activities. When visiting such places do not forget to carry a pair of this jumpsuit with a scarf or an oversized pair of glasses.

  • Do Good and Goodwill happen to you?
  • Self care can be found when you do something good for others. People usually feel good When they are good to others. It can be as simple as spending time with some elderly couple or watering plants, or maybe going to an NGO to look after people and take care of them. Such activities keep you grounded and good deeds always return manifold.

  • Sweat it out!
  • One must take care of their bodies by either going to a gym, a Zumba class or even a simple walk. When your body is fresh, you will feel energetic and there will be a natural glow on your face. It is essential to give at least 15 minutes a day to your body. Try to keep a smile on your face while doing exercise or any activity, it will send good signals to your mind and will keep you happy.

  • Prioritize Family Time
  • People nowadays are so engrossed in their daily chores that they often forget or are not able to take out time to spend quality time with their family members. When you have really started with the self love journey then you must take out time for your close ones and be with them on a regular basis. Spend time with your family looking like a fashion diva in this purple mini dress.

  • Relaxing Spa Time
  • A visit to a relaxing spa is so refreshing after a long working week. Once in a while, you must go to a spa for a rejuvenating experience. It is important to take out time for yourself and indulge in such leisure activities. If going to a spa is not feasible for you then you can go to a salon for such relaxing treatments. Visit a spa like a fashionista in a beautiful maxi dress.

  • A Walk in the Nature
  • A walk in nature has many health benefits. It can be a regular walk in some park or going on a trek for some adrenaline rush. When you get close to nature, you experience peace and solitude. It is a self care habit that will keep you in good shape physically and mentally.

  • Get some Good Sleep
  • It is nothing new that one must take proper rest and sleep for at least six hours or as required by their body. The body regains its energy when it gets proper sleep which helps it to be active throughout the day. Some people prefer to take a short nap in the afternoon as it makes them fresh again but it is not possible for everyone.


    All such pointers are so common yet people forget to apply them in their daily life due to which they ruin their self care habits. However, take it slow and apply it one by one if not altogether and you can definitely feel the change within you. It is such a simple task yet it feels so difficult. One must always remember that self love is the only priority they should have and rest everything will fall in place.