15 Ideas for A Laid - Back Valentine’s Day at Home

15 Ideas for A Laid - Back Valentine’s Day at Home

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The season of love is knocking on our doors, reminding us of the essence of life and giving us an excuse to celebrate the love surrounding us. Valentine's day is not always about celebrating with our lovers at an expensive restaurant but it is the day to embrace our loved ones with little moments and gestures to represent our sincere feelings. Besides this, Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to shower yourself with some self-love and care as both your mental and physical state deserve your love more than anyone else. And, to celebrate your love towards yourself, your partner, family, and friends, there's no better place than home as home is the only place where your heart resides and where you find the utmost comfort. So, here are 15 creative ideas for you to plan your laid-back Valentine's Day at home:

  1. Try a New Look and Have a Photo Session

    This Valentine's Day try a new look that you have never tried before and further take this opportunity to have a home-based photo session that could help you to create some memorable moments with yourself or with your partner or family members. This session could help you to seek some changes within you by changing your outlook and the photos would also work as a collection of memories of your unique valentine’s day plan.

    An ideal example of the new look for the Valentine's Day photo session is represented above for you as this outfit goes well with the theme of love and also gives away a stylish, sexy, and bold look as the V-Neck feature, solid red color, and thigh slit-cut highlights the collarbone and legs.

  2. Enjoy a Home Spa

    You can spend Valentine's Day by yourself or with the person you love with some self-care and enjoy home spa through splurging face masks, massage, pedicure, and aromatherapy candles to give relaxation to your body physically and mentally.

    The above attire by Berrylush could also help you look coolest for your Valentine’s Day home spa session as the bright white and blue long shrug and shorts gives away a fun and cool vibe. The long sleeves of the shrug give the arm an elegant outlook while its regular fit feature makes the attire look modest and stylish at the same time.

  3. Lay on Couch and Read a Book

    Valentine’s Day is also the celebration of the comfortable essence of love that we usually get by laying low on the couch. So, this valentine’s day celebrate your love towards your comfort zone by laying on your couch with ease accompanying yourself by reading your favorite book.

    You could also style your comfort home look on this Valentine’s Day by getting inspired with the above white butterfly printed night suit as it represents a feminine, stylish and cozy look by its astonishing features of shoulder straps on the inner and long sleeves of the outer top along with slip-on pajamas.

  4. Try Meditation or Yoga

    The best way to celebrate love at home this Valentine’s Day is to try meditation or yoga by yourself or with your partner as it enables you to relax and reconnect with the love you are losing in your busy life.

    You can also jazz up the meditation look on this Valentine's Day with the above floral printed jumpsuit by Berrylush as this wardrobe develops a fashionable and charming appearance. The front tie-knot and cutout design create the look ravishing and the adjustable shoulder straps and tie closure features also make the wardrobe convenient.

  5. Get Grooving with Karaoke Session

    You can also get grooving with your partner or family members this Valentine's Day to celebrate love by planning a karaoke session as this session would allow you to sing out your love for others.

    The above purple crop top could also help you to add charm to your karaoke session as it matches the theme of love and gives away a distinct and basic stylish outlook. The solid pattern, long-bishop sleeves, V-neck, front tie-knot, and hue features of the crop make it look classy and contemporary at the same time.

  6. Have Fun Baking Your Favorite Desserts

    Improve your baking skills this Valentine's Day and have fun creating your favorite desserts for yourself, your lover, or your family members as there is nothing more fun and sweeter than preparing a dessert for yourself and your loved ones.

    You can also add some colors to your baking session on valentine's day and the above white halter neck crepe dress could be considered the most suitable choice as it gives away a fun and bright outlook. The white geometric print, sleeveless, mini length, and flared hem features of the dress make it charming and flattering.

  7. Relax with Self Care Essentials

    There is nothing better than pampering yourself and your loved ones with a relaxation session accompanied with self-care essentials such as bubble bath, hair conditioning, and back massage on this Valentine's Day as this session would help you get some peace from your busy schedule.

    The above multi-coloured printed halter dress is suitable for this session as it gives away a casual look and the A-line, mini length and shoulder straps design of the dress makes it look gorgeous.

  8. Watch a Rom-Com Movie with Some Snacks

    As Valentine's Day is all about love and romance, so nothing could help you like a rom-com movie with some snacks to create a romantic mood for yourself or your partner as rom-com movies usually give away a cozy and pleasing vibe.

    Moreover, you could also add a finishing touch to your movie plan on Valentine's Day with the above navy blue and white geometric print skirt as the skirt is making the look mesmerizing. The midi length, front thigh slit cut, and flared hemline features of the skirt also made it a suitable choice for a casual and romantic theme.

  9. Turn Your House into a Club

    Valentine's Day is one of the most suitable occasions for you to bring a little to your house by turning it into a club with the same dazzling light decoration, music, and some snacks. Clubbing at home could help you experience some party time with yourself or with your lover or family and friends as dance always brings a good booze vibe.

    You also count up your clubbing mood this Valentine’s Day with the above Berrylush maroon floral printed jumpsuit as this wardrobe matches the romantic mood to celebrate love along with a fashionable look to suit with the clubbing theme. The charming maroon color, sleeveless and polyester fabric details of the wardrobe also create the mood vibrant, fashionable, and comfy blended with romantic ensembles.

  10. Have an Indoor or Backyard Picnic

    Celebrating love could also be simple like having an indoor or backyard picnic as a picnic helps you lounge out with your lover or family members, munch your favorite snacks, enjoy the sunset, and shower your love towards your loved ones with sweet talks.

    The above red polka dot print A-line mini dress could also help you to add freshness to your on-go picnic mood during this Valentine's Day as the off-shoulder, mini length, and semi-backless features of the dress give away a charming look while the red color and puffed sleeves make look more appealing.

  11. Play Some Games

    You can also add some exciting twist to your celebration of love for this year's Valentine's Day by playing some boozing games with your lover or family and friends as it amplifies the fun and love vibes.

    Besides this, you can also create a funky vibe to your game party on this Valentine’s Day with the above black and red floral print dress as the mini length with flounce hem, puff and long sleeves, halter and backless features of the dress make the look astonishing.

  12. Reignite a Creative Art or Your Hobby

    To celebrate love is to show love towards your true self, lover, family, and friends, and this Valentine's Day you represent your sincere love towards them by reigniting your hobby or being creative with some arts like baking cookies, drawing portraits and many more as it enables to relax and laugh with your love ones.

    You can also be a bit creative with your look on this Valentine’s Day with the above pink floral print dress as the front tie-knot, long and puffy sleeves, mini length, and flared hem of the dress gives away a classy and cozy vibe making the look gorgeous for the love theme.

  13. Indulge with Wine Testing Session

    This Valentine's Day you could also celebrate love with your loved one by indulging in-home wine tasting sessions by changing your dining room into the venue of wine-testing as it would be a fun experiment and you could also discover one of your favorite wine.

    Apart from this, the above pink solid two-piece maxi dress could also be a suitable choice for you for the wine tasting session on the occasion of Valentine's Day as this maxi dress gives away a sexy and cozy vibe. The square neck, short and flutter sleeves, front cut of the maxi, and zip closure make the overall dress look flattering and classy.

  14. Schedule a Stargazing Session on the Rooftop

    Staying in doesn't mean you can't enjoy Valentine's Day; you can find your peace in your house by scheduling a stargazing session for yourself on the rooftop as astonishing a million stars.

    For your stargazing session, the above black floral printed crop top and shorts jumpsuit is the most suitable choice as this attire looks charming with its off-shoulder, short sleeves, and elasticized design. The polyester fabric ensures the comfort level while the above-knee length of the short makes it look captivating.

  15. Indulge with a Homemade meal

    Even if you are not a good cook, you could try to be the one on this Valentine’s Day as nothing could depict your love more sincerely than a homemade meal for yourself or your loved ones.

    However, you can also enhance your outlook on this Valentine's Day with the above solid maroon V-neck ruffled jumpsuit as it gives away a fashionable and classy outlook with the ruffled design on the chest and neckline of the dress. The tie-up and ankle-length feature of the jumpsuit also makes it look stylish and casual.


In conclusion, Valentine's Day is a great excuse for you to pamper yourself and your loved ones by getting yourself inclusive in any activities that you love to do at home. Home is symbolistic of love, so celebrate your love at home by getting inspired by the above home-laid back ideas. Moreover, you can also create your mesmerizing fashionable outlook and love language with Berrylush Valentine’s Day collection.