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About Us

A little girl loved to dress; a love that transformed into passion

As she grew up, it toned her grace and her knack for fashion

She loved to sling and dress in bling, full of fun in the happy spring

She spent her time like a king, hugging the joys her style would bring

Then one day, she felt a pang, and thought her life was incomplete

She felt like giving this style to all, in a price that they could meet

Unique fashion that all could afford, exclusive and thoughtfully hand-picked

Wearing which would give them panache, and a flair that could not be missed

She dreamt to adorn every lady - a Madonna girl or a diva Mom

And that is how one fine day, her dream called Berrylush was born

Berrylush - is a name to fame for every darling girl who wants to swirl with a gush of fun and style. With its unique signature collection, one has a huge variety to select from. Berrylush suits your pocket and all your moods as it offers something special for every occasion -first rain, first view, first interview, and first date too :-)

Born in 2015 in a small cubicle, this young online fashion-house is already standing tall on its feet boasting of its unique designs, personal and friendly style-tips, prompt and swift delivery, and its vouch for quality. With its robust and established global networks, Berrylush ensures it brings for you only the best quality, one-of-its-kind designer clothes from all across the seven seas.

Know what's in vogue, add to your style and get absorbed as it unleashes your special style. So what you waiting for, you pretty lady -Define your own fashion moment! <3