How To Choose Make-Up Products According To Your Skin Type?

How To Choose Make-Up Products According To Your Skin Type?

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Make-up is an essential part of our day-to-day life and thus, we always try to follow up on the rapid changes that come with the latest fashion trend. But, keeping up with the trend, changing make-up products, and finding the perfect product match is not as easy as it sounds. Before choosing the right make-up products, there are two important factors that you need to know first and they are- the visible skin color and the undertones. These skin factors enable us to get a better understanding of your over-skin texture and tone which further help you to get the right shade of foundation, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, concealer, and also lipstick that would perfectly complement your skin and overall look. We usually find ourselves getting attracted to the synthetic beauty of many make-up products but in the meantime, we forget to check the authenticity and consequences of such products on our skin. Thus, to avoid uneven make-up and also to avoid dreadful skin, we are required to first understand our skin and secondly about the make-up products that will go well-versed with our skin. To help you know how to choose make-up products according to your skin type, we brought a step-by-step description of the process below just for you. 

  1. Identifying Your Skin Tone & Undertone: The foremost step in choosing the right make-up products is to examine your skin tone and the easiest way to identify your skin tone is to wear a white shirt or a t-shirt, stand in front of natural light and lastly look into the mirror. This process helps you to see your skin tone more clearly if your skin seems to appear a bit yellowish or reddish then that determines you have a warm skin tone but if it appears to be bluish-pink then your skin has a cool skin tone. Moreover, you can also find your undertone by checking the tone of your veins to identify your skin tone as people with warm skin tone mostly have green veins while people with cool skin tone usually have blue veins. You can determine your skin tone according to the general category of fair, light, medium, tan, and dark or deep. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that various brands compose different names for the skin categories, but the traits they have are generally the same. 
  2. Selecting the Right Foundation: Identifying and picking out the perfect shade of foundation is one of the difficult steps as most of the time we end up selecting an uneven shade. Thus, to avoid such a complicated situation, the best way is to know your undertone and choose a brand that provides a wide category of foundation shades. To get an accurate understanding of the foundation, you can also test the foundation on your best spot such as the jawline, cheeks, or any other area on the face. While testing the foundation shade the thing that you need to keep in mind is that area of your face that you opt for testing should match your overall body complexion. Moreover, don't ever forget to examine the foundation shade under various lighting as it will ensure that the shade matches perfectly with your skin. Also, try to choose a foundation that easily and fully blends into your skin as it will offer you better coverage.  
  3. Choosing the Perfect Blush: Our beautiful cheeks surely deserve to get their special moment and nothing is ever better than a blush that gives a lively essence and more polished texture to our overall look. If you have a fair skin tone along with a warm undertone then opt for a peach shade blush as it will give your skin a soft, light as well as natural definition to your cheeks. You can choose a soft orange essence within peach shade blush as it will perfectly highlight your golden undertone. But if your skin tone is fair along with a cool undertone then choose a plum shade as it will lightly highlight your cheeks without making your look harshly standout. People with medium skin tone with warm undertones should choose mauve blush while people with cool undertones should pick a mix of plum and pink shade of bluish as this will keep your look on point. However, people who have dark skin tone should opt for orange blush as it gives flattering essence to the overall look with warm texture. 
  4. Choosing the Highlighter: Highlighter works like magic for people who desire to look lively and bright without making the skin texture stand out too much. Though, choosing the right shade of highlighter is also an important step as a wrong choice could destroy the whole make-up look. Highlighter with an icy-white sheen is most suitable for people with fair skin as it leaves a slight bright essence while peach and gold shade of highlighter is appropriate for people with medium skin tone and cool or warm undertone as it adds a warm and glossy sheen to the face. In addition, people with dark skin tones should use bronze or rose-gold highlighter as it would give a beautiful cozy essence to your make-up look. 
  5. Picking the Right Lip Shade & Eye Shade: Lip and eye shades are the most noticeable part of one's make-up look and so, take proper cautions while picking the right shade of your lipstick and eyeshadow. If your skin tone is warm then go for warmer shades such as brown, beige, deep reds, champagne, and golden as it keeps better coordination between your skin tone and overall make-up look. But, if your skin tone is on the cool side, select shades that are dominant such as rose, blue, pink, and even purple as it gives a shimmering and bold standout to your look. 


We never want to look dull or pale even when wearing make-up with the expensive products we brought, thus it is always a better choice to check our skin tone, tones as well as skin texture. The above steps would have already given you a brief description of how to choose make-up according to skin type. For more helpful information related to make-up products and the make-up process, you can also stay in tune with us.