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From Sassy lover with minimalistic tendencies to the boho chic covering all dimensions, these Indian beauties are killing it on their Instagram profile.

See the top 10 fashion Instagram Influencers you may not be following yet, but definitely should.

1. Santoshi Shetty

For many, Santoshi Shetty needs no introduction. This socialite and top Instagram fashion influencer has done everything from convincing us that western trend and overall traditional are both perfectly acceptable things for women.

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2. Kritika Khurana

Fashion is expensive. That might be why Kritika Khurana has a considerable following as the top fashion Instagram influencer. The boho girl turned her bohemian influence and style into her own line of clothing and accessories to give panache and elegance.

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3. Deeksha Khurana

Deeksha Khurana, the curvaceous beauty mixes up ultra-feminine pieces with fashion basics to create remarkable statement looks. This girl next door exquisitely explores personal expression, creativity and style. She speaks with her experiments and gives us peppy looks.

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4. Ashna Shroff

Quirky, confident and bold! Design aficionado, Aashna Shroff loves to utilize her style to experiment with new things and push limits. She regularly shows-off enviable but surprisingly budget-friendly looks. Her voyage presents the best of beauty, design and her globetrotting ways that will inspire you to revamp your closet.

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5. Riya Jain

Her trend-savvy combinations and in-depth style make her one of the best influencers to follow on Instagram. If casual chic is your thing and you are on the lookout for styling inspiration, Riya Jain is your girl! She looks as much as home in a trendy bra as she does in a white shirt.

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6. Akriti Rana Gill

Her striking looks and contemporary style have garnered her large audience and follower base. Staying real to her format, Aakriti Rana Gill has personalized stories to entice you to know more about her journey and style.

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7. Anshita Juneja

Her styling know-how makes her an inspiration for fashion lovers and a must-follow influencer on Instagram. Her versatility says the least, and she can pull off a traditional Indian look with the same grace as a fluid Western gown. Keep an eye on her page for the next big trend.

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8. Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap, a sassy girl, who might be responsible for defining what “chic” means for this generation. You can call her style classically fashionable, her feed a trendy box and her pictures full of Vogue.

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9. Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

This pretty and popular influencer has a gorgeous style, lifehacks, and personal trends’ ideas that reflect her beauty. An exciting page of marvelous fashion tales, her account is an ideal stop for fashion lovers looking for fashion inspiration and style tips.

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10. Akansha Redhu

A constant on major fashion events, Akansha Redhu understands and adapts the look-book of her own design sensibilities. Stylish, confident and bold, this go-girl hales her Instagram account admirably.

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Where every girl is soliciting out for panache and flamboyance, stop head-banging over Instagram with blindly cascading follows request. Instead, drive your quest and desire effectively. With above round-up, top 10 Indian women who are prominent personalities for fashion industry are your halt for style updates.


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