10 Home Care Tips for The Monsoon Season

10 Home Care Tips for The Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year as it brings with it an escape from the heat of summer, drizzling rain, and a new life for plants as well as trees. This season gives away a refreshing and cheerful vibe and is loved by most people. But the humidity level of monsoon also welcomes several viruses and bacteria within your body and your home. We find ourselves enjoying the rain, street foods, and playing near the puddles, but it is also important to stay safe while having fun. Monsoon invites various health and home-related problems which restrict your pleasure to enjoy the rain. So, to help you take proper care of your health as well as of your home, we prepared a list of 10 effective home care tips, especially for monsoon season.

  1. Drink Boiled Water: During the rainy season, we usually get the tendency to drink less water which could further result in dehydration of our body. Always keep your body hydrated to stay healthy as it helps to maintain the skin glow and digestion process. Also, make sure that the water you drink is clean and purified as contaminated drinking water leads to the occurrence of multiple diseases. For assurance purposes, you can boil the water you drink beforehand as boiled water is clean and safe for your body. Drinking boiled water during monsoon would help you to get rid of various diseases.

  2. Keep Electricity Backup: Because of heavy rainfall we often face constant power cuts and most times our important things get delayed due to this issue. Thus, keep an electricity backup in your home especially during monsoon season as it would help you to do unnecessary discomfort. For an electricity backup, you can get an inverter which would help you to smoothly carry out your daily routine. If you already have an inverter, then pre-check the inverter batteries' performance and if they lack any kind of maintenance then get them fixed before the beginning of the monsoon.

  3. Consume Bitter Vegetables: It is important to increase protein and other nutrient intake for keeping the body healthy and free from bacteria and viruses during monsoon season. The best way to dense nutrients and antioxidant properties in your body is to enhance the consumption of bitter vegetables. During the rainy season, try to cook more bitter vegetables which act as prebiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. Bitter vegetables help your body fight against viral fevers, and viral infections and reduce the chances of allergic reactions. Vegetables like dandelion greens, brussels sprouts, kale, radishes, arugula, and broccoli are the best bitter vegetables, though they might taste bitter but they provide various health benefits.

  4. Throw Away Stagnant Water & Food: One of the worst problems that arise during monsoon season is the breeding of mosquitoes which are capable of spreading miserable diseases. Thus, you need to take proper precautions to keep your home free from mosquitoes and the most appropriate way to do it is to ensure there is no stagnant water or food in the home. You must ensure that all water storage in your home is properly covered, if there is stagnant water or food stored, throw them out instantly and clean the place with a disinfectant cleanser as it would remove the source of mosquito breeding. Also, you must keep an eye on the drainage system and ensure that they are not clogged or that there is no rain water clogged in the home to keep mosquitoes away.

  5. Intake of Vitamin C: The monsoon air and rain contain harmful bacteria and viruses which invite several skin diseases and illnesses. To stay healthy and to enjoy the monsoon your heart out, you should increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is one of the easiest ways to stay fit as it helps to boost your immunity. By boosting your immunity, you can control the spread of infection and other diseases that gets spread easily during monsoon. Fruits like oranges, lemon, grape, and kiwi while vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and fresh green veggies are rich in Vitamin C and also increase one's immunity level.

  6. Use Disinfectant for Cleaning: Due to continuous rainfall and an increase in humidity, your home might engulf unpleasant odors and increase in bacteria. Hence, to keep the home smell fresh and to keep control of bacteria, you must clean your hose with disinfectant. Disinfectant helps to remove dirt, dust, and germs from the floors and other objects as its chemical properties work best as a sanitiser. Disinfectant comes in various types which give your home a pleasant smell while eliminating the formation of fungi, viruses, and bacteria with their antibacterial properties.

  7. Use Mosquitoes Repellent: Precautions against mosquitoes are essential during monsoon season as mosquitoes breed faster during the rainy season as compared to any other season. You must use mosquito repellent frequently in your home to avoid diseases like malaria and dengue. Mosquito repellent such as cream, coil, spray, and oil should be always stored in your home in stock.

  8. Take Proper Care of Plants: If you're a plant lover and your home is filled with plants, then the monsoon is the time to take proper care of your plants. Though monsoon is known for bringing life back to plants, if you don't take proper care of your plants, then plants might wither. If your plants are outside then make sure not to water them when it's raining as excess water can affect the fertility of the soil and the plants may not survive. In addition, keep frequent check of the pots drainage system to prevent pooling of water as it may lead to the growth of bacteria and fungus. If your plants are kept indoors then provide proper ventilation to them as it would metabolize energy.

  9. Keep an Eye on Electrical Wires: Monsoon is a season when the risk related to electrical accidents and shocks increases due to exposure to rainwater. It is necessary to check all electrical wires of your home at frequent intervals as it would enable you to avoid such accidents. Try to keep electrical equipment and wires dry and away from water as it protects your house from fire caused by a sudden electric break. That's not all, avoid touching the electric wire with your bare hands to protect yourself from personal injury.

  10. Keep your Furniture Safe: Last but not the least, keep your furniture a little away from the walls of your home to protect them from getting spoiled. Usually, during the monsoon season, the walls of the house get swell due to excess moisture and this moisture could further transfer to the furniture if they are close to the walls. So, to maintain the quality of the furniture, place them a little distance away from the walls.


Our love for monsoon knows no limit but with the pros, this season also tags along a series of checklists to keep oneself healthy and their home clean. To enjoy the sound of rain, cold breeze, the smell of earth, greenery, and hot tea with some snacks without any interruption or worry, it is quite worthwhile to protect your home and of course from the damage that monsoon brings with itself. For a memorable monsoon experience at home, you can follow the above home care tips which would help you be prepared for the season. We hope that this blog is helpful for you and for more information regarding monsoon you can check out the other blogs of Berrylush on its website.