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10 Best Indian Women Who’re Nailing Fashion on Instagram 2022

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Being stylish in our day-to-day life as well as on various special occasions has become very easy, as for endless fashion inspiration, Instagram is a premium and virtual niche on the fashion runway. Instagram is just a mini home of fashion bloggers who brings forward a wide range of style options for the viewers by creating daily #ootds, style tips and tricks, occasion-based outlook, fashion series, various hacks, and many more fashion contents. The fashion influencers have made fashion an easy language to understand while they also play an important role in promoting various brands, micro, and small emerging fashion designers and style by understanding the current trend in the fashion market, a person's particular body type, color theory.

If you're looking for trendy fashion inspiration, then here's a list of some of the best Indian women who're nailing fashion on Instagram by bringing you the best fashion-oriented page which would help to get your wardrobe a stylish game-turner.

  1. Komal Pandey

    Well, if you love to have fun with your style and looking for creative fashion inspiration for all kinds of occasions, then Komal Pandey is the one you need to follow on Instagram as she brings you the most astonishing combination of art, colors, and style. Komal Pandey is well-known for her successful career in the fashion industry which she basically started as a fashion blogger and currently is a fashion stylist at POPxo along with a YouTube channel with 1.07 subscribers. She creates content on each and everything that connects a person to fashion from everyday style to occasional or unconventional style tips and tricks. Moreover, in 2020-21, she has also won an award for Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer for her unique and imaginative fashion sense.

  2. Isha Borah

    Isha Borah is a fashion icon for thousands of her followers on Instagram as her remarkable fashion sense in both ethnic and western wear immensely impressed her followers. Her feed brings forward chic and dazzling styles which are easy to recreate while keeping her profile attractive. Along with an enchanting style sense, Isha Borah also has a great sense of how to make reels and click amusing pictures which add captivating charm to her profile.

  3. Juhi Godambe

    If you are a lover of street style, then you must follow Juhi Godambe as her unique fashion sense and remarkable style statement resemble the spirit of street fashion and boho-chic style. It would not be wrong to say that fashion runs through her blood as both her parents had worked in the fashion industry for about 35 years. Godambe is also known as one of the top-notch fashion influencers and bloggers in India as she brings forward a style which is easy to understand and follow up. She has great knowledge about clothes and style, while currently, she has also launched her clothing brand, "Arabella”.

  4. Shereen

    If fashion and travel inspiration is something you are seeking, then Sheeren is the fashion influencer meant to follow you. Shereen is famous for being the founder of the fashion, travel, and luxury website- Love and Other Bugs. She brings a collection of chic and contemporary styles along with travel and clothing tips to make your vacation a memorable one. Her unique fashion sense related to ethnic and western wear keeps her followers captivated by her Instagram profile. She is also an ambassador for Reebok, has been recognized as Cosmo's Style Icon of the Year 2021, and has been featured in various fashion publications such as Elle India, Grazia, Lakme fashion week, Vogue India and many more.

  5. Niki Mehra

    Niki Mehra is a New Delhi-based influencer in the field of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle who began her influencer journey in the year 2014 by starting a blog on fashion tips and tricks, beauty essentials, and lifestyle. Soon after her blogging experience, she won the Swarovski Style your way to Paris in the year 2015. Niki is a creative and imaginative blogger who brings together an aesthetic style and bedazzling fashion art for her followers. Her comforting sense of style and great knowledge about beauty products and lifestyles will never fail to impress you.

  6. Sruthi Jayadevan

    For the fans of the indo-western style, Sruthi Jayadevan is meant to be a fashion influencer as she is known for being a pro at creating a charismatic combination of Indian style with western trends with a fashionable twist. Jayadevan's speciality is to put together a vibrant outlook for daily wear purposes as well as for traditional functions by giving an enticing makeover to both your traditional and western attire. She aims to keep the Indian traditional culture and fashion sense alive in today’s generation by lending a beautiful recreation to them.

  7. Sakshi Sindwani

    The fashion influencer who changed the overall view of the fashion industry as well as the society towards women with curves, is none other than Sakshi Sindwani. Sakshi is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger who brought fashion and body positivity together in India, she is also famous for breaking the stereotypes that women of India face due to their body shape. Her Instagram feed provides her followers with helpful tutorials related to clothing aspects, trending fashion, great beauty products, and tips related to lifestyle. She has significant knowledge about clothing materials and she also provides quick videos to help the followers understand the mix and match of prints and patterns.

  8. Masoom Minawala Mehta

    Masoom is a well-recognized fashion influencer in India with more than a million followers on Instagram. She is not only a fashion blogger and influencer but she is also an entrepreneur and owner of Empower which helps women to run their own business. She started the journey in the year 2010 by creating her blog with the name, 'Miss Style Fiesta' and she highly supports the recognition of India-based designers by starting an initiative with #SupportIndianDesigner both on the national and international stage. Masoom has massive followers who love her unique fashion sense and she has also won India's Best Luxury Fashion Blogger award in 2020. If you love to support micro and emerging brands, then you must follow Masoom Minawala Mehta who is all about fashion inspiration and promotion of talented Indian designers.

  9. Pooja Mundhra

    Popularly known as “the cozy vibe", Pooja Mundhra is Mumbai based blogger and fashion influencer who is famous for scrutinizing the latest trends and street fashion through creating quick videos and blogs. Pooja has an immense fan following who is impressed by her cozy and chic fashion sense and lifestyle. She creates helpful videos on her Instagram and YouTube channel by stating her views and tips on the latest fashion trends and accessories. She has also created a thrift shopping page on Instagram with the name, ‘thecozythrifts' to sell fashionable clothes from her closet, so followers feel free to contact her and get the look they desire.

  10. Seerat Saini

    Looking for inspiration for retro-style outfits, stunning makeovers, and herbal beauty products, then Seerat Saini is the one you need to follow. Saini is famous for decolonizing desi beauty with her antique fashion sense and makeover preferences. She matches the vibe of cool and classy as she usually keeps her style well-acquainted with the vibrant texture of South Indian tradition with a modern finishing touch. Moreover, she also supports the account ‘Brown Girl Memes’ which would feed your timeline with hilarious memes. Saini is also known for breaking the stereotype related to white skin beauty standards as she believes beauty comes in all shades.


So, the above are some of the best Indian women's fashion influencers whom you can follow for fashion inspiration, track the latest fashion trend, get style updates, and create your unique style for every kind of occasion. These fashion influencers will keep your Instagram alive and enjoyable by bringing forward the best of fashion for you. Moreover, you can also follow Berrylush for daily fashion inspiration and a dose of style in your day-to-day life.